Juiced.GS: The Middle Years Bundle


This bundle includes all 16 issues that Syndicomm published in Juiced.GS volumes 7-10 (2002-2005), when Ryan Suenaga was editor-in-chief.


This bundle includes all 16 issues that were published by Syndicomm in Juiced.GS volumes 7-10, (2002–2005), when Ryan Suenaga was editor-in-chief. The individual volumes have been available in hardcopy for more than a decade; now, this bundle represents the first time they can be purchased in digital (PDF) format as well. These files are the originals from which the hardcopies were produced and are fully indexed and searchable.

This bundle represents a 14% savings over buying each volume separately – such a deal! Purchase this bundle with The Early Years or The Modern Years bundle for an additional $10 off — —or get all three for $30 off!

Buy the hardcopy-only bundle, and you’ll also get the PDF edition of Volume 9, Issue 2 at no extra charge.

Purchasing the digital edition of this bundle will require you download a 170 MB file. Please be sure you have a reliable Internet connection and space to store your purchase.

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