December 5, 2015 · Comments Off on Friends For Life

Friends for Life collects the Shareware Spotlight quarterly floppy disks produced by Juiced.GS in its first six years. Almost all Apple II software published from 1995 to 2001 is included on this CD, as are GIF images of each page of the first six volumes of Juiced.GS (24 issues in total). (A previously separate CD, Friends For Life II, has been combined into this single disc.)

Please note: the contents of the physical CD are 100% compatible with the Apple II. The CD itself can be mounted in Apple II emulators, but the Apple II program files are stored in ShrinkIt, not disk image, format. If you are looking for Juiced.GS back issues in PDF format, please see the Early Years Bundle.

Purchasing the digital edition of this product will require you download a 276 MB file. Please be sure you have a reliable Internet connection and space to store your purchase. The CD comes with immediate access to the downloadable disk image as well, at no extra charge.

March 15, 2017 · Comments Off on BBS disk images

This ZIP archive contains several files needed to follow along with Mike Whalen's BBS articles in the March & June 2017 issues of Juiced.GS.

Want to "dial" a telnet BBS? Included are four disk images, each with InTrec's ProTERM 3.1, Dave Whitney's Z-Link, and Jim Brain's tcpser binary. Each disk image is configured for use with either an Apple IIc, IIc Plus, IIe, or IIGS.

The terminal program files can be booted from a solid-state product like the CFFA3000. They also can be transferred directly to disk via ADTPro. Note that ProTERM is an 800k disk.

Want to host your own telnet BBS? Also included are disk images with the following files:

  • A 32 MB ProDOS Warp6 disk image customized with a driver for the hardware listed in the archive name. (The No-Modem version allows you to run Warp6 in emulation or on an Apple II without a serial connection.)
  • Warp6 3.0 documentation
  • A compiled tcpser binary ready for your Raspberry Pi
  • The Freewriter text editor inside the disk image so you can edit ASCII files

Regardless of your needs, you should transfer tcpser to your Raspberry Pi. Options include downloading this archive directly to the Pi, emailing it to yourself and accessing that email on the Pi, or some other means. Once you have it there, you'll want to grant tcpser executable permissions by entering the following at the command-line within the same directory as tcpser:

$ sudo chmod +x tcpser

tcpser can be run from any directory you have full permissions to such as your home directory. However, you can put tcpser in your system path such as /usr/sbin or /usr/bin. To do that, enter this on the command line:

$ sudo cp tcpser /usr/bin/

All included programs are freeware and are provided here for free. No copyright violation is incurred, nor is any copyright by Juiced.GS or Gamebits claimed or implied.

March 18, 2017 · Comments Off on Drift demo disk

This is the Drift demo disk that was distributed on a 5.25" floppy with Juiced.GS Volume 17, Issue 2 (June 2012). The ZIP file contains a single-sided .po disk image. Contributors to this disk image include Daniel Kruszyna, Melissa Barron, Antoine Vignau, and Wade Clarke.

This disk is also available as a free download directly from the artists' website; it is provided here with their permission as a convenience to Juiced.GS subscribers. Purchase Volume 17, and this disk image will be automatically bundled with your order.

December 31, 2015 · Comments Off on Juiced.GS Volume 20, Issue 4 bonus disk

This 5.25" floppy disk was provided to subscribers with Juiced.GS Volume 20, Issue 4:

The disk features a custom loader by David Schmidt and Dagen Brock. Purchase of the physical floppy ships from RetroFloppy and includes immediate access to a download of the disk image at no additional charge.

December 5, 2015 · Comments Off on Juiced.GS Concentrate: Podcasting 101

In its first two years of production, 1 MHz, the first-ever Apple II podcast, earned critical acclaim for its technical quality and retrocomputing content. In these two articles, podcaster Carrington Vanston reviews the hardware, software, and techniques he used to produce his show, before providing an insightful interview into his Apple II background. These articles were originally featured in Juiced.GS Volume 11, Issue 4 (December 2006) and Volume 12, Issue 1 (March 2007).