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Call for interview candidates

When I became editor of Juiced.GS, one goal I set for the magazine was to have one interview in every issue, space permitting. As Jason Scott said in his KansasFest keynote, and as many of us have experienced over the years: it’s people, not computers, that drive the stories, history, and friendships behind this community. I want Juiced.GS to tell those stories, and reader feedback suggests that these features prove to be among the publication’s most popular content.

We already have a great interview lined up for the December 2009 issue, but I invite suggestions of folks you’d like to see profiled in the 2010 volume. Specific nominations are welcome, but I’d also like some general feedback about what kinds of individuals you enjoy reading about. Looking at the past four years of back issues, I think I can break down our past interviewees into three categories. We’ve written about folks such as:

  • Mike Harvey (Nibble) and Bob Bishop (Apple), who were active in the early days of the Apple II and created the hardware, software, and publications that drew us to the machine in the first place;
  • Michael J. Mahon (NadaNet) and Henry Courbis (, who are active in the community today, innovating and developing the tools and utilities we need to keep the Apple II alive in the 21st century; and
  • Jason Scott (BBS: The Documentary) and Seth Sternberger (8 Bit Weapon), who are not necessarily members of our community but who are doing things that are of interest to Apple II users.

Which of these categories do you prefer? What makes for an interesting interview? What does a candidate need to make him or her worth reading about? Please share your suggestions in the comments below; you might just lead us to our next cover story!