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111-2,4-6Cover storyThe Roller-Coaster Ride of '95Max JonesSummary of 1995
113GreetinGSWe have liftoff!Max JonesWelcome to the premiere edition of Juiced.GS
117-8Cover storySurvey Says...Max JonesSurvey of IIGS readers of highlights of last year
119-11FeatureThe Lost Generation of the IIGSMax JonesA closer look at the Mark Twain
1112-15ReviewResearch stationMax JonesDiscQuest Encyclopedia 2.0
1116-18ReviewFacing the faxTim KellersPMPFax
1119-21Shareware SpotlightCatch a WAV!Max JonesrSounder 3.0, Megabox 2.0.1, SoundIt! 1.0
1122-24DumplinGSNews from the Apple II worldMax JonesGraphicWriter III 2.0 shipping, KFest 96, Caltech FTP closes, AUGE CD #1 almost sold out, potential Golden Orchard sequel, Wolf3D progress, other Apple II publications, SecondSight update, QuickDraw II hack, GS/TCP
1123II Be Named LaterPower for the PeopleRyan SuenagaApple II isn't dead
121-6Cover storyExpanding the 'NetMax JonesDerek Taubert & GS/TCP
127My Home PageHitting the road to get the storyMax JonesJuiced.GS status, how to get full Taubert interview
128-9HardwareA story about little people and a bad connectorM.H. "Buzz" BesterThe Apple repair bench
129-10Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.CD-ROM advice, article suggestions
1211-14ReviewTurning a new pageMax JonesGraphicWriter III v2.0
1214ReviewEGO Systems offers new translatorsMax JonesEGO Systems' GraphicWriter III translators
1215-17Shareware SpotlightA little razzle-dazzleMax JonesGS Entertainment v4.3.2, PuyoPuyo v1.0
1218-20DumplinGSNews from the Apple II worldMax JonesKFest, Spectrum XCMDs, Twilight II update progress, Apple II users at Logicware
1219II Be Named LaterWhen loyalty fails, try perserveranceRyan SuenagaApple II fans are like Cleveland Browns fans
132-6Cover storySharing the experienceMax JonesKFest '96
137-8Cover storyGus meets MacMax JonesKFest '96: Gus brings IIGS emulation to the Mac
139Cover storyProgram edging closer to reaching Spectrum goalMax JonesKFest '96: Spectrum v2.1 unveiled
1310Cover storyPreserving a computer ... and a communityMax JonesKFest '96: Preserving the Apple II community
1311-12Cover storyKFest after hours...Max JonesKFest '96 after hours
1313Cover storyProcessing peripheralMax JonesKFest '96: AlphaSmart Pro
1314My Home PageKeeping the Apple II spirit aliveMax JonesKFest '96 reflections, renewal drive, Seven Hills ad
1315-18ReviewLooking in on Second SightTim KellersSecond Sight
1319AdvertisementSeven Hills
1320-21Shareware SpotlightLambda, GUPP to the rescueMax JonesOperation Lambda, GUPP
1322-24DumplinGSNews from the Apple II worldMax JonesGS/TCP progress, Ninjaforce Bomberman, Kerwood Web sites, Marin MacroWorks new TimeOut utilities, CheckWorks 5, SSII CDs, Charles Hartle shareware now freeware
1323II Be Named LaterRecharging the batteriesRyan SuenagaRecharging the batteries at KFest 96
142My Home Page'On-line' is the heart of A2 worldMax JonesTelecom & Delphi
143Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Doug Pendleton on SecondSight review, Iomega ZIP advice
144-5Cover storyDelphiMax JonesDelphi and the Apple II
146-9TelecommunicationsUNIX paves the wayTim KellersUnix and shell access from the IIGS
1410-11ReviewsWidening the SpectrumMax JonesSpectrum v2.1
1412ReviewANSI lends support to Second SightTim KellersANSI 1.3 Spectrum display for Second Sight
1413Desktop PublishingGood design doesn't just 'happen'Dave BennettGood design: balance, proportion, contrast, unity
1414-15HardwarePower-boosting the IIGSStephen BuggieBoosting the IIGS power supply
1416HardwareMaintaining your ImageWriterM.H. "Buzz" BesterMaintaining your Imagewriter
1417-19Shareware SpotlightStargazing with Tonight's Sky GSMax JonesTonight's Sky GS v4.3, Sorry
1420AdvertisementSeven Hills
1421-24DumplinGSSweet celebration for the IIGS ...Max JonesWolf3D, LemminGS, Gus & Fast Eddie, SuperConvert v4.0, Music Composer v4.0, SecondSight hack, GS/TCP progress, EGO hours, TAB renewals, KFest '97 dates
1423II Be Named LaterA Retrogrouch in a Technoweenie worldRyan SuenagaTechnoweenies
212My Home PagePrepare to be caught in the webMax JonesSpectrum, SIS and Web browsing on the IIGS; Syndicomm joins the Delphi online service
213Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.CD-ROMs available for the IIGS
214-9Cover storyA 'suite' arrivalMax JonesSpectrum Internet Suite v1.0
2110-11InterviewAn interview with Bret VictorMax JonesInterview with IIGS Programmer Bret Victor
2112-14Desktop PublishingMaking a good first impressionMax JonesBasics of Desktop Publishing and the IIGS
2115Desktop PublishingWhich typeface is best? Well, it depends...Dave BennettTypefaces and Desktop Publishing
2116-17Shareware SpotlightPrepare to defend the worldDefender of the World, Calendar Crafter GS, Skip 'Em v1.2
2118-20DumplinGSStill crazy after all these years...Apple II companies on the World Wide Web, the end of Softdisk G-S, Ninjaforce game Kaboom! announced, The ByteWorks to reprint IIGS reference manuals, The Bit Factory's Space Shuttle Math available, Brutal Deluxe's LemminGS available, Shareware Solutions II to distribute Resource Central's A2-Central on disk
2119II Be Named LaterA personal ad for personal computersRyan SuenagaComputers and relationships
222My Home PageProductive season for IIGS marketplaceMax JonesProduct development continues for the Apple II, new Juiced.GS authors, Joseph L. Jones died
223Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.Twilight II, Script Central, Spectrum Internet Suite
224-7Cover storyThe animated AppleJoe T. WaltersWorking with animated graphics files and formats on the IIGS
228-10GraphicsGetting graphic on the IIGSBret VictorWorking with Platinum Paint and type
2211AdvertisementApple Blossom PublishingHyper Quarterly
2212-14HardwareHacksaw hacking the Stealth GSStephen BuggieHacking an original IIe baseplate to work with a Stealth IIGS motherboard
2215Desktop PublishingIn design, white space isn't wasted spaceDave BennettEffective page layout
2216-19Shareware SpotlightShifty List v2.0, SIS Boookmark Editor 1.0 Beta, StolenBASE v1.0.1, CD Remember, WorkSets, FinderFlipper, Finder Refresher, DrillDown, Virtual Data
2222-24DumplinGSKFest '97 preview, Seven Hills Software activity, EGO Systems closes, work resumes on Twilight II 2.0, Vitesse rumored to be shutting down, new periodical Hyper Quarterly shipping
