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Juiced.GS in 2016 & call for writers

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JULY 20, 2015 — KANSAS CITY, MO — Juiced.GS, the world’s last remaining and longest-running Apple II print publication, will bust past its two-decade milestone when it publishes its 21st volume in 2016.

“For Juiced.GS to remain in print requires three things: content, writers, and readers,” said editor and publisher Ken Gagne at KansasFest 2015. “And the active Apple II community has all three bases covered. As the hardware and software releases of this week demonstrate, there’s no shortage of content to report on. We have an active and dedicated team of writers. And our subscriber base has grown year-over-year consistently since 2007!”

Juiced.GS will publish four quarterly print issues in 2016 at $19 for customers in the United States, $24 in Canada and Mexico, and $27 for international. Subscriptions and renewals are available immediately.

To ensure Juiced.GS remains representative of its growing and diverse community, the magazine has for the first time openly published its submission guidelines. Any Apple II user is welcome to pitch an article and have their byline featured in an upcoming issue of the magazine, contributing to the news, reviews, interviews, and how-tos for which Juiced.GS is renowned.

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Meet the staff

Juiced.GS at KansasFest 2007

In my June 2010 editorial in Juiced.GS, I sang the praises of the staff, without whom this quarterly publication would not be possible. But who exactly are these people bringing you the world’s longest-running Apple II print publication?

The Juiced.GS staff consists of over a dozen men who are constantly communicating and collaborating behind the scenes. They pitch ideas, exchange resources, share drafts, and provide feedback on each article and issue. Not everyone writes for every issue, and some don’t write at all, instead choosing to provide insight and expertise. Every writer and editor is an integral component of the staff.

Juiced.GS at KansasFest 2007

Each staff member has been profiled in his own “Meet the Staff” page, starting with Ryan Suenaga in Volume 10, Issue 3 (September 2005) and finishing with Martin Haye in Volume 15, Issue 1 (March 2010). You can also find brief profiles on this site’s “About” page, where you you can click on their headshot captions to visit their non-Juiced.GS homes on the Internet. There, you will find that their talents extend beyond writing and editing into programming, podcasting, blogging, and vending.

What our online staff roster doesn’t include are the many members of the Apple II community who have submitted articles without joining the official staff. Some occasional contributors end up joining the staff; others have commitments elsewhere in the community that prevents further obligations; still others come with a specific story to tell and move on when they’re done. We’re grateful for each and every author and article. Such contributions have come from Margaret Anderson, Evan Koblentz, Mark Munz, Mark Percival, Kelvin Sherlock, Antoine Vignau, Peter Watson, and Steve Weyhrich, to name a few.

Juiced.GS will remain in publication as long as there are stories to tell and people willing to tell them. To that end, we are always looking for new ideas, perspectives, and content. If there is an article you want to write or an author you’d like to see in Juiced.GS, please drop us a line!