Juiced.GS is read by hundreds of Apple II hobbyists in 41 states and 14 countries around the globe. You can target this focused audience of retrocomputing enthusiasts with an advertisement in any of our quarterly print issues.

Ads within a single quarterly issue are available at these rates:

Format Rate
Quarter-page B&W $15
Half-page B&W $25
Full-page B&W $40
Full-page color $50

If the ad would need to be designed from scratch on our end, we offer that service, courtesy graphic artist Peter Neubauer, at double the above rates. The resulting ad becomes the property of the vendor and can be used or distributed as they see fit.

Full-page color ads are available on a per-issue basis only. Black-and-white ads can be purchased for an entire four-issue volume:

Format Rate
Quarter-page B&W $50
Half-page B&W $80
Full-page B&W $125

Ads should be submitted in TIFF or PDF format at 300 DPI with the following dimensions:

Size Width Height
Quarter-page 3.25" 4.25"
Half-page 7.5" 4.25"
Full-page 8.5" 11"

Juiced.GS publishes every March, June, September, and December. Ads must be submitted by February 15, May 15, August 15, or November 15 for inclusion in the following issue.

All listed prices are United States dollars (USD). Juiced.GS reserves the right to refuse any advertisement or to request edits from the vendor. All Juiced.GS business is conducted in accordance with our Terms & Conditions.

For more details or to place your order, please contact us.

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