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Juiced.GS in 2015; more PDFs, CDs, prototypes & indices

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JULY 26, 2014 — KANSAS CITY, MO — Juiced.GS, the world’s last remaining and longest-running Apple II print publication, will mark an unprecedented milestone when it publishes its 20th volume in 2015.

“All areas of the Apple II community are enjoying remarkable growth — podcast consumption, hardware and software development, social media, and more,” observed Ken Gagne, editor and publisher of Juiced.GS. “Juiced.GS is no exception: our issues are bursting with submissions and are being mailed to more subscribers than we ever hoped for.”

Juiced.GS will publish four quarterly issues in 2015 at $19 for customers in the United States, $24 in Canada and Mexico, and $27 for international. Subscriptions and renewals are available immediately.

Juiced.GS: The Middle Years BundleWhile new issues of Juiced.GS will be available exclusively in print, the catalog of back issues available in PDF continues to grow. Volumes 7–10, edited by Ryan Suenaga and published by Syndicomm in 2002–2005, can now be purchased as PDFs — marking the first time in 13 years that Juiced.GS has released a previously hardcopy-only product in a digital format. These four volumes can be purchased collectively as The Middle Years Bundle, complementing the Early Years Bundle. Together, these two products represent ten years and 40 issues, or more than half the existing Juiced.GS library. Purchase both and get $20 off — or add the Modern Years Bundle for $40 off the total of all three.

While the Early Years Bundle contains the first six volumes as PDFs, Apple II-compatible GIFs of those same issues are included on the Friends For Life CD, which also holds the contents of the shareware floppy disks originally shipped with Juiced.GS. Friends For Life is now also available as a downloadable, emulator-ready disc image.

As a historical bonus, a Juiced.GS prototype — the proof of concept that Max Jones posted to GEnie in the fall of 1995 — has been adapted to PDF. This draft contains exclusive content not reused in the first hardcopy issue, published two months later, and demonstrates several early design decisions that remain a part of the magazine’s aesthetic to this day. The prototype is available for free in PDF and AppleWorks GS formats.

To improve the discoverability of the Juiced.GS library, the online indices of individual issues have been reformatted, folding in the previously separate “issue links” that referenced online resources relevant to each issue’s content. An index for each volume and issue, as well as for the entirety of Juiced.GS‘s history, is available online and can be downloaded in CSV or XLS format.

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Thanks to David Schmidt and Tony Diaz who contributed to the release of these products.