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Behind the scenes at the Charles Babbage Institute

Charles Babbage Institute

Juiced.GS was designed to be held and read in hardcopy; as the last remaining print publication dedicated to the Apple II, Juiced.GS remains the only opportunity readers have to get their Apple II news in this format. We want to preserve that experience for generations to come, which is why complete collections of Juiced.GS are stored at libraries, archives, and institutions throughout the world.

En route to KansasFest 2015, Juiced.GS editor-in-chief Ken Gagne stopped by the University of Minnesota, home to one of those archives: the Charles Babbage Institute, a research center dedicated to preserving the history of information technology and promoting and conducting research in the field. Curator and head archivist R. Arvid Nelsen, who graciously and continuously accepts Juiced.GS into the Institute’s collection, generously offered a two-hour behind-the-scenes tour that encompassed both the offices and the catacombs, as seen in these photos.

It’s reassuring to know institutions like the Charles Babbage Institute are preserving our industry’s and our community’s histories, and it was inspiring to see the scope and scale at which they are doing so. Our thanks to Mr. Nelsen, his team, and the University of Minnesota for their time and dedication!