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Juiced.GS Volume 25, Issue 4 (December 2020)


2My Home PageFive by FiveKen GagneA look back at Ken's life with Juiced.GS over the last twenty-five years, in five-year intervals.
3-4MusinGSJames PeytonAn interview with Lee Fastenau, who's porting the Nintendo Game Boy version of Tetris to the Apple II.
5-11ReviewEmulation EvaluationIvan DruckerA smackdown of 14 different Apple II emulators, including Virtual II, AppleWin, GSPort, GSPlus, MAME, Agat, microM8, and more.
12-14ConnectionsCapturing the GameKen GagneA tutorial for capturing audio and video from an Apple II for streaming to YouTube or Twitch.
15MusinGSHeavy Retro MetalKen GagneAn interview with Kate Szkotnicki, aka LadyAurilos, about her Twitch channel Retro Metal, where she livestreams Apple II games.
16-19TidinGSOnce More, With FeeliesCarrington Vanston & Kay SavetzThe script for an unaired, unrecorded episode of the Eaten By A Grue podcast, in celebration of hosts Carrington and Kay having played every Infocom text adventure.
19AdvertisementEaten by a Grue
20RetrospectiveThe Next QuarterKate Szkotnicki, Sean McNamara, Sarah W., Carrington VanstonWhat four Apple II users hope for the Apple II and its community 25 years from now.
21Behind the ScenesBringing Applesoft to TwitterKay SavetzA look at how Kay Savetz created a Twitter bot that accepts Applesoft BASIC code as input and returns the result as a recorded video.
22-25Tech-torialConnect the BricksEvan KoblentzHow to connect LEGO bricks to your Apple II.
25AdvertisementRetro Roundup
26-27DumplinGSInto the UnknownKen GagneEwen Wannop releases Webber; ][ Connect is released; Antoine Vignau updates Genesys; new books about Sierra On-Line by Ken Williams & Shawn Mills; Nox Archaist RPG is released; Hugo Calgariesque releases Tristam Island; MinnMax releases Oregon Trail documentary; Daniele Liverani releases "Into the Toy Planets" chapter of Genius game; Eric Donadieu releases 2048.
27Pop the StackPi in the SkyKay SavetzThe Raspberry Pi 400 is the most Apple II-like model of the Pi yet.
28AdvertisementNox Archaist

Issue Links

MusinGS: Lee Fastenau

Lee's code repository, where eventually his Apple II port of the Nintendo Game Boy version of Tetris will be available.

Review: Emulators

Virtual II
Gerard Putter's 8-bit emulator for macOS.

An 8-bit Apple II emulator for Windows

An Apple IIGS emulator based on KEGS by Kent Dickey.

Another Apple IIGS emulator based on KEGS.

An 8-bit Apple II emulator for macOS.

An 8-bit Apple II emulator for Windows that supports emulation of Soviet and Eastern European computers similar to Apple II.

An Apple IIGS emulator that adds a 3D perspective to graphics.

Multiple Arcade Machine Emulator, which emulates several arcade and home machines, including the Apple II.

An 8-bit Apple II emulator for Linux.

Eric Shepherd's Apple IIGS emulator.

Apple ][js
Will Scullin's online Apple II emulator, written in JavaScript.

Brendan Robert's Apple IIe Enhanced emulator, written in Java.

Epple ][
Chris Mosher's Apple II Plus emulator.

Steve ][
Tamas Rudnai's under-development 8-bit Apple II emulator for macOS.


OBS Studio
Open Broadcaster Software, free software for capturing audio and video.

$12 composite video adapter.

A higher-quality A/V video adapter.

Open Source Scan Converter
OSSC, an even higher-end video converter.

John Brooks' HDMI card for the Apple II.

Leadstar 10" monitor
A small, portable monitor compatible with the Apple II.

Assembly Lines #13
Chris Torrence on how to connect a portable monitor to the Apple IIc.

Apple IIc video adapter
An adapter that connects an Apple IIc or IIc Plus into DB15 RGB video.

DTECH splitter
Sends one video signal to multiple displays.