2223II Be Named LaterHow to know a 'real' geek when you meet oneRyan SuenagaCharacteristics of Real Geeks
232My Home PageBack from KFest '97, my GS and IMax JonesMax takes his IIGS to KFest for the first time, the Wings file launcher, Marinetti the TCP/IP stack for the IIGS development
233Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Church and tag sale shopping for Apple hardware, Creative Solutions ad, IIGS's and the elderly
234-8Cover storyThe Apple II Spirit Lives OnMax JonesKansasFest 1997 coverage
239Cover storyKFest '97 Keynote AddressMax JonesDavid Kerwood's Keynote address: Apple II evangelism, getting more Apple II users online
2310-11Cover storyKFest After Hours...Max JonesAfter-hours discussions and late night interactions at KFest (Twilight II 2.0 beta - Marinetti announced online - APL 2GS license plate - farthest travelers - KFest t-shirts)
2312-13ReviewHyper HeavenMax JonesHyper Quarterly disk-based publication
2314-16Snap ShotThe life and times of AppleWorks GSGareth JonesAnalysis of the history of AppleWorks GS
2317, 19Snap ShotTaking the place of AppleWorks GSGareth JonesAnalysis of the history of AppleWorks GS - Sidebar
2318-19Shareware SpotlightKids, computers and peace of mindSlixSecurity 1.0, Marinetti, MenuWiper 2.1.1, Cleaner Clean Up 1.0.5, Tsukue 2.0, FreeK 1.1, BisQuit 1.0, StolenBASE NDA, GWFinger 1.0 and GWPing 1.0
2320AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware '97 / Summer
2321AdvertisementApple Blossom PublishingHyper Quarterly
2322, 24DumplinGSAt 11 years, IIGS still perking alongDelphi Apple II forums growth, Crock O' Gold - offline message handling for Delphi, GNO/ME reclassified as freeware, Focus Drive, Eric Shepherd's new address
2323II Be Named LaterNonlineRyan SuenagaGetting online, Apple II resources online
242My Home PageFor Juiced.GS, the beat goes onMax JonesJuiced.GS to continue publishing, welcome to returning writers returning and new
243-4Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Marinetti and AppleWorks GS, Not everyone wants to get online, readers want more info about getting online, problems with the Focus Drive
245Desktop PublishingReadouts brighten pages, focus attentionDave BennettUsing Readouts in desktop publishing
246-11InterviewAn interview with Ewen WannopMax JonesInterview with IIGS Programmer Ewen Wannop
2411AdvertisementJuiced.GSJuiced.GS renewal
2412-13HardwareEnhancing the System Saver IIGSStephen BuggieUpgrading the System Saver IIGS fan
2414-15ReviewClear benefits to the FocusMax JonesFocus Drive
2416-18TelecommunicationsMarinetti in motionMax JonesMarinetti TCP/IP stack
2419-20Shareware SpotlightPopular card game comes to the IIGSFreeCell GS 1.0.1, MS-DOS Utilities Graphical (MUG), BoinkGS, Bubbles T2 Blanker, GUPP 1.06, MineField GS, HyperNotes: The Adventures of Huck Finn
2420AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware '97 / Summer
2421AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Back issues catalog
2422-24DumplinGSA seasonal celebration for the IIGSSuperConvert 4.0 arrived, Seven Hills Software software sale, Tulin's remaining Apple II inventory available, Eric Shepherd announces Sheppyware-Talk mail list, Richard Bennett considers upgrading Graphic Writer III, Richard Bennett solitics interest in possible future IIGS projects, Tony Diaz's Web page, Nathan Mates's Web page
2423II Be Named LaterPondering the possibilitiesRyan SuenagaRyan plays "What if" with his Apple II activities
2424AdvertisementJuiced.GSSubscription renewal reminder
312My Home PageGuiding the way toward A2 telecomMax JonesTelecommunicating with the Apple II, Tony Ward joins Juiced.GS staff, Bret Victor and Dave Tribby contribute to this issue
313-4Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Downloading photos from the Kodak PhotoCD System to the IIGS, disappointed in reply to previous letters, IIGS keeps crashing, Animasia 3D still available?, readers enjoy Juiced.GS
315AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKFest '98 registration
316-11Cover storyMaking music on the IIGSBret VictorGenerating music on the IIGS with SoundSmith
3111-12Cover storyMIDI Synth, music and your Apple IIGSDavid TribbyWorking with MIDI on the IIGS
3112AdvertisementMIDI Synth disk set for music loversJuiced.GSMIDI Synth disk set
3113HardwareA user's experience with the Focus.20M.H. "Buzz" BesterUser review of the Focus.20 internal hard drive
3114-15TelecommunicationsChoosing a modemTony WardHow to choose a modem
3116-17ReviewSizing up SuperConvert 4.0Max JonesSuperConvert 4.0
3118Desktop PublishingType size strongly related to column widthDave BennettFont sizes and column width
3119-20Shareware SpotlightWolf3D now going full blast on IIGSWolfenstein 3D IIGS 1.0, GUPP 1.0.7, LaserForce
3120AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware '98 / Winter
3121AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Back issues catalog
3122-24DumplinGSThe price is right for KFest '98!KFest '98 registration is open, update to GNO/ME 2.0.6 coming soon, GenieLamp A2 ceases publication, The Lamp announced, Bernie II The Rescue emulator mail list announced, Crock o' Gold updated to v2.3, Marinetti TCP/IP stack now supports PPP, Apple II Webring, "Et II, PC?" emulation package announced
3123II Be Named LaterThe last BlossomRyan SuenagaThe Apple Blossom ceases publication, future of Hyper Quarterly unclear
322My Home PageA little delayed, but we made it!Max JonesThis issue shipped late, looking forward to KFest '98, Nancy Crawford passed away, Wolf 3D programmer contributions, Wolf 3D 1.1 update released
323-5Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.More on Kodak Photo CDs, a request for better manuals and documentation, Tony Ward's modems article, accessing the Internet on a IIGS, IIGS printer drivers, IIGS MIDI, Apple isn't dead yet
326AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKFest '98
327Desktop PublishingPurpose, audience keys to content, designDave BennettThe importance of content and audience
328-10InterviewClairemont's ClassicsMax JonesInterview with school teacher Louis Cornelio, of Clairemont High School's "Apple II Lab"
3211-13TelecommunicationsGood choices in telecom softwareTony WardTelecom software
