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Juiced.GS Volume 22, Issue 2 (June 2017)

This issue features Ninjaforce's first-hand account of the Revision demoparty; Mike Whalen's tutorial for hosting a telnet BBS; behind-the-scenes looks at Kelvin Sherlock's Golden Gate and the projectile animations of Nox Archaist; reviews of a2heaven's 8MBRAM/ROM card and Richard Garriott's Explore/Create memoir; and much, much more!

Check out this issue's index for full details, as well as links to online resources for more related content.

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Juiced.GS Volume 22, Issue 2 (June 2017)


2My Home PageA Division of RolesKen GagneWorking at Computerworld taught me my editors and publishers are separate roles--and how publishing Kelvin Sherlock's Golden Gate can be a conflict of interests.
3-4ReviewEvan BrewerA review of the Apple IIGS 8MBRAM/ROM Card from a2heaven.
5-7Event coverageA IIGS on the Big ScreenJesse BlueAfter 20 years, Ninjaforce returns to the demoscene by presenting Kernkompetenz at the Revision demoparty in Germany.
8-9Behind the ScenesMD-BASIC As A ServiceKelvin SherlockHow Morgan Davis's MD-BASIC became a cloud-based service, leading to the cross-platform compatibility layer Golden Gate.
10-14ConnectionsWarp Speed AheadMike WhalenMike Whalen details how to run Warp 6 BBS software on an Apple II and set it up to be accessed via telnet.
15-19Behind the ScenesLaunching Cows with PrejudiceMark LemmertHow 6502 Workshop developed animations for projectiles in their tile-based RPG, Nox Archaist.
20AdvertisementReActiveMicroThe Universal PSU Kit
21Cover ][ CoverFrom Ultima to Deep Under WaterKevin SavetzA review of Richard Garriott's memoir, Explore/Create
22-23DumplinGSKen GagneWOzFest #7 to be held this July; John Brooks releases View.Sector; Manila Gear releases the 2soniq audio card; Ninjaforce updates NinjaTracker; Stephen Heumann releases AFPBridge; Prince of Perisa level editor leapop released; Michael Packard releases Alien Downpour game; Behind the Scenes fixes Airwolf's BASIC code; Apple-1 sells at Breker auction house for only $130,000.
23A Word or IIMilestonesKen GagneThis issue marks Juiced.GS's one thousandth piece of editorial content.
24AdvertisementKansasFestKansasFest 2017 is full--see you next month!

Issue Links


8 MB BRAM card with onboard ROM.


Annual demo party, held April 14–17, 2017, in Saarbrücken, Germany.

The Apple IIGS demo presented by Ninjaforce at Revision 2017.

Recorded demo
A recorded video of Kernkompetenz, running on an Apple IIGS.

Emulated demo
Dagen Brock's screencast video of Kernkompetenz, running on the GSplus emulator.

Behind the Scenes: Golden Gate

Morgan Davis' programming language.

MD-BASIC as a Service
Kelvin Sherlock's cloud-based MD-BASIC.

Golden Gate
Kelvin Sherlock's compatibility layer for ORCA and GNO/ME.


Pro System Software v2.14 and source by Kevin Smallwood.

Warp 6 BBS
BBS software by Jim Ferr, maintained by Scott Johnson.

Warp Six BBS's history
Jim Ferr's history of the Warp 6 software and first BBS.

Running a Telnet BBS On an Apple IIe Using a Raspberry Pi
Lon Seidman's YouTube submission to This Week in Tech's Weekly Gizwiz.

BBS disk images
Mike Whalen's disk images for following along with his tutorial.

Apple IIGS serial cabling parts

Apple IIe serial cabling parts

A modern, cross-platform program designed to call BBSs hosted on the Internet.

Maintain a static IP address, even when your BBS is dynamic.

A list of bulletin board systems accessible via telnet.

Vintage Computer BBS List
Maintained by Justin Scott.

The comp.sys.apple2 Usenet newsgroup.

Apple II Enthusiasts
A Facebook group.

Behind the Scenes: Nox Archaist

Nox Archaist
An 8-bit, tile-based RPG for the Apple II, in development by 6502 Workshop.

Cover ][ Cover

Explore/Create: My Life at the Extremes
Richard Garriott's memoir.


An informal gathering of Apple II users, held in Sydney, Australia, on Saturday, July 22, 2017.

John Brooks' utility for reading, dumping, and displaying DOS 3.3 sectors in both ASCII and hexadecimal.

2soniq Stereo Sound Card from Manila Gear, sold by ReActiveMicro.

Ninjaforce's music player, updated to support 4soniq.

An AFP-over-TCP/IP networking tool from Stephen Heumann.

A Prince of Persia level editor by Norbert de Jonge.

Alien Downpour
Michael Packard's 8-bit arcade shooting game.

Behind the Scenes
John Graham-Cumming fixes a bug in Airwolf code from 1984.

Breker auction
Apple-1 sells at auction for only $130,000.

Apple-1 registry
Mike Willegal's inventory of every known Apple-1.