Apple II headphone adapter
Charles Mangin's schematic for adding a headphone jack to the Apple IIe.

A part necessary for adding a headphone port to the Apple IIe.

Lo-Fi Let's Plays
Leigh Alexander's Let's Play videos of Apple II games.

MusinGS: Kate Szkotnicki

Retro Metal
Kate's show that streams Apple II games.


Eaten By A Grue
Carrington Vanston and Kay Savetz's audio podcast about Infocom text adventure games.

Pitch Dark
A frontend for exploring and playing Infocom text adventures on an 8-bit Apple II.

A player for interactive fiction stories written in four major formats, including Z-Code.

Behind the Scenes

Kay Savetz's bot that executes Applesoft BASIC code from Twitter.

Details on how to interact with @AppleIIBot.


A site for buying and selling LEGO bricks and parts.

LEGO TC Logo kit
Jonathan "Glitch" Chapman's tutorial for creating an Apple II expansion card.

Minds Before the Storms
Evan Koblentz's LEGO website.

Evan Koblentz's Facebook discussion group.

Vintage Lego Robotics
An Internet Archive repository of LEGO materials, 1980–1995.

LEGO's first programmable product
Alex Lukacz's blog post about LEGO.


Ewen Wannop's standalone Web browser for the Apple IIGS.

][ Connect
An 8-bit Apple II client for Twitter, Evernote, Gmail, and other online utilities.

Antoine Vignau's updated version of SSSi Inc.'s resource editor.

Not All Fairy Tales Have Happy Endings
Ken Williams' memoir about Sierra On-Line.

The Sierra Adventure
Shawn Mills' crowdfunded book about Sierra On-Line.

Nox Archaist
6502 Workshop's crowdfunded 8-bit Apple II RPG, now shipping.

Tristam Island
Hugo Labrande's original text adventure, available from for 36 different platforms.

MinnMax's original documentary about the origins of Oregon Trail.

Into the Toy Planets
Daniele Liverani's third chapter in the Genius game series.

Eric Donadieu's port of the popular tile-sliding game.

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Juiced.GS Volume 24, Issue 4 (December 2019)

This issue features profiles of women in gaming; an interview with Dave Vernier of Vernier Software & Technology; a smackdown of 16-bit BASICs; a look at lasers powered by the Apple II; and much, much more!

Check out this issue's index for full details, as well as links to online resources for more related content.

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Juiced.GS Volume 24, Issue 4 (December 2019)


2My Home PageApple II For AllKen GagneThe Polygamer podcast led me to Shannon Symonds of The Strong Museum of Play, who wrote this month's cover story.
3-5RetrospectivePew! Pew!Peter NeubauerA look at the AppleDAC laser programs and work being done by Ash McFadden, Alden Gaw, and Neil Pobuda, including at SELEM.
6-9Apple CoreA Strong ShowingShannon SymondsProfiles of women in gaming Danielle Bunten Berry, Lorraine Hopping, Leslie Grimm, and Amy Briggs.
10-13MusinGSVernier SoftwareKevin SavetzAn interview with Dave Vernier of Vernier Software & Technology in Beaverton, Oregon.
14-17,19ProgrammingNot So BASICMichael SternbergA smackdown of 16-bit BASICs for the Apple IIGS, including Apple IIGS BASIC, TML BASIC, Micol Advanced BASIC/GS, and GSoft BASIC.
18DumplinGSCreatures of the NightKen GagneManila Gear releases Vampire Power; Vince Weaver wins Demosplash demo party contest; Mike Goodell releases Applesoft Keyboard Test; Jennifer Schmidt develops online magazine article database; Chuck Peddle and Randy Suess die.
19Pop the StackMonitor CalbrationKevin SavetzUnderstanding the monitor might've been a gateway to learning assembly language for a young Kevin Savetz.
20Wild ApplesAlden GawThe Apple II Infinitum logo, drawn with lasers.

Issue Links


A message board for laserists and laser enthusiasts. Includes news about the annual Southeast Laser Enthusiasts Meet (SELEM).

