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2My Home PageGrowing PainsKen GagneA weak economy affects everyone, Juiced.GS future options considered
3-4Cover ][ CoverAndrew MolloyBook review of Dungeons and Desktops: The History of Computer Role Playing Games by Matt Barton
5-8MusinGSStraight Out of HeckKen GagneInterview with Ben Heckendorn
9Meet the StaffEwen WannopEwen Wannop
10-11ConnectionsMOD SquadKen Gagne & Geoff WeissWorking with MOD music files
12-13Tips & TricksGetting Started with HyperCardMargaret AndersonProgramming the HyperCard
14-16Tech-torialOn-Disk ProtectionAntoine VignauDisk-based copy protection methods
17Advertisement16sector.comFocus Card
18-19DumplinGSApple Above and BeyondJason Scott of textfiles.com to keynote KansasFest 2009, ProTERM v3.1 reclassified as freeware, Richard Garriott (aka Lord British) goes to space, Game Informer publishes interview with Jordan Mechner (of Prince of Persia and Karateka fame), Brutal Deluxe releases rDOS FST, previously announced 5.25" USB floppy drive may be vaporware, Mike Willegal to develop a PC-to-Disk II interface
19AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
20Random NumbersThrough a Child's EyesEric ShepherdChristmas through the eyes of a three-year old
20AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder

Issue Links

Cover ][ Cover

Dungeons and Desktops
An excerpt from Matt Barton's book, with links to the original articles.

MusinGS: Ben Heckendorn

Apple IIGS Original Hardware Laptop
Ben Heckendorn's Web site for his most excellent project.

Ben Heck audio interview
Ben Heckendorn on The Digital Lifestyle.

Ben Heck video interview
Ben Heckendorn on G4's X-Play.

Connections: MOD Squad

MOD player and converter for Mac OS X.

MOD player and converter for any Java system.

Esprit de Apple Corps, a two-volume multimedia collection.

The Mod Archive
Online collection of MOD music files.

World of Game MODs
Collection of MOD music from computer games.

Tips & Tricks: HyperCard

A hypermedia program for the Apple IIGS.

HyperCard disks
Physical disks and reference manuals sold by Syndicomm.

Apple II System Software
Free downloads of System 6.0.1 and HyperCard.

Golden Orchard online
A CD collection of IIGS games and utilities, now a free download.

Golden Orchard CD
The original physical Golden Orchard disc.

GNO Apple II archive
HyperCard stacks, games, and utilities. Free login required.

On-Disk Protection — footnotes


2. (de)Protection thread

3. Software control of the Disk II or IWM controller

4. Track arcing

5. The LSS

6. SST update


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

BBS files archived by Jason Scott, KansasFest 2009 keynote speaker.

Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

InTrec Software
Publishers of 8-bit telecom program ProTERM, now freeware.

Richard Garriott's Space Mission
Blog and videos of space mission by creator of Ultima role-playing game.

Reinventing Prince of Persia
Jordan Mechner's essay on creative process of adapting to different media.

Jordan Mechner's old journals
Development entries for the original Prince of Persia.

Prince of Persia research videos
Footage shot to create game animations.

AppleDisk 5.25 driver project
Brutal Deluxe's effort to expand the IIGS floppy disk driver.

Modern PC to Disk II interface
Mike Willegal's floppy drive adaptor.