3214-16Shareware SpotlightTwilight II v2.0 (beta), The Lamp, HardPressed, Opening Line Pictures 1, SciCalcNDA, GSOKID, File Manager, Whirlpool
3217AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware '98 / Spring
3218-20DumplinGSMax JonesSIS browser 1.1 upgrade preview, still time to register for KFest '98, more KFest '98 sessions announced, Gsoft BASIC on track for KFest '98 release, Ross Falconer now the distributor for EGO Systems product line, Shareware Solutions II to distribute Golden Orchard CD-ROM, Bernie II the Rescue emulator updated to version 1.3, Eric Shepherd's new Web page/email address
3219II Be Named LaterA day in the life of the world of the Apple IIGSRyan SuenagaRyan muses about daily IIGS happenings around the world
332My Home PageNew software dances across KFest stageMax JonesNew products announced at KFest '98, Byte Works software now available directly from Juiced.GS, Juiced.GS to continue publishing in 1999, Eric Shepherd to pen a series of Gsoft BASIC articles
333-5Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Photos in Juiced.GS question, Music Studio MIDI how-to, Apple IIs in school, "abandoned" shareware, Apple II CAD software, comments on Louis Cornelio interview, still-active Apple II vendors
334AdvertisementThe Byte WorksGsoft BASIC
335AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Byte Works software
336-9,20Cover storySoftware ParadiseMax JonesKansasFest 1998 coverage
3310-11Cover storyKFest After Hours...After-hours discussions and late night interactions at KFest: New HackFest competition (winning entry: Michael Hackett), Dennis Doms (former A2-Central editor) visits, programmers' discussions inspire new product features, Wolf3d Easter Eggs, KFest door sign contest
3312-13, 20ReviewGetting back to BASICEric ShepherdGsoft BASIC
3314-15ReviewSpellbound with NiftySpellMax JonesNiftySpell
3316-17ReviewWorking the WebMax JonesWebWorks GS
3318TelecommunicationsIn search of an ISP for your Apple IITony WardChoosing an ISP for your Apple II
3319-20Shareware SpotlightNew utility converts PC fonts to IIGSFontpimp 1.0, Lilan 1.0, Babelfish, Disk2File, TicTacToe 3D, MouseTrap CDA
3321AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware '98 / Summer
3322-24DumplinGSA bountiful crop of new IIGS productsPlenty of new IIGS software products, TABBS files and software archive now available on CD-ROM, more new Apple II-related Web sites open, two new courses available in Delphi Apple II Programmers Forum's A2 University: Gsoft BASIC, HyperCard IIGS
3323II Be Named LaterThere's nothing finer...Ryan SuenagaKansaFest '98
342My Home PageAn extra ounce of GS satisfactionMax JonesFree version of Gsoft BASIC included on floppy with this issue, time to renew subscriptions for 1999, Animasia 3D now freeware and available from Juiced.GS on disk
343-4Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.List of ISPs now online, Greg Nelson's KFest '98 session, Reading IIGS graphics files on an IBM, Reader compliments for Juiced.GS, Dealing with Software & More
344AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Byte Works software
345Desktop PublishingShoot for a sense of unity in designDave BennettPage-by-page consistency results in a better finished product
346-11Cover storyOn track with Gsoft BASICEric ShepherdThe basics of programming with Gsoft BASIC
3412ReviewUpdate corrects flaws, adds featuresMax JonesGraphicWriter III v2.1
3413AdvertisementThe Byte WorksGsoft BASIC, 3.5" floppy containing FREE.Gsoft, free version of GSoft BASIC
3414-15ReviewNew access from NDA upgradeMax JonesDisk Access II
3416-17TelecommunicationsThe 'Shell' GameTony WardAccessing the Internet via your ISP's UNIX shell
3418-19Shareware SpotlightGshisen pits players against the clockGshisen v1.1, Desktop Alarm v4.0, TimeZone, WordWorks Pro Unplugged
3420Shareware SpotlightAnimasia 3-D reclassified as sharewareAnimasia 3-D reclassified as shareware
3420AdvertisementJuiced.GSJuiced.GS subscription renewal reminder
3421AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware '98 / Fall
3422-24DumplinGSA lively end to a great year in GS telecomMax JonesGreat new IIGS telecom software, Marinetti 2.0 update, Spectrum 2.2 update, WebWorks GS 1.2 update, Bernie II The Rescue Prerelease v2.0
3423II Be Named LaterThanks and WishesRyan SuenagaGiving thanks during the 1998 holiday season
412My Home PageEmulation guarantees a IIGS futureMax JonesA look at emulating the IIGS, Welcome to new Juiced.GS writers Geoff Weiss and Tony Diaz, Juiced.GS wins "Best Apple II Publication of 1998" award from The Lamp
413-4Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.Babelfish installation help, Best IIGS hardware and software recommendations, Finding Apple II hardware and software in a shrinking market
415AdvertisementSheppywareSheppyware Apple II software
416-8Cover storyTeaching an old dog new tricksRyan SuenagaIntroduction to IIGS emulator Bernie II The Rescue
419-13ProgrammingDigging deeper into GsoftEric ShepherdGSoft BASIC tutorial series continues with Part 2
4114-15HardwareAn Ethernet solutionGeoff WeissNetworking your IIGS through a router
4115AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Byte Works software
4116-17TelecommunicationsReading the news from your UNIX shellTony WardAccessing USENET through your ISPs UNIX shell
4118-19Shareware SpotlightThere's a new way to chat on your IIGSTony DiazgsAIM, Imagemaker 1.0, CPU Speed, LaunchBox, Animasia 3-D Manuals on Disk, Change-A-File, Resurrection, Timemaster IIGS
4119AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware '99 / Winter
4120AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection Catalog
4121AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKFest '99
4122-24DumplinGSA new year, and a boost of Apple II attitudeKFest '99 dates and rates, Delphi Apple II Programmers Forum Gsoft BASIC course offered by Mike Westerfield (The Byte Works), Marinetti hardcopy documentation available, Ninjaforce's Kaboom! delayed again, Spectrum Internet Suite v1.1 update coming soon, ProSel 8 and 16 released into public domain, GNO/ME upgraded to v2.0.6, new product offerings from Eric Shepherd (Sheppyware)
4123II Be Named LaterThat '70s ComputerRyan Suenaga70's retro is "in" - what about the Apple II?
