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2My Home PageMahalo Means Thank YouKen GagneRemembering Ryan as he passed the Juiced.GS torch
3-5II the MaxGetting Started with the Apple IIMartin HayeChoosing an Apple II and equipping it with basic hardware and software; general fixes
6-10MusinGSThe Lord of Apple ManorMike MaginnisInterview with Don Worth of Beneath Apple Manor, Beneath Apple DOS
11-15Juiced.GS TributeMax Jones, Geoff Weiss, Tony Diaz, Andrew Roughan, Eric Shepherd, Richard Bennett, Kirk Mitchell, Doug Cuff, Sean FaheyMemories of Ryan Suenaga
16-17ConnectionsTerminal ApplicationStavros Karatsoridis, Geoff WeissUsing the Apple II as a dumb terminal
18-20ReviewAppleWorks RecreatedKen Gagne, Mike MaginnisModern-day word processors inspired by AppleWorks
21Behind the ScenesRewriting HistoryMelissa BarronHow to hack The Oregon Trail into 73H 0r3g0n 7r41L
22-23DumplinGSShopkeeper ShuffleKen GagneKansasFest session schedule; Syndicomm handover to Tony Diaz; ReactiveMicro.com on hiatus; Mike Willegal's Brain Board ships; NiftySpell updated; Don Lancaster's books now free PDFs; Apple II concert in Los Angeles; SmartPort Virtual Hard Drive
23Random NumbersChangesEric ShepherdHanding over Syndicomm to Tony Diaz of 16Sector

Issue Links

II the Max

A ProDOS-based graphic word processor from Beagle Bros. Also available via FTP.

A comprehensive 8-bit telecommunications program, now freeware.

Beagle Bros
Software from developer Beagle Bros, now freeware.

An exhaustive collection of freeware ProDOS games. Also available via FTP

Andy Nicholas's Shrinkit v3.4 for creating and unpacking ShrinkIt files. Also available via FTP.

Create, transfer, and convert disk images between an Apple II and a modern machine.

David Schmidt's commercial service for converting your disks for you.

Apple II programming books
From APDA, Byte Works, and others, now sold by Syndicomm.

Apple's documentation
Scans of original manuals for Apple II products.

Drive head cleaning & alignment
Disk II floppy drive maintenance.

Apple II disk drive cleaning
YouTube video tutorial by David Schmidt.

A product for removing the yellow tint from your original hardware.


Don Worth
Author of Beneath Apple Manor, Beneath Apple DOS.


@rsuenaga Scholarship Fund
Benefits the University of Hawai'i, in memory of Ryan Suenaga.


Cables for connecting an Apple II to another computer.

Lost Classics
Home of ProTERM and MODEM.MGR.

Apple hacking for fun and profit
Paul Weinstein's tutorial for using an Apple II as a terminal.


Distraction-free writing for Mac OS X and iOS.

A Windows "zenware" word processor.

Freeware word processor for Windows.

Dark Room
Unofficial Windows version of WriteRoom.

Deja IIx
Run AppleWorks Classic under Mac OS X.

Deja II
Run AppleWorks Classic under Mac OS Classic. Also available via FTP.

Disable your Internet connectivity to prevent distractions. Mac and Windows.

Disable access to social media to prevent distractions. Mac only.

Monitor your Internet activity to identify time-wasting trends.

Behind the Scenes

Oregon to 03RG0N patch
Martin Haye's patch to turn Oregon Trail into Melissa Barron's hacked 03RG0N TR41L.


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Vendor of popular Apple II software, now managed by Tony Diaz of 16Sector.

Brain Board
Mike Willegal's Apple-1 card for the Apple II.

Spellcheck NDA by Chris Vavruska, now freeware.

Don Lancaster
Free PDFs of Assembly Cookbook

Apple II Concert
Hosted by Chris Kallemyer and Jason Torchinsky of the Machine Project.

Smartport Virtual Hard Drive
Access USB via your floppy port.

Random Numbers

Software by Eric Shepherd.

March 31, 2011 · Comments Off on The March 2011 issue in-depth

As announced yesterday, the first issue of the sixteenth volume of Juiced.GS is now arriving in all subscriber's mailboxes, having been mailed four days ago.