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2My Home PageSize MattersKen Gagne24 pages this issue, plenty of new content, even more content at Juiced.GS Web site
3ReviewADTPro RevisitedMike MaginnisCorrections to ADTPro review
4-9Cover storyKansasFest 2008Ken GagneKansasFest 2008 coverage
9AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
10-11ReviewComputer Gaming WorldMike MaginnisComputer Gaming World on DVD
12-13ReviewBuilding the Apple-1 at VCFAndrew MolloyVince Briel's Replica-1 workshop at VCF
14-15Behind the ScenesBeta TestingEric ShepherdA look at beta testing
16-17ReviewCompactFlash for AppleHoward KatzCFFA Compact Flash/IDE Interface v2.0
18Advertisement16sector.comFocus Card
19-21Tech-torialProgramming the Disk II DriveAntoine VignauDisk II drive hardware overview as it relates to copy protection
22-23DumplinGSHardware Hacker's HeavenApple II+ emulator for Nintendo DS announced, AppleIIGo portable Java-based emulator announced, ADTPro updated to v1.1.1, Sean Fahey and James Littlejohn work well together, Boston Herald mistakenly identifies Apple II as basis for forthcoming OLPCs, Ben Heckendorn builds Apple IIGS laptop
23AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
24Random NumbersThe KansasFest EffectEric ShepherdKansasFest queries lead to new ideas and features
24AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder

Issue Links

KansasFest 2008

Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Ideas From the Deep
Lane Roathe's software publishing company.

AppleCrate II
Michael J. Mahon's parallel programming behemoth.

Eric Shepherd's Apple IIGS emulator for Mac OS X.

Blog post about the 25th anniversary edition of classic film WarGames.

Home of the Focus Drive, courtesy Tony Diaz.

Ryan Suenaga's Twitter client for the IIGS.

Littlejohn Systems
Blog of James Littlejohn, Apple II hardware developer.

Vendor of many of James Littlejohn's products.

Esprit de Apple Corps
Free download of formerly commercial, two-CD multimedia compilation.

Geoff Weiss' memory test utility.

Geoff Weiss' checksum utility.

Apple II Enthusiasts group on popular social networking service.

Ryan Suenaga's URL abbreviating tool for the IIGS.

Programming the Disk II Drive — footnotes


2. US patent 4,210,959

3. Authorized nibbles for DOS 3.2 and DOS.3

4. Software control of the Disk II or IWM Controller

5. The LSS

6. Differences between the IWM and the Disk II disk controller

Products reviewed in this issue

Computer Gaming Weekly
DVD and downloads of former print magazine, including Apple II coverage.

Create, transfer, and convert disk images between an Apple II and a modern machine.

Replica 1
Vince Briel's working replica of the original Apple-1.

Vintage Computer Festival
Fifth annual East Coast expo celebrating classic computers.

CFFA v2.0
CompactFlash for Apple II.


Apple II for the Nintendo DS
Grizzly Adams' emulator for a popular handheld gaming system.

Apple II emulator for Mac OS X and cell phones.

Sean Fahey & James Littlejohn
The continuing misadventures of two Apple II hardware hackers.

The Boston Herald
Initial report on MIT students building an Apple II laptop.

Follow-up story on the Apple II laptop not being based on the Apple II.

Home of Derek Lomas' affordable laptop based on the Famicom.

Ben Heck
A real, working laptop Apple IIGS.

Apple IIGS laptop
Demo YouTube video — shows unboxing and custom features.

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2My Home PageGoing the DistanceKen GagneNew features in Juiced.GS, Antoine Vignau joins the staff, Apple II community provides all Ken needs, KansasFest: a look back
3LettersLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Enjoying the Computist DVD
4-7MusinGSSoldering OnKen GagneInterview with Henry Courbis of ReactiveMicro.com
7AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
8-9Behind the ScenesBeta TestingEwen WannopA look at beta testing
10-11RetrospectiveKFest RemembrancesEric Shepherd, Ewen Wannop, Ryan Suenaga, Ken GagneApple II community members share their favorite and memorable moments from KansasFests past
11AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
12-14ReviewApple Disk Transfer ProMike MaginnisADTPro
15-17Tech-torialOff-Disk ProtectionAntoine VignauA look at advanced copy protection methods
18-19DumplinGSKansasFest 2008 approaches, RetroChallenge programming contest announced, Golden Orchard CD-ROM released as free download, Twilight II screen saver released as freeware, Infocom hard drive discovered with partially-working version of Hitchhiker's Guide sequel, Silvern Castle reaches v9.3
19Random NumbersThe Most Wonderful Time of the YearEric ShepherdGetting ready for KansasFest with new Apple II products
20AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2008

Issue Links

Disk Copy Protection Methods & Footnotes

1. Gamma Goblins

2. The CHECKMEM routine from EDD

3. Sweet16

4. M-CODE interpreter

5. Sierra

6. Infocom

7. HACK Z APPLE, Collection Apple II

8. Underground //e

Other products mentioned in this issue

The Computist Project
Mike Maginnis' online collection of Computist magazines.