422My Home PageA tribute to those who persevereMax JonesSoftware reclassification, Max Jones to keynote upcoming KFest
423-5Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Still using a IIGS, Getting Bernie II The Rescue running, PC or Mac?, SFUtility is useful, using AsanteTalk for IIGS Ethernet networking, Tulin SCSI drivers
425AdvertisementSheppywareUpcoming titles
426-7ReviewMajor upgrade boosts browser's powerMax JonesSpectrum Internet Suite v1.1
428-11ProgrammingGetting down to the nitty gritty in GsoftEric ShepherdGsoft BASIC tutorial series continues with Part 3
4212-13The Virtual GSImproving your imageRyan SuenagaWorking with disk images in ImageMaker
4214-15TelecommunicationsE-mail - a versatile and essential toolTony WardWorking with e-mail
4216-17Shareware SpotlightA ProSel OdysseyTony DiazProSel Y2K Patch
4217-18Shareware SpotlightKEGS a viable Unix emulator for the IIGSGeoff WeissKEGS emulator
4218AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware '99 / Spring
4218-20Shareware SpotlightImageMaker 1.1, GWFTP 1.1B1, TimeZone, Time Tool, Signature GS, AboutTime, To.Stats, To.ShrinkIt, AmperMacros, DiskTools, Repairworks, Disk2File, DreamVoir, MahJongg GS, Super Mario Bros Demo, SixPack
4219AdvertisementSheppywareSheppyware Apple II software
4220AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection Catalog
4221Desktop PublishingIf you have to squint, the type's not rightDave BennettFonts affect legibility and readability in publications
4222-24DumplinGSIt's almost party time in Kansas CityKFest '99 is coming, more formerly commerical Apple II software reclassified (Scantron Quality Computers and JEM Software), Genie A2 Roundtable is no more, more and more Apple II resources continue to appear on the World Wide Web
4223II Be Named LaterA final toast to an old friendRyan SuenagaR.I.P. Genie
432My Home PageDigging out from a busy summerMax JonesApologies for a late issue, A busy summer for Max Jones, Welcome to new contributors Howard Katz and Ken Gagne
433-7Cover storyKFest '99 celebrates the old reliablesMax JonesKFest '99 coverage: Not as many new products as last year, focus on old favorites, Max Jones's keynote speech: supporting the Apple II's small but excellent developer community and looking forward to the future
438-9Cover storyKFest After Hours...Max JonesAfter-hours discussions and late night interactions at KFest: KFest expanded by a day, 48 total attendees, annual trek to KC Masterpiece restaurant, Carl Knobloch's KFest Taxi Service introduced, 8 first-time attendees this year, Juiced.GS reception, Ethernet available to attendees in Avila dorm, late-night brainstorming sessions, Sarah Phillips Shepherd returns with the (in)famous "Salsa Keyboard", Greg Nelson intends to make his tapes of KFest sessions available
4310-15ProgrammingBring those skills to a higher levelEric ShepherdGsoft BASIC tutorial series continues with Part 4
4315AdvertisementSheppywareSheppyware Apple II software
4316-17The Virtual GSBernie, meet ErnieRyan SuenagaCoverage of various emulators: Bernie II The Rescue Starter Kit, Sweet16, Ernie,
4318TelecommunicationsBack on the GS side of things...Tony WardPowerful telecom tools on the IIGS
4319-20Shareware SpotlightNew castle to explore for IIGS gamersSilvern Castle v1.0 (reviewed by Ken Gagne), SpeedRead Plus 3.2, Gshisen 1.2, Y][KFest
4320-21Shareware SpotlightReclassification efforts bearing fruitHoward KatzSoftware reclassiification efforts
4321AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware '99 / Summer
4322-24DumplinGSEarthlink ISP accessible to IIGS users via Marinetti's PPP link layer, Shareware Solutions II has new products and specials available, Apple II University course on HyperCard IIGS now available at author Gareth Jones's Web site, Bernie II The Rescue updated to v2.5.1, Sweet16 updated to v1.1, The Print Shop Companion tutorial and demo disk now available from Dave Carey, Juiced.GS to make back catalog of disks and info available on the forthcoming "Friends for Life" CD-ROM
4323II Be Named LaterMaking memoriesRyan SuenagaMemories of KFest '99
442My Home PageYou wanna see somethin' really scary?Max JonesJuiced.GS to continue publishing in 2000, annual subscription rate increase, Friends for Life CD-ROM to ship soon
443-4Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Corrections to Silvern Castle review, Silvern Castle updated to v3.0 with expanded scenario
445Desktop PublishingBoxes, rules keep content corralledDave BennettUsing boxes, rules, borders, and bars to improve content organization and appearance
446-8Cover storyThe AppleWorks LegacyGareth JonesThe history and legacy of AppleWorks
448AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder
449-13ProgrammingUsing the Toolbox with GSoft BASICEric ShepherdGsoft BASIC tutorial series continues with Part 5
4414-15System SoftwareTooling around in the GS ToolboxGeoff WeissA closer look at GS Toolbox
4415-16The Virtual GSCanine capersRyan SuenagaA look at the Bernie II The Rescue v2.5.1 upgrade
4416AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life CD-ROM
4417Shareware SpotlightMore titles reclassifiedHoward KatzMore Apple II software titles reclassified
4418AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware '99 / Fall
4418Shareware SpotlightWebWorks GS, Shifty List, Silvern Castle 3.0 update, JF.Harvest1, KickStart, AWGS Calendar 2000 template, AWGS To-do List template
4419AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection Catalog
4420-21TelecommunicationsA Marinetti primerTony WardTCP/IP and Marinetti basics
4422-24DumplinGSAccolades abound for the venerable Apple IIPC World names Apple II one of the top 10 computers of all time, KFest 2000 (aka Y][KFest) registration, Apple II resources on the Web, Genie and Delphi ending dialup service, Fox Valley Net ISP expanding its dialup service offerings, Juiced.GS's Friends for Life CD-ROM now available for order
4423II Be Named LaterAn Applesoft ChristmasRyan SuenagaApple II Christmas thoughts