The most striking feature about this issue is the full-color cover. The past year has been good to Juiced.GS, and we've reinvested that fortune back into our print publication. The cover sports artwork by artist and Leadlight game designer Wade Clarke, who not only gave Gamebits permission to reprint his piece but who also did some custom revision for our purposes. The product of his effort also marks the first Juiced.GS cover to feature artwork, instead of a photograph or screenshot.

The story that goes with this cover is Ivan Drucker's review of Leadlight, framed in the larger context of the potential and struggles faced by the interactive fiction genre. This in-depth piece represents Juiced.GS's first Apple Core feature.

Another first is Martin Haye's introduction to the Apple II. Our retrocomputing community includes many enthusiasts who are dusting off their Apple II for the first time in decades, or even acquiring their first Apple II machine from eBay. Martin welcomes those new to the hobby or interested in joining by looking at likely places to get Apple II hardware and software, kicking off a three-piece series that will review everything one needs to know to get an Apple II up and running.

By contrast, this issue also includes the last installment in another series, that being what the Juiced.GS staff have familiarly been referring to as "the file transfer series". Directed by Ewen Wannop, this five-part series has featured contributions from almost every one of our staff writers, describing ways to exchange files between an Apple II and a Mac, Windows, or UNIX machine, and what to do with the files once they're there. This series has been literally years in the making; now that it's done, we're reviewing all the changes that have occurred in retrocomputing technology since we first outlined the series, so that we can start revising it for its next iteration.

Finally, occasional contributor Peter Neubauer returns to our pages with an exclusive interview with Alan Floeter, creator of Macrosoft and The Assembler. Look for exclusive bonus content from this profile tomorrow on the Juiced.GS blog.

My Home Page, DumplinGS, Random Numbers, and a full-page, full-color advertisement for KansasFest round out this issue's twenty pages. These stories are indexed in our exhaustive online database and this issue's own page, with additional resources listed in the online issue links.

With this issue under our belt, we're hard at work on the next. Be sure to get yours by subscribing today!

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Behind this publication's first-ever full-color cover, you'll find a review of text adventure Leadlight and the larger interactive fiction industry it represents; an interview with Alan Floeter, creator of Macrosoft and The Assembler; an overview of Mac, Windows, and Linux utilities for managing Apple II disk images and files; an introduction to the retrocomputing hobby; and much, much more!

Check out this issue's links to online resources for more related content.

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2My Home PageA colorful turn of eventsKen GagneJuiced.GS now prints its covers in color; the end of Ewen's series and the beginning of Martin's
3-5II the MaxGetting Started with the Apple IIMartin HayeWhy use an Apple II? Here's where to find the hardware and software to get you started.
6-10Apple CoreA Leading LightKen Gagne, Ivan DruckerSurvival horror arrives on the Apple II with Leadlight, an award-winning text adventure from Wade Clarke. This work of interactive fiction shows the potential and challenges of an aging medium faced with evolving hardware and player expectations.
10-13MusinGSThe Magician Behind MacrosoftPeter NeubauerAn interview with Alan Floeter, creator of Macrosoft and The Assembler.
14-17ConnectionsNative LanguageTony Diaz, Ken Gagne, Ewen Wannop, Geoff WeissHow to create, manipulate, and access Apple II files, archives, and disk images on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
18-19DumplinGSEvents on the HorizonKen GagneKansasFest 2011 sessions; Mike Willegal to sell the Brain Board at VCF; Robert Justice's CompactFlash adapter for the Iic Smartport; A2Command; Open Apple podcast debuts; Antoine Vignau's photo gallery; Jason Scott to shoot 6502 documentary.
19Random NumbersLearning to Think by Learning to ProgramEric ShepherdBASIC and Pascal are great languages to teach programming structures and concepts.

Issue Links

Getting Started

An index of Apple II vendors and publishers of hardware and software.

B&R Computer Services
Great for printers, keyboards, mice, and an extensive software catalog, including AppleWorks.

Catalog includes magazines, manuals, keyboards, and controller cards.

MC Price Breakers
Sells CPUs, cables, RAM cards, and cables.

Usenet newsgroup csa2m is one of the oldest online Apple II marketplaces.

