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Juiced.GS in 2013, wall calendar, and digital back issues

2013 wall calendar

Juiced.GS invites readers to enjoy another year of the longest-running Apple II print publication, with subscriptions now being offered for the magazine’s 18th consecutive year.

“Every issue of Juiced.GS presents me as editor with a wonderful dilemma: choosing which stories will fit into our pages,” says Ken Gagne. “There is so much happening in the Apple II world, from hardware and software to media and events, that we’re never left with blank pages. The only way to cover it all is to continue publishing for another year.”

The 2013 volume’s four issues are available for $19 for United States subscribers, and $27 for international. New this year is a $24 price tier for subscribers in Canada and Mexico, as well as a “lifetime” subscription that creates a recurring, annual payment to Juiced.GS, automatically renewing your subscription for as long as Juiced.GS exists. (Lifetime subscriptions are an experimental feature that will be removed from the store in late September 2012.)

Juiced.GS 2013 calendarRetrocomputing enthusiasts who want more reasons to celebrate the new year can also order a 2013 wall calendar featuring photos and screenshots from the pages of Juiced.GS, many of them seen here in full color for the first time. Its 12 months also feature over a hundred dates of significance to Apple II users, including but not limited to Apple Computer Inc.’s founding to the discontinuation of the Apple IIe; the birthdays of Steve Wozniak, Steve Jobs, and Ryan Suenaga; the launch dates of podcasts Open Apple, 1 MHz, and RetroMacCast; and geek dates such as π Day, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, and the premiere of the new Star Trek movie. Calendars cost $15, which includes shipping.

Juiced.GS: The Early Years BundleFinally, for Juiced.GS readers who are as interested in the history of the machine as they are the future, the first 24 issues of Juiced.GS are back in print for the first time in over a decade. These six volumes are available in hardcopy and digital editions, as individual volumes ($16 shipped / $12 downloaded) or a bundle ($84 shipped within the USA / $99 shipped internationally / $64 downloaded).

Juiced.GS balances looking back at the legacy of the Apple II while covering and anticipating the next major milestone,” says Ken Gagne. “With products that span nearly two decades, Juiced.GS is perfectly positioned to continue serving the community for years to come.”

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Juiced.GS in 2012, new Concentrate, and custom ads

Juiced.GS, the longest-running and last remaining Apple II publication in print, will continue its historical streak for another year, with subscriptions for the 2012 volume now being accepted.

“2011 marks the fourth consecutive year when our subscription base has not shrunk, not stabilized, but actually grown,” says Ken Gagne, the magazine’s editor and publisher. “With so much interest in a thirty-year-old computer, and so many stories still to tell, there’s enthusiasm among both readers and writers to keep Juiced.GS going for as long as possible.”

Subscriptions to the 2012 volume, which will include the traditional four quarterly issues, cost $19 for customers in the United States, representing no change in price. International customers will experience a $1 price increase, up to $27 per year, the first price hike after nine years at $26, in which time international postage went up $1.35. Back issues and other non-subscription products will also incur an international shipping fee, discounted from the standard United States Postal Service charge.

Juiced.GS‘s library of digital products, launched at KansasFest 2010, has also grown with the addition of a new Concentrate. The File Transfer PDF consists of five articles that were originally printed in Juiced.GS from March 2010 through March 2011, describing a variety of methods for extracting files from an Apple II onto a modern computer, as well as exchanging files in the opposite direction and translating them to ensure accessibility and usability. The 27-page File Transfer Concentrate costs $14.

Finally, Juiced.GS is expanding its services to target vendors. Apple II businesses have always been invited to advertise in Juiced.GS, but few have had their own ads available to be submitted for publication. With Juiced.GS now offering full-color back-page ads, as most recently demonstrated by the KansasFest flyer, Juiced.GS is helping any and all vendors take advantage of this opportunity by offering full-service advertisement design, courtesy of Peter Neubauer, artist of the aforementioned KansasFest ad as well as the album artwork for the Open Apple podcast. Fees in addition to advertising rates apply, with the vendor receiving the final ad for use in other marketing materials; please contact Juiced.GS publisher Gamebits for full details.

“Every year since the discontinuation of the Apple II presents a new challenge for the community that has developed around the machine,” says Gagne. “These changes will make Juiced.GS the robust and agile publication it needs to be to continue to serve this amazing audience and give them the best magazine they deserve.”