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Six years after Max Jones founded Juiced.GS, a promotion at work limited his energy to commit to the Apple II magazine. Max wanted his publication to continue without him, and he didn't have to look far for someone to bear the torch. Ryan Suenaga, who had written for all 24 issues Max had edited, became the new editor-in-chief, a position he held for the next four years.

Ryan would've turned 50 today. Had he not passed away in 2011, he likely would be pleased and even surprised at how his contributions to the community have resonated (had his humility allowed him to admit such a thing). Juiced.GS and the Apple II community have enjoyed remarkable growth and innovation the past few years.

But we also carry with us the knowledge of how much richer we would be if Ryan were still with us. At the annual convention in Kansas City, a Krispy Kreme night celebrates his memory by raising funds for the @rsuenaga scholarship fund.

Another KansasFest tradition is the Juiced.GS staff photo, in anticipation of gracing our September cover. Anyone who has written for the magazine in the past year is invited to join the regular writers and editors for this special occasion. In 2013, the event was especially poignant when the cast received a special gift. Valentino Valdez had created a Remembering Ryan t-shirt, adapting a photo of Ryan playing basketball to a silhouette of colors evocative of Ryan's infamous shorts. All Juiced.GS writers were given a shirt, with 100% of the sales benefiting Ryan's scholarship.

Ryan Suenaga staff photo

Photo by Loren Damewood.

Happy birthday, Ryan. Your friends in the Apple II community and beyond remember you today and always.
Ryan Suenaga's last birthday party

Photo courtesy Ricky Li

(Originally published Jan 21, 2014)

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In my June 2010 editorial in Juiced.GS, I sang the praises of the staff, without whom this quarterly publication would not be possible. But who exactly are these people bringing you the world's longest-running Apple II print publication?

The Juiced.GS staff consists of over a dozen men who are constantly communicating and collaborating behind the scenes. They pitch ideas, exchange resources, share drafts, and provide feedback on each article and issue. Not everyone writes for every issue, and some don't write at all, instead choosing to provide insight and expertise. Every writer and editor is an integral component of the staff.

Juiced.GS at KansasFest 2007

All aboard the Juiced.GS staff bus!
Photo by Carrington Vanston; bus by James Littlejohn.

Each staff member has been profiled in his own "Meet the Staff" page, starting with Ryan Suenaga in Volume 10, Issue 3 (September 2005) and finishing with Martin Haye in Volume 15, Issue 1 (March 2010). You can also find brief profiles on this site's "About" page, where you you can click on their headshot captions to visit their non-Juiced.GS homes on the Internet. There, you will find that their talents extend beyond writing and editing into programming, podcasting, blogging, and vending.

What our online staff roster doesn't include are the many members of the Apple II community who have submitted articles without joining the official staff. Some occasional contributors end up joining the staff; others have commitments elsewhere in the community that prevents further obligations; still others come with a specific story to tell and move on when they're done. We're grateful for each and every author and article. Such contributions have come from Margaret Anderson, Evan Koblentz, Mark Munz, Mark Percival, Kelvin Sherlock, Antoine Vignau, Peter Watson, and Steve Weyhrich, to name a few.

Juiced.GS will remain in publication as long as there are stories to tell and people willing to tell them. To that end, we are always looking for new ideas, perspectives, and content. If there is an article you want to write or an author you'd like to see in Juiced.GS, please drop us a line!

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Juiced.GS (ISSN 2162-7746) is a quarterly print magazine for Apple II users. With a highly-knowledgeable staff of Apple II experts with years of experience, we provide top-notch news, reviews, interviews, and tutorials for all Apple II users, having expanded beyond the publication's original focus on the Apple IIGS.

Juiced.GS was founded by Max Jones, a professional newspaper editor, in 1996. Starting in the spring of 2002, Syndicomm took on the role of publisher of Juiced.GS, retaining the original staff of writers, but passing on editorial control to Ryan Suenaga, the former editor of The Lamp and GEnieLamp Apple II newsletters, as well as a continuing contributor to Juiced.GS.

As of 2006, our editor is Ken Gagne, who also operates Gamebits, the publishing company of Juiced.GS as of 2007. For more information about the history of Juiced.GS, see our dedicated page on the Apple II History Museum site.

