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Passengers on the Wind

Juiced.GS V26I4 with floppy disk

In last month’s Juiced.GS cover story, Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini of Brutal Deluxe gave us the history of Passengers on the Wind, a previously unreleased Apple IIGS game from Infogrames.

To Juiced.GS subscribers’ surprise, the December issue included a 3.5″ floppy disk with a free copy of the completed game!

Brutal Deluxe approached Juiced.GS publisher Gamebits last summer about a partnership. The French programming duo had updated Les Passagers du vent with new graphics, sound, and multilingual support — and they wanted to make the result available exclusively to Juiced.GS subscribers. We were delighted to collaborate with Brutal Deluxe, with assistance from David Schmidt of RetroFloppy, to bring this game to our readers in physical form!

Now, Brutal Deluxe and Juiced.GS are making the game available to all, subscribers or not, via emulation. A disk image of the game is available exclusively in the Juiced.GS store — no purchase necessary! It’s one of several free programs in our software store.

Who knows what other unique goodies, feelies, and freebies we’ll share with Juiced.GS subscribers in the future? Sign up today to make sure you get yours!

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Zéphyr relaunches

In our June cover story, Antoine Vignau of Brutal Deluxe detailed how he first came across the 8-bit shooter game Zéphyr and proceeded to work with programmer Richard Soberka and Froggy Software CEO Jean-Louis Le Breton to finally release the game to the Apple II community. Zéphyr was published this spring as a physical 5.25″ floppy disk with printed manual, for which there was great demand:

We debuted Zéphyr on March 22 with consecutive eBay auctions for the first three copies, signed by Jean-Louis and Richard. The highest winning bid on the three was 81 euros. We then sold 75 physical (but unsigned) copies directly on through PayPal for five euros plus shipping. These copies went on sale on April 10 and sold out on April 22!

But Juiced.GS is not in the business of teasing its readers! Even though our cover story was published months after Zéphyr went out of print, the game is now available again — this time, as a downloadable disk image. “Purchase it and you will get a double-sided floppy disk image (French and US versions),” says Brutal Deluxe’s online store. “Floppy disk image means you get an electronic file, not a real floppy disk!” The price is a mere single euro — $1.31 USD at current exchange rates.

Unfortunately, it is still too late to get in on the original limited run. But you can vicariously enjoy the experience of opening your own copy of Zéphyr with our unboxing video: