Juiced.GS Volumes 1–10


All 40 issues published in Juiced.GS‘s first decade (1996-2005), in both digital (PDF) and physical (hardcopy) formats.


This collection includes all 40 issues that were published in Juiced.GS‘s first ten years (1996-2005), when Max Jones was editor-in-chief and publisher (1996–2002), and then when Ryan Suenaga was editor-in-chief and Syndicomm was publisher (2002–2005). This bundle is available in both digital (PDF) and physical (hardcopy) formats.

The print edition is entirely black-and-white; the PDF edition is in color. Buy the hardcopy-only bundle, and you’ll also get the PDF editions of Volume 6, Issues 3–4, and Volume 9, Issue 2, at no extra charge.

Purchasing the digital edition of this bundle will require you download a 1.26 GB file. Please be sure you have a reliable Internet connection and space to store your purchase.

Note: The hardcopies and PDFs of Volumes 1–6 were produced from high-resolution scans of the original masters from which the initial print run was created, resulting in a small but discernible difference in their appearance. All PDFs have been automatically OCRed.

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