512My Home PageA little late, but the delay is worth itMax JonesThis issue held a week for announcement of Spectrum Automated Mailer, Y][KFest is coming, Friends for Life CD-ROM shipping soon
513-5Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Woz likes Clairemont High's retro computer lab, BeOS and Bernie II The Rescue, Friends for Life CD-ROM, Deja II, kudos for Shareware Spotlight column, 3D spreadsheets in AppleWorks?, Print Shop presentation at KFest '99, contacting My eSource/Seven Hills Software, status of Michael Hackett's Facelift project, System Saver IIGS fan updrade, Apple IIGS joystick, Microsoft's crappy OS
516-7Cover storyWe've got mail!Max JonesSpectrum Automated Mailer e-mail program
518-15ProgrammingBringing it all together in Gsoft BASICEric ShepherdGsoft BASIC tutorial series concludes
5115AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life CD-ROM
5116-17The Virtual GSBernie gets better yetRyan SuenagaOverview of new features in update 1.3.2 for Sweet16 for BeOS
5117AdvertisementSheppyware"They're coming. July 28, 2000"
5118AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareY][KFest registration
5119-20Shareware SpotlightReclassifications big boost for 8-bit usersUltramax 5, TimeOut Graph, Super Mario GS v0.8b, Talk is Cheap, Silvern Castle 4.0 upgrade, Spectrum v2.3 Updater, BeagleWrite
5120AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2000 / Winter
5121AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection Catalog
5122-24DumplinGSY][KFest is coming, Spectrum v2.3 Uprade now available, Shareware Solutions II products now available for purchase online through Kagi, Ultima I for IIGS soon to be available again from Shareware Solutions II, Apple II resources on the net, BeOS PC version now available for free
5123II Be Named LaterGood grief!Ryan SuenagaThe Apple II as Charlie Brown
522My Home PageSaved by SAM (and EarthLink)!Max JonesEarthlink ISP and Spectrum Automated Mailer a great combo, first batch of Friends for Life CD-ROM shipped, preparing for KFest
523-5Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.IIGS batteries, moving files from a PC to a IIGS, Friends for Life CD-ROM format, Sweet16 and BeOS, lots of info on IIGS telecom in the latest issue of The Lamp!, what's new at Ninjaforce, using Iomega's USB ZipCD, Quick Click Morph for the IIGS, more on Kensington System Saver fan swap article
525AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life CD-ROM
526-9Cover storyA IIGS on a PCEric ShepherdUsing Sweet16 in BeOS (PC version)
5210The Virtual GSDigital dreamingRyan SuenagaEmulation news, notes and a wish list
5211AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareY][KFest registration
5212-13TelecommunicationsCopyrights in the digital ageTony WardA discussion of copyright issues
5214Desktop PublishingGood photos help attract, hold readersDave BennettEffective use of images in publishing
5215AdvertisementSheppywareY][KFest upcoming products teaser
5216-17Shareware SpotlightSpectrum Create a PDF v.10, BeagleDraw
5218-19Shareware SpotlightReclassifications moving hot and heavyHoward KatzMore software reclassifications
5219AdvertisementThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2000 / Spring
5220AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection Catalog
5221AdvertisementTony DiazA2-ROMulan CD-ROM Volume 1
5222-24DumplinGSTempting morsels from KFest and beyond...Y][KFest only days away, Eric Shepherd debuts, Ultima I for the IIGS re-released through Shareware Solutions II, Friends for Life CD-ROM has begun shipping, Bret Victor's software now available for download at his Web site, AncestorWorks v2.0 for AppleWorks released
5223II Be Named LaterGoing Home to Kansas CityRyan SuenagaMusings on Y][KFest
532My Home PageFocused on the future for the Apple IIMax JonesY][KFest: the Apple II community looks to the future, Juiced.GS to continue publishing, Juiced.GS new email address
532-3Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.Quick Click Morph tip, IIGS telecommunications, Delphi withdrawing support for text-based users, MacOpener allows PC users to access HFS-formatted CD-ROMs,
534-10Cover storyKFest 2000Y][KFest coverage: Apple II users everywhere were able to observe the proceedings thanks to live netcasting, LanceGS Ethernet card for IIGS announced, A2Central and Syndicomm joining forces, new and upgraded software announcements, KFest committee changing of the guard
538AdvertisementSheppywareNew Sheppyware for Fall 2000
539SidebarGShisen contest resultsY][KFest GShisen results
5310AdvertisementA2Central.comComing soon
5310AdvertisementSheppywareTotally Sheppyware/The Complete Guide to Sheppyware
5311ArticleThe KFest Files...Software and hardware released or updated at Y][KFest: LANceGS Ethernet card, Totally Sheppyware CD-ROM, The Complete Guide to Sheppyware, Lemonade Stand, DiskMaker v1.0, ImageMaker v1.3, NetPrinter, SCAP v1.1, Sedistic, SIS v1.1.1, Spectrum FTP, Taipan, GS ROM Grabber, Time in a Bottle CD-ROM, A2 ROMulan Vol 1 Edition 2, Arachnid PR2, Bernie ][ The Rescue 3.0
5312-13Cover storyKFest After Hours...After hours discussion and late night interactions at Y][KFest: Door sign contest, 8 first-time attendees this year, crazy tie contest, Bite the Bag contest, high-quality projector, ProTERM BeOS in development, Carl Knobloch's taxi service returns, the Salsa Keyboard makes an appearance, impromptu Spectrum script serves as alarm clock for a two KFesters
5314The Virtual GSWoof cubedRyan SuenagaNew features in Bernie v3.0
5315AdvertisementJuiced.GSTime in a Bottle CD, The Compleat Lamp! CD, A2 ROMulan CD
5316Shareware SpotlightQuench your thirst on a new IIGS gameNew products announced at Y][KFest, new Sheppyware products, Lemonade Stand GS, DiskMaker, ImageMaker v2.0, SCAP v1.1, GS ROM Grabber, GShisen 2000, Silvern Castle v5.1, Arachnid PR2
5316AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life CD-ROM
5317AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2000 / Summer
5318-20DumplinGSDramatic entrance for the Apple II Ethernet cardLANceGS specs and pricing, LANceGS now shipping, Marinetti now open source, Genie Apple II Roundtable Library now on CD-ROM, The Compleat Lamp CD-ROM, Glen Bredon has passed away, Apple II resources on the net, Tony Diaz has taken stewardship of the CSA2 FAQs, Apple IIGS programmer David Ong Tat-Wee re-emerges with Defender of the World demo
5320II Be Named LaterDead tired's not deadRyan SuenagaToo many Apple II projects, not enough time
542My Home has us all looking forwardMax now online, Juiced.GS to continue publishing in 2001
543-4Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.Telnet-accessible public Lynx sites, finding out of production IIGS hardware, Yahoo! Buys, Sweet16 and BeOS, using Kagi to purchase Apple II items
546-9ReviewA IIGS networking solutionGeoff WeissLANceGS Ethernet card
548AdvertisementThe Byte WorksOpus ][
549AdvertisementJuiced.GSSubscription renewal reminder
5410The Virtual GSCoke, keyboards, caninesRyan SuenagaNot much happening in IIGS emulation lately, dreaming of a "portable" IIGS
5411AdvertisementJuiced.GSCD-ROMs: Time in a Bottle, The Compleat Lamp, A2 ROMulan
5412-14ProgrammingGet pumped with the GS/OS ExerciserEric ShepherdA look at the GS/OS Exerciser
5415-17HardwarePower and your IIGSTony DiazA look at power and the IIGS
5418AdvertisementBernie II the Rescue 3.0
5419-20Shareware SpotlightReclassifications keep pouring inHoward KatzMore software reclassified through the Lost Classics Project (DiversiDOS, Diversified Accountant Job Cost System, BASIC.Help, SYSTEM.II, Phoenix II, DreamGrafix, Beagle Graphics, DiversiTune v1.1, Xenocide, Dueltris, Ancient Art of War at Sea), Lost Classics Project relocated to, LCP needs your help
5420AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life CD-ROM
5421AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2000 / Fall
5422-24DumplinGSFree month helps launch free during December, continues to grow offering new services, Eric Shepherd acquires Syndicomm, now offering Apple II software for sale, Lost Classics Project moves to, all Byteworks software and documentation now available for purchase on Opus ][ CD-ROM set, Shareware Solutions II now selling Spectrum, Ninjaforce Web site updated, KEGS emulator ported to Windows, Bernie II The Rescue 3.0 coming soon
5423II Be Named LaterAn Apple II New Year's ResolutionRyan SuenagaNew Year's resolutions
612My Home PageStill a lot of 'wow' in Apple II worldMax JonesThe Apple II community still has plenty of life left in it, this month's contributors (Gareth Jones, Tony Diaz, Ryan Suenaga, Dave Bennett, Tony Ward), 2001 is Juiced.GS's 6th year of publication
613-4Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Tips for getting IIGS emulation going on your PC, GShisen contest correction, using a standard PC monitor on a IIGS, scoring Apple II equipment at a school auction, Deja II for the Mac
616-8Cover storyThe Launching PadGareth JonesVarious IIGS program launchers discussed
619AdvertisementJuiced.GSCD-ROMs: Time in a Bottle, The Compleat Lamp, A2 ROMulan
6110-11The Virtual GSAlternatives in emulationRyan SuenagaA look at emulators other than Bernie and Ernie (Gus for the Power Macintosh, XGS/iGS, KEGS)
6111AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life CD-ROM
6112AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKFest 2001
6113Desktop PublishingBoxes, rules can keep content corralledDave BennettUsing boxes and rules to improve content appearance
6114-15TelecommunicationsA new A2 library close to homeTony WardMigrating from Delphi to,'s new Apple II File Library
6116-19HardwareAn Apple II tech-torialTony Diaz3.5-inch disk drive refurbishment and maintenance
6120Shareware SpotlightYahtzee joins list of GS game NDAsYahtzee NDA
6121AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2001 / Winter
6122-24DumplinGSKFest 2001 registration off and runningKFest 2001 registration now open, Syndicomm hires Dave Miller, to be renamed, now offering Enhanced accounts, Delphi's text interface to go dark May 1, Delphi's Web version of Apple II Forum to remain online, Arachnid IIGS Web browser reaches Preview Release 3, Telnet NDA now available, Byteworks' ORCA shell bug fixed - update available to registered users, IIGS X-10 software now available on the Web, Spectrum updated to v2.5.2
6123II Be Named LaterSweet swan song for Byte WorksRyan SuenagaOpus ][: The ByteWorks's parting gift to the Apple II community
622My Home PageKansas City, here we come!Max JonesPreview of KFest 2001, Juiced.GS planning to release "Friends II" CD-ROM follow up to "Friends for Life" disc
623-5Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Accessing Friends for Life CD-ROM content, looking for development software, current value of a IIGS?, still using a IIGS, tips for publishing with GraphicWriter III, Texas computer store still selling a few Apple II items for cheap
625AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life CD-ROM (formerly
627-8The Virtual GSTen Questions with Henrik GudatRyan SuenagaInterview with Henrik Gudat, co-creator of Bernie II The Rescue
628AdvertisementSyndicomm"Ready for KFest"
629AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKFest 2001
6210-13Cover storyUpgrading your TransWarpTony DiazUpgrading the TransWarp GS cache
6214AdvertisementJuiced.GSCD-ROMs: Time in a Bottle, The Compleat Lamp, A2 ROMulan
6215-16Shareware SpotlightA desktop Telnet NDA for the IIGSTelnet NDA 1.0.2, Spectrum Automated File Exchange (SAFE) FTP, The Chameleon, Easy OS NDA, AutoDialer, Samurai IRC client, X10
6216AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2001 / Spring
6217AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection Catalog
6218-20DumplinGSGS+ Magazine archives back in circulationSyndicomm to distribute EGO Systems GS+ magazine and software, Bret Victor's Opening Line & Operation Lambda reclassified as freeware, KFest 2001 nearly here, new Web site for Geoff Weiss's Spectrum Internet Suite, new home for Ryan Suenaga's publications (The Lamp!, A2 News and Notes, GEnieLamp A2 and GEnieLamp A2Pro) at, Delphi's Apple II Forum to cease operations, user email addresses to cease functioning, Stephen Weyhrich's Apple II History Web page, Ninjaforce's Samurai IRC client now available
