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The September 2010 issue in-depth

Volume 15, Issue 3 (September 2010)

As announced earlier today, Juiced.GS Volume 15, Issue 3 (September 2010) has now shipped to all domestic and international subscribers and is available to all new subscribers as well.

As per Juiced.GS tradition, the cover story for our third issue of the year is KansasFest, the annual Apple II convention held in Kansas City, Missouri. Ken Gagne and Mike Maginnis provide a play-by-play report of the sessions and events from this perennial event. If you weren’t able to attend, our coverage should give you an idea of the value this conference offers Apple II users.

At this year’s KansasFest, Martin Haye won the programming contest. In this issue, he provides a brief look at how he crafted the winning entry, while HackFest judge Ivan Drucker gives official insight into what earned this submission first place.

Juiced.GS‘s five-part series on methods to transfer files from an Apple II to a more modern computer continues this issue as Tony Diaz and Ivan offer a thorough tutorial for setting up AppleShare networks. If you don’t know or can’t remember the difference between AppleTalk, LocalTalk, EtherTalk, and Netatalk, this article serves as a useful reference.

We also have reviews of Ewen Wannop’s SAM2 email client for the IIGS and Jason Scott’s Get Lamp text adventure documentary. Are these products worth your time or money? Read our critics’ recommendations.

The My Home Page editorial, the DumplinGS news roundup, and the back-page column round out this issue.

To find links to the online resources referenced in and related to this issue, please visit the issue links page. This issue is also indexed in our exhaustive online database and is catalogued on its own page.

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Enjoy Juiced.GS Volume 15, Issue 3 (September 2010)

Volume 15, Issue 3 (September 2010)
Volume 15, Issue 3 (September 2010)

This issue features complete KansasFest 2010 coverage; reviews of both Ewen Wannop’s SAM2 email client and Jason Scott’s Get Lamp documentary; a behind-the-scenes look at Martin Haye’s winning HackFest entry; and the third in a five-part series on transferring files between the Apple II and other computers, with Tony Diaz and Ivan Drucker detailing AppleShare networking options.

Check out this issue’s links to online resources for more related content.

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Volume 15, Issue 2 now shipping

Volume 15, Issue 2 (June 2010)
Volume 15, Issue 2 (June 2010)

It’s the last day of second quarter, which means if this news hasn’t come out by now, it has to be today: the June 2010 issue of Juiced.GS is now shipping!

The cover story of this twenty-page issue is a review of the FC5025, a controller card that lets a 5.25″ floppy disk be connected to a modern computer via a USB interface. Given that this storage medium was phased out around the same time USB was created (1996), it’s amazing that it’s only in 2010 that a commercial product bridging the two technologies has become available. Mike Maginnis looks at the strengths and weaknesses of this new device.

I didn’t want to represent this story on our cover with a shot of the actual hardware, as we’d published a similar cover in March when Mike reviewed the iDisk. Mike and I both had some great and creative ideas for the cover, but life conspired against us. I think what we ended up using is pretty fun, though I’m wondering how many readers will notice the floating laptop.

Other stories in this issue include Martin Haye’s tutorial for using his Super-Mon programming utility; Ivan Drucker’s opinion piece on the growing divide between users and programmers of Apple products; and the second in a five-part series on transferring files between the Apple II and other computers. Our thanks to Cabel Sasser at Panic for letting us use a still from a cool video they shot last month. (Their FTP client is pretty sweet, too!)

Despite having only four feature articles, this issue’s content was contributed by seven staff writers and seven readers — the latter in the form of letters to the editor. I can’t remember the last time we had this much feedback to publish, which probably means it hasn’t been during my four-year watch as editor. I’ve enjoyed getting to know Juiced.GS‘s readers more personally and hope to continue hearing from you, either on the blog, via mail or email, or next month at KansasFest.

Enjoy the issue, and check out the online issue links for related online content and resources!

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Volume 15, Issue 1 now shipping

Volume 15, Issue 1 (March 2010)

Volume 15, Issue 1 coverIt’s nearly the end of the calendar year’s first quarter, which can mean only one thing: another issue of Juiced.GS has shipped to all domestic and international subscribers!

The 24-page March issue features several in-depth articles, including Mike Maginnis’ review of the iDisk card; the first of a four-part tutorial on transferring files to and from an Apple II; the conclusion to Ivan Drucker’s guidelines for programming in Structured Applesoft; and more. There were more engrossing articles than could fit into our usual 20-page format; I hope nobody minds the extra content.

One of this issue’s articles is a collaborative effort by members of the Apple II community who came together to commemorate Joe Kohn, who passed away earlier this year. If you’re a subscriber who can’t wait for your issue, this tribute is being offered as a free PDF download; if you aren’t a subscriber, then I invite you to share these memories of Joe.

There will be additional online content posted soon, as Ivan’s Structured Applesoft article touches upon some complex concepts that will be elaborated upon in bonus material he’s crafting for our Web site. Look for his sample code to be listed in the issue links as soon as it’s ready.

The Juiced.GS staff worked hard and had fun putting together this issue. I regret only that their hard work in helping ensure the issue is as accurate and polished as possible means they won’t have the pleasure of reading it for the first time when it arrives in the mailboxes later this week. The least I can do is buy them a drink at KansasFest — though in the case of associate editor Andy Molloy, I’ll pay that debt sooner than that. With our deadlines behind us, we can focus on having fun on the PAX show floor when we meet up in Boston tomorrow for a weekend of fun and games.

Enjoy the issue! Questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns? Please email us, or leave a comment on the blog!

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Volume 14, Issue 4 now shipping

Volume 14, Issue 4 (December 2009)

The December 2009 issue of Juiced.GS has been mailed to all domestic and international subscribers — just in time to make its way into your stocking this holiday week! If the season is too busy for you to enjoy twenty pages of Apple II goodness, then place it on your coffee table and remember to read it during your vacation. And when you’re done, come back here, as the online issue links include exclusive companion content to this issue’s tech-torial.

The December issue is so packed with content from so many authors, we couldn’t fit many pictures. Since text suffers far less than graphics in a black-and-white medium, I hope you’ll find the lack of visual variety is offset by the in-depth news, reviews, and interviews.

This issue completes our 2009 volume, meaning all four issues can be purchased as a bundle for $16. If you haven’t renewed yet for 2010, subscriptions are available in our online store.

Questions, comments, suggestions, or concerns? Please email us!