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2My Home PageSeason of GivingKen GagneSyndicomm Online closes its doors, a nod to longtime Juiced.GS writers and a welcome to new talent: Margaret Anderson and Carrington Vanston, looking forward to KansasFest 2007
3-4ReviewNibble: The Full 12 1/2 YearsRyan SuenagaReview of Nibble: The Full 12 1/2 Years on DVD from Mike Harvey
5AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.The Complete Call-A.P.P.L.E. 2-DVD Set
6-8Tech-torialPodcasting 101Carrington VanstonAn overview of podcasting
9Meet the StaffAndrew MolloyAndrew Molloy
10-12MusinGSJason ScottKen GagneInterview with Jason Scott
13-15On the 'NetInteractive Fiction:Margaret AndersonInternet resources for gamers
14AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
16-17Cover ][ CoverReview - iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult IconAndrew MolloyBook review of iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon by Steve Woznkiak with Gina Smith
17AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
18-20DumplinGSWhat's Old is New AgainSyndicomm Online shuts down, A2Central.com relaunches as independent from Syndicomm, GNO Apple II Archive reopens, Syndicomm store offline during migration to new server, Uthernet Card back in production, SAFE 2 FTP client updated to v2.1.1, NadaNet adapters now for sale at Garber Street Electronics, preorders for Replica-1 expansion boards now being taken, CFFA card for Apple-1 now under development, Computist magazine archive completed, Virtual ][ emulator updated to v5.6, CiderPress updated to v2.4.4, Apple II number 1 on PC World's list of 25 greatest computers
19Random NumbersChristmas TurkeysEric ShepherdHoliday wishes and thanks to those who contribute to the Apple II community
20AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder

Issue Links

Podcasting 101

Blue Microphones
A company that sells a USB microphone with built-in preamp.

Free audio recording software for several operating systems.

Apple's commercial audio recording software.

A site for creating and recording RSS and podcast feeds.

Validates the XML code used in an RSS or podcast feed.

iTunes Store
Apple's free online podcast directory, accessible via iTunes.

Podcast Directory
Another free directory for browsing and submitting podcasts.

Another free directory for browsing and submitting podcasts.

1 MHz! Podcast
Carrington Vanston's excellent monthly podcast for Apple II users.

Interactive Fiction

Fan page for Infocom, publisher of text adventure games.

ZMachine Interpreters
Interpreters to play cross-platform text adventure games on the Apple II.

Interactive Fiction Archive
Archive of free text adventure games to download and play (requires an interpreter).

Baf's Guide to the Interactive Fiction Archive
Reviews and tips for navigating the contents of the IF Archive.

Products discussed in this issue

Autobiography of Apple II inventor Steve Wozniak.

Developers of the Uthernet ethernet card.

Ewen Wannop's new standalone FTP client for Apple IIGS users.

Garber Street Enterprises
Sellers of NadaNet adaptors

Michael Mahon's parallel computing network using Apple II computers.

Briel Computers
Vince Briel's Apple-1 clone.

Richard Dreher's card to provide access to CompactFlash for the Apple-1 and Apple II.

Virtual II
Gerard Putter's excellent 8-bit Apple II emulator for Mac OS X.

Access ShrinkIt archives and more from Windows. By Andy McFadden.

Web sites mentioned in this issue

Archive of text files from the BBS days.

BBS: The Documentary
Jason Scott's documentary about dial-up bulletin boards.

Get Lamp
An upcoming documentary about text adventures.

The Apple II news and information repository run by Sean Fahey. With free chat rooms and message boards.

GNO Archive
Repository of Apple II files and programs.

Online store of publisher of Juiced.GS.

The Computist Project
Mike Maginnis' online archive of Computist and Hardcore Computist magazines.

PC World
A monthly magazine ranks the Apple II as the #1 PC of all time.

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2My Home PageFeels Like Home to MeKen GagneKFest, Apple's 30th, and Juiced.GS Web site
3-5Cover storyKen GagneKFest 2006 coverage
6-10MusinGSNibble's Mike HarveyAndrew RoughanMike Harvey interview
11Meet the StaffHoward KatzHoward Katz
12AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.Two DVD set, 1978-1990
13-16RetrospectiveHappy day, Apple IIGSRay Merlin, Peter Watson, Christopher Heck, Andy McFadden, Max JonesReader reflections on their first Apple IIGS
17Behind the ScenesBringing Sweet16 to Mac OS XEric ShepherdSweet16 development
18-20DumplinGSOnline DevelopmentsKen GagneKFest 2007, A2Central.com, A2-Web, podcasts, Deja Iix, and Syndicomm Store
19Random NumbersComing Home AgainEric ShepherdKFest 2006 is like coming home

Issue Links

Products discussed in this issue

Eric Shepherd's Apple IIGS emulator for Mac OS X.