6219II Be Named LaterHelp WantedRyan SuenagaThe Apple II community needs your help
632My Home PageA new look for the future of Juiced.GSMax JonesJuiced.GS gets a new publisher (Syndicomm) and a new Editor-in-Chief (Ryan Suenaga)
633-4Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.New subscriber is a new IIGS user looking for advice, Apple IIs in use at the MDA telethon, Aussie Apple II users chime in
635AdvertisementSyndicommApple II products from Syndicomm
636-9Cover storyA KFest Call to ArmsMax JonesKansasFest 2001 coverage: Keynote address by Eric Shepherd a call to arms for Apple II community, Tony Diaz assumes mantle of leadership on KansasFest Committee, Tuedsay early-arrival tradition continues, group dinner at Stephenson's Apple Orchard, more KansasFest events to be Webcast this year
6310Cover storyKFest After Hours...Max JonesKansasFest 2001 coverage, After Hours: attendees new and returning, GShisen and HackFest contests, Tony Diaz demos an Apple III
6311AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life and Friends II CD-ROMs
6312-13The Virtual GSBuilding BridgesRyan SuenagaTransferring data between an Apple IIGS and other platforms
6314AdvertisementJuiced.GSTime in a Bottle CD, The Compleat Lamp! CD, A2 ROMulan CD
6315AdvertisementGamebitsEsprit de Apple Corps CD-ROM set
6315-16Shareware SpotlightPlatinum Paint latest Lost Classics successHoward KatzMore Lost Classics Project reclassification 'wins': Platinum Paint, Applied Engineering software, Vitesse Salvation series, LCP team grows, Operation Lambda and Opening Line from Bret Victor now freeware
6316AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2001 / Summer
6317AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection Catalog
6318-20DumplinGSIIGS gets a little help from 'Friends'Juiced.GS 'Friends II' CD-ROM released, KFest 2001 product announcements rundown, Syndicomm Online announces rate reductions and enhanced services, Steve Weyhrich's Apple II History Web site continues to add new content, Bret Victor releases deMODifier utility for Windows
6319II Be Named LaterFor everything else, there's KansasFestRyan SuenagaMasterCard commercial spoof
642My Home PageIt's time for the transition to beginMax JonesDetails about the transition to new publisher and editor emerge, a 'Thanks and farewell' from Max Jones
643-5Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Former Apple II user looking to trade collection, looking for a copy of Castle Wolfenstein, a thank-you from a long time reader, request for a HackFest recap, new subscriber hunting for DiversiTune, value of a IIGS-in-a-IIe upgrade?
645AdvertisementGamebitsEsprit de Apple Corps CD-ROM set
646The Virtual GSEmulation has been a long, winding roadRyan SuenagaA look back at the development of Apple II emulation
647AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder
648ReviewSiemens router fits the billRyan SuenagaSiemens SpeedStream 2-Port DSL/Cable Router
649AdvertisementSyndicommApple II products from Syndicomm
6410ReviewCD set captures spirit of the IIGSMax JonesEsprit de Apple Corps CD-ROM set
6411AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life and Friends II CD-ROMs
6412AdvertisementJuiced.GSTime in a Bottle CD, The Compleat Lamp! CD, A2 ROMulan CD
6413-14Shareware SpotlightA simple, powerful dialing assistantAutoDialer NDA v1.0, Silvern Castle upgrade, SOAR (Spectrum Offline Automated Reader), GS Font Editor, DiversiTune v1.1
6414AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2001 / Fall, Summer, Spring
6415-16AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection Catalog
6417-20DumplinGSAfter all these years, an egg hatchesSpectrum Internet Suite v1.1 Easter Egg revealed, Rich Dreher announces plans to develop CompactFlash for Apple interface card (CFFA), Woz creates new company to develop wireless technology, Ewen Wannop updates SOAR to v1b6, Syndicomm Online announces new prices and features, Lazarus I. Long releases alpha version of Apple DOS File System utility for Macintosh, Howard Katz takes over as editor of A2 News and Notes after Ryan Suenaga departs to captain Juiced.GS, KEGS32 emulator updated to v0.60
6419II Be Named LaterThis Title Is Six Words LongRyan SuenagaLooking forward to taking over at Juiced.GS
6420AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder
712My Home PageDéjà Vu, Part ][Ryan SuenagaRyan's first issue as Editor in Chief, Juiced.GS has a new home and publisher (Syndicomm), this issue is dedicated to James Mansanori Suenaga
713-6Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Buying an Apple CD150 CD-ROM drive, Ken's Integrated Simpletron Suite (KISS), locating MIDI software for the IIGS, IIGS in a Iie upgrade sighting?, Hammurabi also available at Thomas Compter's Syndicomm page, Hammurabi is a 16-bit program, Soundsmith MIDI program, Juiced.GS delivered to a reader's bushes, reader's mom still using a IIGS, Shareware Solutions II still being published?, interfacing a IIGS with a PC monitor
716AdvertisementJuiced.GSCD-ROMs: Time in a Bottle, Friends for Life, Friends II
717AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm communities & store products
718-10Tech-torialMaking ItTony DiazA look at Apple II hardware product manufacturing
7111AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKFest 2002 registration
7112-13II the MaxGames keep IIGS young and funKen GagneApple II game reviews: Eamon Adventures, Rogue, Silvern Castle, Wolf3D, Bouncin' Ferno, LemminGS, DuelTris, Milestones 2000, GShisen
7114-16Cover storyFlying high with WingsTony WardA look at the Finder alternative Wings
7117Shareware SpotlightOldies but goodiesHoward KatzSlotscan, PMPUnZip, BitBanger, UNO, Casino Solitaire, Pyramid, AfterWorks TimeOut