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Juiced.GS Volume 22, Issue 1 (Mar 2017)

This issue features a tutorial for telnetting to bulletin board systems from your Apple II; reviews of the AP40 wireless Bluetooth game controller and the Floppy Emu storage device; an interview with Joe Santulli, co-founder of the National Videogame Museum of Frisco, Texas; a behind-the-scenes look at ProRWTS, the filesystem controller by Peter Ferrie being used in the game Nox Archaist; and much, much more!

Check out this issue's index for full details, as well as links to online resources for more related content.

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Juiced.GS Volume 22, Issue 1 ( 2017)


2My Home PageThe Host of KansasFestKen GagneIn memory of Steve Gozdziewski, former Grand Gouda committee chair of KansasFest, who passed away Dec 31, 2016, at 69.
3LettersJohn Valdezco & Jon CoThe developers of Manila Gear's 4soniq card respond to Eric Shepherd's review in the December 2016 issue.
4-7ConnectionsNO CARRIER? No Problem!Mike WhalenHow to use ProTERM or Z-Link to telnet to a classic BBS being run on an Apple II.
7-10ReviewLong in the BluetoothChris TorrenceA review of the AP40, an Apple II-themed wireless game controller, and the Retro Receiver, a Bluetoom receiver for the Apple II, both from 8bitdo.
11-13ReviewThe Floppy Emu Fits a NicheEvan BrewerThe Floppy Emu by Steve Chamberlin is a mass-storage device for the Apple II that doesn't require an expansion slot.
14-17MusinGSAnd the Game Played OnKen GagneAn interview with Joe Santulli, co-founder of the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas, which includes an Apple IIe.
18-21Behind the ScenesImproving the ArcaneMark Lemmert & Mike ReimerThe upcoming 8-bit RPG Nox Archaist uses ProRWTS, Peter Ferrie's file-system driver.
22-23DumplinGSForty Years of HappeningsKen GagneWOzFest #6 and Oz KFest are scheduled in Australia, as are VCF East, Southeast West, and Midwest in the USA; Vince Weaver ports Portal to the Apple II; System 6.0.4 now available; ReActiveMicro begins selling a DB15-to-DB9 joystick adapter; Dagen Brock releases GSplus emulator and KSYNTHED music editor and player; Jack MacDonald's internal Apple memos about SSAFE DRM found at a Seattle Goodwill and scanned.
23Random NumbersRe-imaging Our PastEric ShepherdWhat if Apple Inc. were to develop a new model of Apple II today? Eric Shepherd postulates what this hardware would consist and be capable of.
23AdvertisementThree BBSes to telnet to.
24AdvertisementKansasFestCome celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apple II with a keynote speech by Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini of Brutal Deluxe.

Issue Links

Letters from the Land of ROM

Manila Gear
Downloads for the 4soniq card, including a PDF manual.


David Schmidt's bootstrap file transfer utility.

Installing Raspbian with NOOBS
How to set up your Raspberry Pi for telnetting to an Apple II BBS.

BBS disk images
ProTERM 3.1 and Z-Link preconfigured for telnet access.

Telnet BBS Guide
A list of bulletin board systems that support access via telnet.

ProTERM manual
The exhaustive, 334-page manual for ProTERM 3.1.

Review: AP40

Developers of retro-themed game controllers and peripherals.

Online retailer of 8bitdo's AP40 game controller and Bluetooth receiver fro the Apple II, the Retro Receiver.

Crowdfunding campaign for AP40 that ran Sep 26–Oct 26, 2016.

Gamepad off which the AP40 was modeled, using same documentation and firmware updates.

Assembly Lines
Author Chris Torrence's video podcast unboxing and review of the AP40.

Review: Floppy Emu

Big Mess o' Wires
Homepage of Floppy Emu developer Steve Chamberlin.

MusinGS: Joe Santulli

National Videogame Museum
An interactive museum of electronic entertainment, opened in Frisco, Texas, USA, in April 2016.

The Videogame History Museum
Mid-2011 Kickstarter crowdfunding project for what eventually became the NVMUSA.

PAX East 2013
The NVMUSA's Apple IIe at the Penny Arcade Expo East 2013 in Boston, Mass., USA.

Behind the Scenes: ProRWTS

An improved file-system driver by Peter Ferrie (aka qkumba).

6502 Workshop
Developers of the upcoming 8-bit tile-based RPG, Nox Archaist.


WOzFest #6
A one-day gathering of Apple II users on April 29, 2017, in Wollstonecraft, NSW, Australia.

Oz KFest
A multi-day gathering of Apple II users on August 30–September 3, 2017, on Bribie Island, QLD, Australia.

Vintage Computer Festival
The 2017 schedule for VCFest East, West, Midwest, and Southeast.

Vince Weaver's Apple II port of platform-puzzle game Portal.

System 6.0.4
Unofficial update to the Apple IIGS operating system.

Joystick adapter
ReActiveMicro's IBM 15-pin to Apple 9-pin joystick adapter

Apple IIGS emulator forked from KEGS and GSPort by Dagen Brock, still in alpha.

Dagen Brock's 8-bit music player and editor.

Apple memos
Jack MacDonald's internal Apple memos about Software Security from Apples Friends and Enemies (SSAFE) DRM.

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