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Goodbye, Google Checkout; hello, Amazon Payments

Amazon Payments

Ever since the Juiced.GS online store launched in 2002, we have accepted payment for online orders via PayPal, a gateway preferred and used by the majority of our customers. But we realize one size doesn’t fit all, and insisting on PayPal deprives our customers of the freedom of choice. So when we remodeled our online store in 2012, we added two new online payment options: Google Checkout and Dwolla. Juiced.GS subscribers have since used both alternatives to make their purchases.

But the Google empire is constantly reassessing the viability of its services, and most recently, they turned their sights to Google Checkout and found it wanting. On November 20, Google Checkout was retired and is no longer available for use by any vendor. As such, it has been removed from the Juiced.GS store.

We continue to accept online payments via Dwolla, and not just because it charges the fewest fees; by subscribing to Juiced.GS, our customers are supporting the little guy, and we like to do the same. But Dwolla isn’t the most popular choice among our customers, and we still want to offer a mainstream alternative PayPal.

Amazon Payments

That is why, starting today, we now accept tender via Amazon Payments — the same gateway used by Kickstarter, the crowdfunding site featured on the cover Juiced.GS Volume 17, Issue 1. If you already have a credit card on file with online retailer, you can make your purchase in the Juiced.GS store without providing any additional billing information.

We hope the checkout process in our online store continues to prove convenient for all your Apple II periodical needs — whether you’re buying subscriptions, back issues, or PDFs. As always, if you have any feedback, suggestions, complaints, or concerns that can be used to better serve you, please let us know!

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Juiced.GS arrives on Facebook, Google+

Facebook logo

In the recent issue of Juiced.GS, I ruminated on the publication’s swelling ranks of subscribers and what we can do to maintain this upward trend. One question I posed: “As I write this, the Apple II Enthusiasts group on Facebook stands at 642 members, with more being added every day. Most of them are not Juiced.GS subscribers. What can we do to convert them?”

Social media has made it easy for brands and vendors to go to their customers, rather than vice versa. Starting today, that’s what we’re doing! You can now like us on Facebook, encircle us on Google+, and follow us on LinkedIn. At each, you’ll get updates about upcoming issues, new product announcements, and photo galleries from our print edition’s cutting room floor. If you prefer email notification, you can still get that, too!

To kick off this blitz, we’re offering a sneak peek at software that will be featured in our next issue. Just like our Facebook page then watch our video preview!