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Golden Gate v2.0 now available

Golden Gate debugger by Kelvin Sherlock

Golden Gate — Kelvin Sherlock’s compatibility layer that allows modern computers to run ORCA and GNO/ME shell programs as if they were native — has been updated from v1.1.2 to v2.0.2. This major revision not only doubles the speed of the 65816 emulator, but it also includes a source-level debugger shell for ORCA-compatible high-level languages, similar to Splat!, PRIZM, or ORCA/Debugger. The following screencast demonstrates the debugger in action:

This update is free to all previous customers. New users are invited to purchase Golden Gate for a mere $10, which includes macOS and Windows installers, documentation, source code, and future updates.

For more details about Golden Gate, please visit its new home on the web, where you can find its manual, an FAQ, and more.