Apple Core

Women in Games
An exhibit currently on display at The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, USA.

Dani Bunten Berry papers
An archive or personal and business correspondence, game design concepts, corporate agreements, notes, sketches, publicity, photographs, computer code, and other materials created by or pertaining to Dani Bunten.

Escape from ANTcatraz video game script
By Lorraine Hopping.

Lucia Grossberger Morales
Homepage of Apple II digital artist.


Vernier Software & Technology
Dave Vernier's company, founded in 1981 to develop and publish Apple II scientific software.


A la découverte du GS Basic
A French-language book that includes an alphabetically sorted reference of Apple IIGS BASIC keywords.

TML BASIC manual (text)
The manual for TML BASIC, a BASIC compiler for the IIGS that was syntax-compatible with Apple's abandoned Apple IIGS BASIC.

TML BASIC manual (PDF)
The manual for TML BASIC, a BASIC compiler for the IIGS that was syntax-compatible with Apple's abandoned Apple IIGS BASIC.

TML Basic v1.00A 4 22 88
A .po disk image of TML BASIC.

Micol Advanced BASIC manual
User manual for Micol Advanced BASIC v5.0.

Micol Advanced BASIC
Zipped .2mg disk images of multiple versions of Micol Advanced BASIC.

Toolbox Programming in GSoft BASIC
A partial draft (chapters 1–6) of Eric Shepherd's tutorial for Mike Westerfield's BASIC language.


Vampire Power
Manila Gear's board lets you easily tap into your Apple IIGS ROM 00/01 power supply to provide voltage to your Apple II projects.

Lo-res Escape
Vince Weaver ("deater")'s Demosplash-winning demo.

Applesoft Keyboard Test
Mike Goodell's HackFest 2019 entry is an Applesoft BASIC program to test the working condition of an Apple II keyboard.

Apple II Magazine Index
Jennifer Schmidt's online database of Apple II magazines and articles.

Chuck Peddle
News of the passing of Charles Peddle, inventor of the 6502 microprocessor.

Homepage of Randy Suess, the late co-inventor of the dial-up bulletin board system (BBS).

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Juiced.GS Volume 23, Issue 4 (December 2018)

This issue features a review of John Keoni-Morris' Applesauce floppy disk controller; five visitors' perspectives on the Living Computers: Museum + Labs; a tutorial for using Arduino with the Apple II; Kevin Savetz's adventure in reviving a laserdisc game for the Apple II; news of the discovery of MIT Logo's source code; reviews of The Bard's Tale Trilogy remastered and All About Applesoft: Enhanced Edition—and much, much more!

Check out this issue's index for full details, as well as links to online resources for more related content.

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Juiced.GS Volume 23, Issue 4 (December 2018)


2My Home PageLiving MemoriesKen GagneA visit to the Boston Museum of Science with Ryan Suenaga led to this month's coverage of the late Paul Allen's Living Computer: Museums & Labs.
3TidinGSPeter NeubauerThe source code for MIT Logo has been unearthed and published.
4-8ReviewAn Applesauce in FluxDavid SchmidtA review of John Keoni-Morris's Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller.
8AdvertisementRetro Roundup
9-11ReviewRemastering The Bard's TaleChris Freeman & Matt HerrickA rview of The Bard's Tale Trilogy, a remastering by inXile Entertainment and Krome Studios' remastering of Interplay's classic RPG series.
12Road TripReturn to the Velvet RopePeter NeubauerA visit to Paul Allen's Living Computer: Museums + Labs of Seattle, Washington.
13Road TripA Big Iron Bucket ListMike WhalenA visit to Paul Allen's Living Computer: Museums + Labs of Seattle, Washington.
14Road TripRetro RashomonRob McMullen, Kevin Savetz, Michael SternbergA visit to Paul Allen's Living Computer: Museums + Labs of Seattle, Washington.
15-17Tech-torialA Bridge Not Too FarCharles ManginHow to use Arduino to connect peripherals and computers of different eras.
17-19RetrospectiveMiracle on the MidwayKevin SavetzThe history of David Lubar's Adventures in Videoland, a laserdisc game based on the movie Rollercoaster, and how Kevin Savetz made it playable again.
20-21Cover ][ CoverTriple-A ApplesoftIvan DruckerA review of "All About Applesoft", an Applesoft BASIC programming anthology published by Call-A.P.P.L.E.
22-23DumplinGSWorking the NetKen GagneSophistication & Simplicity now sold by Juiced.GS: SCSI-2 audio CD drivers available from Brutal Deluxe; Charles Mangin releases DROPBLOCKS and BLOCKCHAIN games; a2heaven develops MEGA Audio sound card; Ewen Wannop releases NetWorker2; Jay Moore releases Drugwar//e game; Steve Chamberlin updates ADB-USB Wombat firmware; Retro Game Living Room interviews Trip Hawkins; Steve Wozniak interviewed by Michael Harrison.
23Simplicity NotesRock OnSteven WeyhrichKansasFest is the Woodstock of our generation.
24Wild ApplesKevin SavetzA visit to the Living Computers: Museum + Lab's "Totally 80s Rewind" exhibit.

