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Replica 1 Ten in pictures


Ten years ago, Vince Briel took it upon himself to create a functional clone of Steve Wozniak’s original Apple-1 microcomputer. The result, the Replica 1, has over the years become the de facto approach for replicating the Apple-1 experience in hardware. The product has evolved over multiple iterations in which Briel has streamlined the board and added new features to bridge the gap between classic functionality and modern usability.

In the cover story for the December 2013 issue, writer Paul Hagstrom reviewed the clone’s fourth and latest model, the Replica 1 Ten, commemorating the original model’s tenth anniversary. You’ll have to read his article to find out what he thought of Briel Computers’ new device, but you can see in the gallery below the photo shoot to which Hagstrom subjected his Replica 1 Ten.

[foogallery id=”72047″]

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Retr0bright photo gallery


In the December 2012 issue of Juiced.GS, staff writer Mike Maginnis documented his experience using the Retr0bright formula to de-yellow the aging plastic case on an Apple IIc he rescued from a neighbor. Mike’s experiment can be summarized in this excerpt from his article:

The cases of most computers made in the 1980s and early 1990s were made of ABS plastic, which often included bromine, a flame-retardant chemical that, over time, causes that familiar yellowing in the plastic that all vintage computing hobbyists know of. Retr0Bright was developed by English chemist Dave Stevenson in 2008 as a way to counteract this yellowing process. Stevenson discovered that by exposing a hydrogen peroxide-based mixture to ultraviolet light, the yellowing could be reversed, and the affected plastic.

The black-and-white nature of Juiced.GS didn’t provide us with an opportunity to complement the article with photographic evidence of the effect Retr0bright had on Mike’s computer. So we offer this online photo gallery that Mike provided along with his original submission last November. You can click each thumbnail for a blowup and caption.

[foogallery id=”72038″]

Although Retr0bright is only a superficial and temporary solution, it nonetheless is effective in restoring the natural color of our classic computers. Have you tried it? What has your experience been? Leave a comment below!

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The 2013 calendar contest

At KansasFest 2009, we debuted a 2010 wall calendar featuring the best color photos from 14 years of Juiced.GS. At KansasFest 2012, we’ll again make available a calendar that will offer Apple II users monthly inspiration of their favorite personal computer — except this time, you get to decide what the calendar will look like!

We’ve chosen 40 photos that represent a diversity of Apple II hardware, software, personalities, and events, from which you’re invited to choose your favorite 12 for inclusion in the final calendar. The dozen photos with the most votes will be assigned a month and printed in glossy full-color, with the resulting calendars selling for $15 in person at KansasFest 2012 and $16 online afterward. Voting is not a commitment to purchase, so everyone is welcome to participate.

Let’s make 2013 a year to remember. The poll closes on Thursday, May 31, 2012 at 11:59 PM EDT, so cast your vote today!

(If the poll does not appear below, you may cast your vote at

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Picturing Alan Floeter

Al and Jessi 1983

When KansasFest committee member Peter Neubauer gave a well-received session on the Macrosoft programming language at KansasFest 2010, I almost immediately hit him up to provide some relevant content to Juiced.GS. Peter’s response was creative, unexpected, and welcome: rather than rehash the programming tutorial he’d already given, why not interview the man behind the magic?

The resulting profile of Macrosoft creator Alan Floeter is one of the highlights of the March issue of Juiced.GS. Alan proved friendly and accommodating, providing the magazine with more content than we could hope to use. With his permission, we offer our online readers this photo gallery that offers an additional glimpse at the life and times of this Apple II legend.

[foogallery id=”71988″]

My and Juiced.GS‘s thanks to Peter and Alan for this wonderful piece!