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Letter to the Editor: Name that software

The following letter to the editor ran in Volume 14, Issue 3 (September 2009) of Juiced.GS. It has to date received no responses. If you have any suggestions on this topic, could you please comment on the blog or email the editor?

Dear Juiced.GS

I’ve been trying to track down a game from my early youth that ran on an Apple II, and was wondering if you could help me.

Neither a game nor a drawing tool, this program was more like a Print Shop in which you build a creature (arms, legs, head, etc.), put it before a number of backdrops (such as a moonscape), then print it out. I encountered it in grade school, so it must’ve been an 8-bit program, circa 1988. In my quest to find this classic title, I’ve tried Creature Creator by DesignWare, Print Shop Companion, and Newsroom, all of which looked promising—but none of them was the program I remembered.

Asi Lang
via the Internet


Unfortunately, this one doesn’t ring a bell among the Juiced.GS staff. Since you tried the program in school, maybe it was part of an edutainment compilation, like Scholastic’s Microzine, instead of a standalone application.

Do any readers recognize this title? Please email us if so!

–Ken Gagne