The Juiced.GS Staff

Ken GagneKen Gagne (Publisher / Editor-in-Chief) lives in Massachusetts, where he teaches electronic publishing at Emerson College. A freelance tech journalist and YouTube creator, he joined Juiced.GS writing game reviews before becoming associate editor, then editor-in-chief and publisher. By day, he is a technical account engineer at Automattic, developer of WordPress.com.
Andy MolloyAndy Molloy (Associate Editor / Contributing Writer) lives in upstate New York and works at a university doing computer support and system administration. His interests include Apple history, vintage computing, and rare landsnails. In his spare time, he's been trying to figure out how to rescue an old ADDS System 75 computer from the basement of an accountant's office and move it to NJ. He's a lot older than this photo looks. Honest.
Ivan DruckerIvan Drucker (Contributing Writer) lives in New York City, where he is constantly figuring out how to hide vintage computing paraphernalia in his shared one-bedroom apartment. A former quality engineer for some of Apple's most obscure and/or unreleased products, he now makes his living as the founder of IvanExpert, a Mac service consultancy for for small business and home users. Ivan recently unmothballed his childhood Apple II Plus and IIe, and is delighted to discover that he still remembers how to CALL -151.
Martin HayeMartin Haye (Contributing Writer) grew up all over California and finally settled in Santa Cruz. When he got his first computer, an Apple II Plus, in 1980, an eight-hour-a-day TV habit turned into a nine-hour-a-day programming habit. Over the following three decades, he never forgot the challenge and feeling of freedom that the openness of the Apple II line gave him. Now in the midst of a career as a programmer and having learned a lot about programming and computer science, he spends much of his free time answering the question, "If I knew then what I know now, what insanely great things could I have programmed on my Apple II?"
Peter NeubauerPeter Neubauer (Contributing Writer) lives in Oregon and works as a software engineer. Previously, he lived in a van with a solar-powered Apple IIc. He has been an Apple II user and programmer since his introduction in third grade to Apple Logo and Applesoft BASIC. Peter spends his free time finding new things to learn, preferably complicated and technical, and enjoys making these topics more accessible to others.
Andrew RoughanAndrew Roughan (Contributing Writer) was involved with the Apple User's Group, Sydney (Australia), for many years, as Apple II sub-editor for their publication Applecations as well as the last Apple IIGS special interest group convener.
David SchmidtDavid Schmidt (Contributing Writer) lives in North Carolina. He maintains the ADTPro communications package, the GSport Apple IIGS emulator, and the apple3.org website. David keeps up with Apple hardware and software innovations by offering his considerable skills as a bug finder to other hardware and software designers.
Eric ShepherdEric Shepherd (Contributing Writer), and a long-time Apple II programmer and writer, lives in eastern Tennessee and as a technical writer for an Internet applications company. The former publisher of Juiced.GS, Sheppy now writes the magazine's Random Numbers column.
Ewen WannopEwen Wannop (Contributing Writer) lives in Wiltshire, England. Ewen is a long time programmer for the Apple II, with his first commercial program, Data Highway, being published in 1983. He is now retired from a life of teaching Photography, and running Macintosh workshops in Art College, but continues to be fascinated by making the IIGS talk to the world. He is probably best known for Spectrum, the only full featured GUI telecoms program for the IIGS, but has written many other utilities over the years. Once chairman of the UK Apple2000 User Group, Ewen is no stranger to writing and publishing, having edited the Apple2000 magazine for many years.
Geoff WeissGeoff Weiss (Contributing Writer) lives in the Baltimore, MD, metropolitan area. Geoff is a server and network specialist, and contributes articles focusing on this area. He is also the author of several Apple II products, including the popular Spectrum Internet Suite web browser, and occasionally contributes programming-related content for the subset of our subscribers that are hyper-geeky.
Michael WhalenMichael Whalen (Contributing Writer) lives in Houston, Texas. He is a senior engineer at a local IT administration and infrastructure company. A relatively new member of the Apple II community, Mike jumped in with both in 2013 attending his first KansasFest. An old fan of BBSs, Mike covers the telecommunications beat and the new devices that make BBSs a daily adventure again.
Richard BennettRichard Bennett (Contributing Writer Emeritus) lives in Australia. A well-respected Apple II programmer, Richard is the author of the Marinetti TCP/IP stack for the Apple IIGS, as well as of several other Apple II and IIGS products. His last series of articles for Juiced.GS was on emulator design. A developer by trade, Richard knows his stuff, and is always up to pitching in with his opinion.
Tony WardTony Ward (Contributing Writer Emeritus) lives in Illinois and works for an Internet Service Provider. Tony's contributions focus on telecommunications. Tony has been an active member of the Apple II community for years, and was the chief librarian of the Apple II RoundTable on GEnie, as well as on Delphi. We still call him Conan the Librarian.
Max JonesMax Jones (Editor Emeritus) lives in Indiana. Max is a professional newspaper editor and is the founder of Juiced.GS. Although he has stepped down as editor, he continues to be a force for good on the Juiced.GS team, and we all appreciate the fact that he did the hard part by getting the magazine off the ground. These days, Max mostly... well... we're not sure what he does, but we sure like having him around. He's kind of like a mascot now.
Ryan SuenagaRyan Suenaga (Staff Writer Emeritus), former editor-in-chief of Juiced.GS, was a long-time Apple II enthusiast living on the eastern coast of the island of O'ahu. His Apple II career included writing for GS+, The Apple Blossom, The AppleWorks Gazette, and Juiced.GS as well as editor of the electronic newsletters GenieLamp A2 and The Lamp!. Ryan was also on the staff of the Apple II areas of Delphi, Genie, and A2Central.com, and he produced the A2Unplugged podcast and wrote Apple II software in his less-than-copious free time. Offline, Ryan received his master's degree in social work from the University of Hawai'i in 1996 and was employed as a pediatric and perinatal social worker and parent educator. Ryan passed away on April 24, 2011, at the age of 44. We sorely miss him.