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Retro reviews vs. cutting edge

Juiced.GS often reviews hardware, software, and publications that are relevant to the Apple II community. With products like the GS RAM card, Nibble DVD, and Dungeons & Desktops book, there’s no shortage of new and exciting material for us to scrutinize.

But in focusing exclusively on the new, we may be overlooking the history that surrounds the Apple II. A staff writer came to me with an idea for a review of a piece of hardware that hasn’t been manufactured in about 30 years.  I was initially hesitant to pursue the topic, as the hardware has little modern application and may be hard for readers to find.  But he suggested we should go for the nostalgic, not practical, angle: “I love to read about cool products that I may have missed the first time around and wouldn’t mind having to troll eBay to seek out.”

He may have a point.  What do you think?  Should reviews prefer modern material?  Or would you like to see Juiced.GS cover classic/vintage tech as well?