Nibble ampersand packages & articles


These five ampersand packages and articles are made available from the archives of Nibble Magazine as a complement to Stavros Karatsoridis' Juiced.GS article.


As a complement to Stavros Karatsoridis’ BASIC programming articles in Juiced.GS Volume 22, Issues 3–4, this disk image contains five ampersand packages published by Nibble Magazine:

  • Supersort, by D. Sprinkle, from Nibble Express Volume 7
  • Applesoft Supercharger, by W.T. Bridgman, from Nibble Express Volume 6
  • Amperpalette, by D.L. Smith, from Nibble Express Volume 8
  • Sound Wizard, by J.J. Strout, from Nibble Express Volume 11
  • Supergraphics GS, by T. Meekins, from Nibble February 1988

These five programs will run under both ProDOS and DOS 3.3, except for Applesoft Supercharger, which is DOS 3.3 only.

The image also contains sample code demonstrating the use of many internal Applesoft entry points when writing ampersand commands.

Included in this archive is a 52-page PDF of the articles that originally accompanied these ampersand packages. This PDF is excerpt from a commercial product and is provided here for free exclusively to Juiced.GS subscribers with permission from Mike Harvey. There is also a 6-page PDF of Applesoft command token and error code tables and sample code.

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