Henry Courbis' online store for Apple II hardware.

Create, transfer, and convert disk images between an Apple II and a modern machine.

Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

RetroChallenge 2008
Annual programming contest for retrocomputers, runs July only.

Golden Orchard disk image
CD-ROM collection of Apple II files, now available as a free download.

Golden Orchard CD-ROM
The original physical CD-ROM of Apple II files, still for sale.

Milliways: The Restaurant at the End of the Universe
The history of the previously unreleased sequel to Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy, with playable online version (not Apple II compatible).

Free online version of the original Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy (not Apple II compatible)

Silvern Castle
A detailed, nuanced, and entertaining 8-bit fantasy role-playing game (RPG).

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2My Home PageMaking ConnectionsKen GagneJuiced.GS returns for a new year, new hardware products ensure an Apple II future, social networking influences in the Apple II community, Peter Watson a new contributor
3LettersLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Value of an Apple II "Red Book"?, fixing a damaged GS/OS install without a 3.5-inch drive
4-6MusinGSUnboxing the Apple IIcKen GagneInterview with Dan Budiac (purchaser of sealed Apple IIc on eBay for $2600)
6AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
7-9Tech-torialTCP/IP for DummiesEwen WannopIntroduction to TCP/IP (cont'd)
9AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
10-13ReviewMicroDrive TurboMike MaginnisMicroDrive/Turbo
14-15Behind the ScenesMUG! and the MSDOS UtilitiesPeter WatsonA look at MUG! Development
16Reel ][ ReelThe Woz SpeaksAndrew MolloyThe Woz Speaks DVD from Call-A.P.P.L.E.
17Meet the StaffMike MaginnisMike Maginnis
18-19DumplinGSA New Lease on LifeKansasFest 2008 registration now open, Return to Dark Castle for Mac finally finished, orders now being taken for 6th run of CFFA cards, ReactiveMicro.com offering TransWarp GS upgrades, publically accessible Web site being hosted on an Apple Iie with Contiki and an Uthernet card, Brutal Deluxe returns with all-new Web site
19Random NumbersSaving PenniesEric ShepherdDebunking excuses for skipping KansasFest
20AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2008

Issue Links


System 6.0.1 downloads (ftp)
Downloadable disk images of the Apple IIGS operating system.

System 6.0.1 floppies (purchase)
Physicals disks of the Apple IIGS operating system, sold by Syndicomm.


Apple IIc photo gallery
A Flickr album of Dan Budiac unboxing his mint Apple IIc.

Registration card
The letter Dan sent to Steve Jobs with his IIc's warranty registration card.


TCP/IP stack for the Apple IIGS.

Speccie's Home Page
Home page for Ewen Wannop, author of Spectrum, Whozat, SAFE2, and more.

Other products mentioned in this issue

MicroDrive Turbo
ReactiveMicro's IDE and CompactFlash products.

Peter Watson's MSDOS Utilities Graphical !nterface NDA for the IIGS.

The Woz Speaks
DVD of one of Steve Wozniak's earliest guest speaking appearances, sold by Call-A.P.P.L.E. (free login required).


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Super Happy Fun Fun
Publishers of the Macintosh game Return to Dark Castle.

Rich Dreher's CompactFlash for the Apple II card.

Luddite's Amazing Apple IIe Web Server
An example of a public Web site hosted on an Apple IIe running Contiki.

An 8-bit open source operating system.

Brutal Deluxe
French programming group responsible for Convert 3200, LemminGS, rDOS FST, and much more.

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