DiskMaker 8
Convert disk image files to real disks using your enhanced Apple //e, //c, or IIc Plus. By Mark Percival.

Silvern Castle
Jeff Fink's popular role-playing game for 8-bit Apple II computers.

Semi-Virtual Diskette
A device that can act as a floppy drive for the Apple II, serving up disk images loaded onto it using a PC. By Eric Rothfus.

Ewen Wannop's new standalone FTP client for Apple IIGS users.

Web sites mentioned in this issue

Apple II History
Steve Weyhrich's fantastic history of the Apple II computer.

All about the ultimate annual gathering of Apple II enthusiasts.

The world's largest publisher and distributor of Apple II products.

Aurora Area Apple Core
This user group's web site moved shortly after our issue went to press. This link is correct as of its addition to this page.

National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)
The U.S. space agency.

The search engine — among other things.

Online research engine.

The Apple II news and information repository run by Sean Fahey. With free chat rooms and message boards coming soon.

Links and other information for Apple II users.

1 MHz! Podcast
Carrington Vanston's excellent monthly podcast for Apple II users.

Ryan Suenaga's new podcast for Apple II users, produced roughly ever two weeks.

Deja II for Mac OS X
Mark Munz's blog on his progress with the port of Deja II (an emulator that allows you to run AppleWorks classic on Macintosh systems) to Mac OS X.

Nibble Magazine
The home of one of the best Apple II magazines ever.

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2My Home PageA2 UniversityKen GagneOn putting the first issue together and Ken's role as a student
3-5FAQKFest CommitteeKFest FAQ
6PreviewSAFE2Eric ShepherdSAFE2 preview
7AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.Two DVD set, 1978-1990
8-9ReviewDiskMaker 8Howard KatzDiskMaker 8
10Meet the StaffEric ShepherdEric Shepherd
11CollageVintage Computer FestivalAndrew MolloyVCF East 3.0
12-13Reel ][ ReelReview - Hackers: Wizards of the Electronic AgeAndrew MolloyHackers: Wizards of the Electronic Age
14-15ReviewSemi-Virtual DiskSean FaheySemi-Virtual Disk
16-17II the MaxGame OnKen GagnePuzzle game review
18-19DumplinGSHardware GaloreKen GagneApple 1, Vernier, Apple Game Server, Virtual ][, and Uthernet
19Random NumbersTime WarpEric ShepherdHow Eric Shepherd acquired Syndicomm from Gary Utter

Issue Links

Software reviewed in this issue

Columns GS
Kendrick Mock's addictive puzzle game popularized by Sega.

DiskMaker 8
Convert disk image files to real disks using your enhanced Apple //e, //c, or IIc Plus. By Mark Percival.

Operation Lambda
Another great puzzle game incorporating logic and action, by Bret Victor. Web site.

The popular tile matching game. By Chris Heckman, Scott Matthews, and Alex Burr

Swipe goodies (or punishments, if you're unlucky) from boxes to rack up prizes. Up to four players can play at once. By Ken Franklin.

Puyo Puyo
A fun puzzle game similar to Columns. By Bret Victor. Web site.

Ewen Wannop's new standalone FTP client for Apple IIGS users.

The Tinies
Move the Tinies to their home blocks; keep in mind they won't stop moving until they run into something! By Brutal Deluxe.

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2My Home PageAloha Also Means HelloKen GagneWelcome, and changes in store
3LettersLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Bank Street Writer & Landhage's photos
4-7MusinGSThe Byte Works' Mike WesterfieldAndrew RoughanMike Westerfield interview
8RetrospectiveHappy day, AppleEric ShepherdHappy 30th day, Apple
9AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.Two DVD set, 1978-1990
10Meet the StaffKen GagneKen Gagne
11-12Teaching ToolsA brief lesson in computer historyKen GagneTeaching high school students about the Apple II
13-14Cover ][ CoverReview - Woz: The Prodigal Son of Silicon ValleyAndrew MolloyWoz: The Prodigal Son of Silicon Valley
15-16Reel ][ ReelReview - BBS: The DocumentaryKen GagneBBS: The Documentary
17-19DumplinGSEmulators, Updates, Games and MoreKen GagneEmulators, wikis, Silvern Castle, Generic Tile Engine, Internet Starter Kit, Uthernet, GSE-Reactive, CFFA, and GNO
19Random NumbersGiving BackEric ShepherdHow the Apple II made Sheppy the man he is today, and giving back
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