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In the December 2012 issue of Juiced.GS, staff writer Mike Maginnis documented his experience using the Retr0bright formula to de-yellow the aging plastic case on an Apple IIc he rescued from a neighbor. Mike's experiment can be summarized in this excerpt from his article:

The cases of most computers made in the 1980s and early 1990s were made of ABS plastic, which often included bromine, a flame-retardant chemical that, over time, causes that familiar yellowing in the plastic that all vintage computing hobbyists know of. Retr0Bright was developed by English chemist Dave Stevenson in 2008 as a way to counteract this yellowing process. Stevenson discovered that by exposing a hydrogen peroxide-based mixture to ultraviolet light, the yellowing could be reversed, and the affected plastic.

The black-and-white nature of Juiced.GS didn't provide us with an opportunity to complement the article with photographic evidence of the effect Retr0bright had on Mike's computer. So we offer this online photo gallery that Mike provided along with his original submission last November. You can click each thumbnail for a blowup and caption.

Although Retr0bright is only a superficial and temporary solution, it nonetheless is effective in restoring the natural color of our classic computers. Have you tried it? What has your experience been? Leave a comment below!

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This issue features a behind-the-scenes look at Randy Brandt's work with AppleWorks for Superior Watch Service; a tour of Seattle's Living Computer Museum; a guide to cleaning your Apple II hardware with Retr0bright; reviews of Terrible Nerd and Structris; and much, much more!

Check out this issue's index, as well as links to online resources for more related content.

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2My Home PageOpportunitiesKen GagneRandy Brandt returns to Apple II publishing; new opportunities in the life of Juiced.GS's editor
3-4Cover ][ CoverKen GagneReview of Kevin Savetz's memoir, Terrible Nerd
5-7Behind the ScenesAppleWorks Timed OutRandy BrandtCreating an AppleWorks suite for Superior Watch Service and replacing it with WatchPower
7-10HardwareHardware Restoration 101Mike MaginnisHow to clean an Apple IIc and apply Retr0bright to deyellow the case
11Meet the StaffPeter NeubauerPeter NeubauerPeter Neubauer
12-14Road TripBeyond the Velvet RopePeter NeubauerA visit to Paul Allen's Living Computer Museum in Seattle, Washington
15,19ReviewFalling Into PlaceKen GagneA review of Martin Haye's 8-bit public domain Tetris variation, Structris
16-17Apple MysteriesThe Deceptive DetectionMartin HayeCan an Apple II program consistently determine if it is running on a real or virtual Apple II?
18-19DumplinGSSuch a Deal!Ken GagneRandy Wigginton to keynote KansasFest 2013; Ewen Wannop releases ByteBagger; I.O. Silver coming to iOS; The Lost Treasures of Infocom comes to iOS; Shadowgate being remade; 8 Bit Weapon releases complete collection; Tony Gonzalez passes away
20Wild ApplesPeter NeubauerPunch, kick, fly, and fight your way through history with the Living Computer Museum's Apple II exhibits.

Issue Links

My Home Page

NAUG AppleWorks Forum
Randy Brandt's original article about Superior Watch Service.

Cover ][ Cover

Terrible Nerd
Kevin Savetz's memoir about growing up digital.

Behind the Scenes

Superior Watch Service
Jack Freedman's New York City-based shop.

Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl for Mac OS X.

Generate PDF reports using PHP.

A lightweight datepicker jQuery plugin.

Evergeen Computer Services
Randy Brandt's Web, graphics, and video services.

Pocket watch photo by Ben Grantham


Floppy disk maintenance
KansasFest 2011 session by Tony Diaz on how to perform a speed adjustment and head cleaning.

An open source formula for a deyellowing agent.

Photo gallery
Mike Maginnis documents his experiment.

Meet the Staff
Peter Neubauer's homepage.

Advanture Trek
Two years, four wheels, unlimited adventure.

A2Central.comRegular news updates from the Apple II world.

SparkFun Electronics
An online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible.