Issue Links

My Home Page

Living Computers: Museum + Lab
A museum in Seattle, Washington, founded by Paul Allen and dedicated to working, hands-on exhibits of classic computers.


MIT Logo
MIT Logo the Apple II (7/9/1981 version); written by S. Hain, P. Sobalvarro, and L. Klotz under the supervision of H. Abelson; original copyright (c) 1980, 1981 MIT; rereleased under the MIT License; recovered and reassembled from source by Lars Brinkhoff.

Review: Applesauce

Appleauce Floppy Disk Controller
John Keoni-Morris' floppy drive controller for connecting vintage Apple II 5.25" and 3.5" floppy drives up to your modern computer via a USB connection.

Review: The Bard's Tale

The Bard's Tale Trilogy
A remastering of Interplay's classic role-playing game (RPG) series, developed by inXile Entertainment and published by Krome Studios.

The Bard's Tale
A 2005 game that includes emulations of the original The Bard's Tale trilogy.

the Lost Sectors
Matt Herrick and Chris Freeman's video review of The Bard's Tale Trilogy.

Tech-torial: Arduino

TeensyAn Arduino clone from PJRC.

A source for Arduino project ideas.

Another source for Arduino project ideas.


Creative Computing
The January 1982 issue that includes Adventures in Videoland, a type-in text adventure game by David Lubar.

Adventures in Videoland
Kevin Savetz's GitHub repo with the original source code for Lubar's game.

A laserdisc player's PDF manual, including details of an unusual DB-15 connector compatible with the Apple II.

DB15 Male To DB25 Male
A ready-made cable compatible for connecting a laserdisc player to the Apple II.

Let's Play
Kevin Savetz's YouTube playthrough of the game.

Rollercoaster Online
Scott Lawrence's online playable version of Adventures in Videoland.

Commanding Laserdiscs
Scott Lawrence's blog post about his project.

Cover ][ Cover

All About Applesoft, Enhanced Edition
Call-A.P.P.L.E.'s remastered edition of the 1981 original BASIC anthology.

S-C DocuMentor
The most complete documentation of Applesoft internals available anywhere.


Sophistication & Simplicity
Steve Weyhrich's history of the Apple II, now available as a hardcover book from Juiced.GS publisher Gamebits.

SCSI-2 Audio CD driver
GS/OS drivers to play audio CDs from a SCSI-2 CD-ROM drive, courtesy Brutal Deluxe.

New action-puzzle games developed in assembly by Charles Mangin.

MEGA Audio
a2heaven's sound card.

Ewen Wannop's suite of Internet utilities, such as ping, traceroute, and WHOIS.

Jay Moore's Apple II port of John E. Dell's 1982 MS-DOS game.

USB Wombat
Steve Chamberlin's USB/ADB adapter.

Retro Game Living Room
An audio interview with former Apple employee Trip Hawkins.

The Michael Harrison Interview
A 1982 interview of Steve Wozniak by Michael Harrison on KMET radio.