Apple II Classifieds
Part of A2-Web.

The online equivalent of the classifieds.

Give away and collect stuff for free.

KansasFest Vendor Fair
An open market held at each year's KansasFest convention.

Seller of starter kits and software archives.

GNO Apple II Archive
An FTP archive of free Apple II software.

Apple Core

Survival horror comes to the Apple II in this Eamon text adventure from Wade Clark.

Eamon Adventurer's Guild Online
Every adventure for and piece of information about Eamon, curated by Matthew Clark.

Zarf's Interactive Fiction
Andrew Plotkin's guide to IF.

Learn Inform
Learn the popular Inform 7 programming language for interactive fiction.

Text Adventure Development System
TADS 3, a popular alternative to Inform.

Computer History Museum
Additional photos of the Infocom display, courtesy Brian Wiser.


Photo gallery
Additional photos of Alan Floeter not seen in the print edition!

The MindCraft Assembler and Macrosoft
Alan Floeter's popular programming language.

Magic with Macrosoft
Peter Neubauer's KansasFest 2010 presentation (PDF).

Adagio Concepts
Alan and Valerie Floeter's music studio.


IIGS System 6.0.1 and ProDOS 4.0.2
Bootable system disks for the 8-bit and 16-bit Apple II.

Bernie ][ the Rescue
A powerful Apple IIGS emulator for Mac OS Classic, no longer supported.

Eric Shepherd's incomparable Apple IIGS emulator for Mac OS X.

An 8-bit FTP-capable operating system for the Apple II.

A TCP/IP stack for the Apple IIGS.

A standalone FTP client for the Apple IIGS.

Kent's Emulated GS, an open-source, cross-platform Apple IIGS emulator.

A Windows-based Apple II file and archive utility.

An open-source Apple II file and disk image viewer and translator for Windows.

An open-source, cross-platform Apple II file and disk image utility.

Kelvin Sherlock's utility for mounting ProDOS disk images in Mac & Linux.

An Apple IIGS NDA for converting files.


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri

Brain Board
Mike Willegal's expansion card to turn an 8-bit Apple II into an Apple-1.

VCF East 7.0
The annual Vintage Computer Festival at New Jersey's InfoAge Museum.

Apple IIc Smartport CompactFlash Adapter
Robert Justice's prototype CF reader.

A Norton Commander-like file manager.

Open Apple
A monthly podcast by Mike Maginnis and Ken Gagne.

Antoine Vignau's photo gallery
Thousands of original photographs of Apple II hardware, software, and accessories.

ASCII by Jason Scott
Blog of Jason Scott, director of BBS: The Documentary and Get Lamp (occasionally NSFW).

July 24, 2010 · Comments Off on Juiced.GS in 2011, online index, and digital issues

It is the pleasure of the staff of Juiced.GS to announce that the longest-running and last remaining Apple II print publication will continue to shatter records in 2011 when it publishes its sixteenth volume. Subscriptions and renewals are $19 for United States customers and $26 for all other territories and are now being accepted.

After so many years of news, reviews, how-tos, and interviews, the Juiced.GS catalog of back issues has grown quite extensive, making it challenging to find a particular article, be it by topic, author, or headline. That's why staff writer Mike Maginnis has pored over all 58 issues and catalogued their entire contents into an online index that can be searched, sorted, exported, and more. Whatever piece of content you're looking for, you can now find its details online.

Now that all this content is easy to find, we also want to make it easier to purchase and read. Although sales indicate that a majority of subscribers are happy with the current hardcopy edition, we understand the benefits of digital publication in PDF format. Instead of creating PDFs that compete with our existing and popular print-edition back issues, we have created a new line of products: Juiced.GS Concentrate — thematic packs of content assembled from our archives and updated and consolidated into one edition. No longer do you need to flip between several issues or purchase separate volumes to have a complete series of articles; instead, you'll have a single, full-color, searchable, printable file. Our launch lineup includes three Concentrates with plans to introduce more on a regular basis.
Juiced.GS Concentrate
Subscriptions, back issues, and downloads are all available in our new online store.

We hope these announcements, introductions, and changes will help us serve our readers for years to come. Please let us know what you think, and how we can continue to grow!