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Nomadic deliveries to museums and libraries

Sophia Hahn holds an issue of Juiced.GS in front of the library's main hall.

It was a decade ago that Juiced.GS first started appearing in museums and libraries; eight years ago, we added even more institutions to our distribution list. But the last three years in which our editor began nomading across the country have introduced even more museums to Juiced.GS.


The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment, or The MADE, went on physical hiatus when the pandemic shut down the San Francisco Bay Area — but that didn’t slow them down. Their Kickstarter and Patreon, which Juiced.GS editor-in-chief Ken Gagne had backed, allowed them to continue curating their collection in preparation for the day they would reopen. And In February 2021, they held a drive in which anyone could stop by and donate goods.

Ken was staying in nearby Alameda, so he hopped on his bicycle and crossed the bridge to Oakland to make some introductions. Although his bike couldn’t carry the complete collection of Juiced.GS, it was enough to deliver a sample of our magazine and a promise to ship the remainder later.

Museum founder Alex Handy happily accepted Juiced.GS, whether it was one issue or a hundred. It was a match made in heaven!


Last December, Ken was driving across the country when he stopped in Bozeman, Montana, home of the American Computer and Robotics Museum. Founded in 1990, the ACRM is the world’s oldest computer museum, with an impressive collection of technology from our past and present, and from science fiction’s future. Their robust Apple inventory consisted of everything from a Woz-autographed Apple-1 to the late Adam Rosen’s Macintosh collection.

The surprising connections Ken made at the museum were detailed in our December 2021 issue. In short, since he was in the area, it was a unique opportunity to donate and personally deliver a complete collection of Juiced.GS to the museum’s archives.

We’d hand-delivered single issues to subscribers before, but this was the first time showing up on a museum’s doorstep with over a hundred issues — which ACRM executive director Eleanor Barker graciously received.

Ken hands an issue of Juiced.GS to a museum director, with shelves of Apple computers seen in the background

Kansas City

At KansasFest 2019, Kay Savetz arranged a field trip to Linda Hall Library of Science, Engineering & Technology, one of the country’s premier science research libraries. Our guided tour included a selection of books from some of computing’s greatest minds, curated from more than 50,000 volumes in their History of Science collection.

We didn’t know at the time that 2019 would be the last in-person KansasFest until 2022. But when KansasFest eventually returned to being an on-site event, Ken arrived in Kansas City with another hundred issues of Juiced.GS, which collections and reference librarian Sophia Hahn accepted into Linda Hall Library’s collection.

Sophia Hahn holds an issue of Juiced.GS in front of the library's main hall.

Our thanks to all the organizations that are preserving the history and entirety of the last remaining print publication dedicated to the Apple II! We’re proud and grateful to be included in your archives. A complete list of all supporting organizations can be found in our FAQ.