Road Trip

Living Computer Museum
A Seattle institution dedicated to preserving and displaying working examples of early computers.


Martin Haye's public domain Tetris variant.


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Hexadecimal file editor NDA.

I.O. Silver
iOS port of classic Beagle Bros game, courtesy JEM Software.

The Lost Treasures of Infocom
Activision's iOS port of classic Zork text adventures.

Kickstarter-funded successor to Zojoi's classic point-and-click adventure.

The 8 Bit Weapon Collection 1998 – 2012
56-track compilation of chiptune music, featuring the Apple II.

Tony Gonzalez
Obituary for renowned Apple II musician.

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This issue features coverage of KansasFest 2013, including a behind-the-scenes look at Jeremy Rand's winning HackFest entry, CurtaSim; a review of David Finnigan's book, The New Apple II User's Guide; the conclusion of Peter Neubauer's Logo programming tutorial series; Eric Shepherd's outline for what System 7.0 for the Apple IIGS would be like; and much, much more!

Check out this issue's index, as well as links to online resources for more related content.

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2My Home PageBusiness As UsualKen GagneJuiced.GS returns in 2013; volumes 1-6 back in print; enjoy articles by Steve Weyhrich and Martin Haye; read Craig Grannell's profile of Juiced.GS in Retro Gamer
3LettersKen Gagne, Tony DiazMichael Mulhern appreciates the Drift demo floppy disk; Tony Diaz helps Stephen Ashton replace a Vulcan hard drive fan
4-7Event coverageConnecting at KansasFestMartin HayeCoverage of KansasFest 2012, John Romero's keynote speech, HackFest, and more
8Behind the ScenesA Calculated WinJeremy Rand, Geoff WeissHow and why Jeremy Rand won HackFest 2012 with CurtaSim, a Curta calculator simulator
9-11,19ProgrammingFun With LogoPeter NeubauerProgramming in Logo with recursion, music, sound, The Byte Works' 3D Logo, and more
12-13Cover ][ CoverIn the BeginningSteven WeyhrichA review of The New Apple II Users' Guide, by David Finnigan
14-17,19TidinGSThe Future of GS/OSEric ShepherdWhat would System 7.0 look like on the Apple IIGS? Hypothetical upgrades to networking, FSTs, toolkits, utilities, and more
18DumplinGSGoing Regional and MobileKen GagneEwen Wannop reclassifies Spectrum; Mike Willegal sells SUPERPROTO cards; VCF Southeast to debut; new versions of Lode Runner, Spy vs. Spy, Bard's Tale, Karateka
19Random NumbersI Hate To Tease, But.Eric ShepherdSoftware development is occurring in the Apple II community -- just slowly, and behind the scenes
20Wild ApplesPeter NeubauerBeware the wild Apple II!

Issue Links

My Home Page

Apple II History
Dr. Steven Weyhrich's chronicle of the life and times of the Apple II.


More about the demo floppy disk and custom sleeves incuded in the June 2012 issue of Juiced.GS.

Silenx IXP3416 iXtrema Pro Fan
A 60mm x 25mm, 16dBA, 18CFM replacement for the Vulcan hard drive fan.

Event Coverage

Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Behind the Scenes

Jeremy Rand's Curta calculator simulator for the Apple II.

Cover ][ Cover

The New Apple II User's Guide
David Finnigan's paperback guide to the Apple II.


Speccie's Home Page
Ewen Wannop's reclassified software, including Spectrum and SAM.

Mike Willegal's prototyping card.

VCF Southeast 1.0
David Greelish's Georgia iteration of the Vintage Computer Festival, scheduled for February 9, 2013.

Lode Runner Classic
All 150 levels from Doug E. Smith's Apple II game, now for mobile devices.

Spy vs. Spy
The Mad magazine comic strip as an iOS game.

The Bard's Tale
A new role-playing game that features Interplay's original trilogy.

A new game from Jordan Mechner for Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and other platforms.