7118-20DumplinGSThe Siren Call of KansasFest 2002KansasFest 2002 quick preview, Syndicomm sells out of Beneath Apple ProDOS book, Beneath Apple ProDOS PDF available for free through Lost Classics Project, Dave Lyons releases GS/OS driver for CFFA card, Rich Dreher announces CFFA cards shipping soon, upcoming Vintage Computer Festivals, ComputerEyes GS card now free from Syndicomm to Juiced.GS subscribers, Appleshare CDev bug in System 6.0.1 finally fixed, new IIGS software products from Aaron Pulver, production of Juiced.GS Collection disks suspended indefinitely, Andrew Roughan continues Marinetti development, Call-A.P.P.L.E to resume publication
7119A Word or IIApples and OrangesKen GagneApple II: Nothing Better
722My Home PageDoing it in the heat of the Kansas City summerRyan SuenagaBe a 'doer', lack of reader mail, KansasFest registration discount for Juiced.GS subscribers, recognizing the Juiced.GS staff
723-4Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Applause for Juiced.GS editors new and old, converting digital camera images to a IIGS-friendly format, Ryan's Bermuda shorts, new mailing envelopes are popular
725AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2002
726-8ReviewNo flash in the panHoward Katz & Eric ShepherdCFFA Compact Flash/IDE Interface
729-10II the MaxTwo thiings at onceKen GagneA look at IIGS Desk Accessories
7211-12HardwareFocus as far as the eye can seeRyan SuenagaA 4GB FocusDrive
7213-14Shareware SpotlightExtra! Extra!Ryan SuenagaIIGS Finder Extensions: EasyMount, EasyOpen, SmartRestart, Finder-Sounder, Desktop Doctor, File Finder, Under the Rug, QuickLaunch
7215-17Tech-torialHard Drivin'Tony DiazA history of Apple II storage options
7218-19DumplinGSKansasFest 2002 sprints to the finishPrices are up and attendance is down but KansasFest 2002 is still on, Syndicomm's new online store is now open, famous Apple II personality Roger Wagner won an Apple-1 in an eBay auction for $14,000, Rich Dreher's CFFA card is now shipping, Aaron Pulver updates his Net Time CDev
7219A Word or IIA Little Bit Goes a Long WayKen GagneContributing to the Apple II community
732My Home PageTo everything there is a seasonRyan SuenagaMisprinted copies of Juiced.GS, another year at KansasFest, Richard Bennett-Forrest joins Juiced.GS staff, KansasFest 2003 scheduled
733Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.A question about the CFFA review, misprinted copies of Juiced.GS, a reader recommitting to keeping his IIGS running
734-7Cover storyKFest 2002Ryan SuenagaKansasFest 2002 coverage: numbers down but attendees spirits high
738-9Cover storyKFest After HoursAfter hours activities at KansasFest: first-ever cookout, wired (and wireless) high-speed internet access at Avila, new and veteran attendees, KGB: KansasFest Global Broadcast - Webcasting KansasFest sessions killed by technical difficulties, Syndicomm/Juiced.GS reception and Krispy Kreme donut run, a sneak peek at "Sweet26" the Mac OS X version of the Sweet16 emulator, a moment of silence for the departed Salsa Keyboard, eBay auctions to raise funds for future KansasFests?, GShisen competition hosted by Ken Gagne, attendee Sean Fahey to adopt a child
7310SoftwareBarney ][ the Rescue?A look at the new Simply Softdisk G-S CD-ROM from Syndicomm
7311AdvertisementKansasFest CommitteeThanks to KansasFest 2002 attendees
7312-15Tech-torialEmulating CortlandRichard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: A look at IIGS emulation
7315AdvertisementSyndicommSimply Softdisk G-S CD-ROM
7316-17II the MaxWord processors make writing fun and easyKen GagneA look at Apple II word processors and text editors
7318-20DumplinGSOld Apples still in the mainstream mediaNuts & Volts magazine takes a look back at the Apple-1, Call-A.P.P.L.E now selling software and back issues on CD-ROM, KansasFest 2003 announced, KansasFest attendance down - festival's future in question, Rich Dreher and Jerry Cline appears as guests on Syndicomm's Real Time Conference chats thanks to manager Kirk Mitchell, former Apple IIGS programmer and employee of now-defunct Apple II company EGO Systems Joe Wankerl resurfaces at MacHack 2002, Juiced.GS to continue publishing in 2003, Juiced.GS annual subscription price increase announced, Vintage Computer Festival 5.0 dates and location announced, first run of Rich Dreher's CFFA card sold out; second run under consideration, star IIGS programmer Aarom Pulver announces code updates to Netatalk application to include compatibility with Appleshare clients
7319A Word or IIThe Spirit of KansasFestKen GagneCommunity building at KansasFest
7320AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder
742My Home PageBring on the rainRyan SuenagaMore printing service issues for Juiced.GS, recognizing the excellent Juiced.GS staff, Doug Cuff joins Juiced.GS staff, time to renew Juiced.GS subscriptions for 2003
743From the publisher's desktopEric ShepherdA look at Juiced.GS publishing procedures and an apology for ongoing printing service problems
744-5Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.More printing service issues, Friends for Life II CD ordered & complements for the CFFA review, is the planned GS+ CD-ROM still forthcoming?, correction on the information about the image of the pre-ROM OO IIGS motherboard
746-8Cover storyThe broadbanded IIGSRyan SuenagaA look at connecting the IIGS to broadband internet service
749AdvertisementSyndicommThe Byte Works software, APDA tools and documentation, other Syndicomm software and hardware
7410-11The Virtual GSActiveGS by the FTAGeoff WeissFTA's ActiveGS emulator first look
7412-13On the 'NetSearch the Internet with GoogleHoward KatzSearch engines and using Google
7414-15ReviewSimply Softdisk G-S CD-ROMDoug CuffSimply Softdisk G-S CD-ROM
7416-17Tech-torialEmulate or simulate?Richard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: Emulation vs simulation: emulating the IIGS MMU
7418-19Tech-torialAt last: MacIP for MarinettiTony DiazMarinetti MacIP Link Layer Module technical overview
7420-21II the MaxTelecom makes the world go roundKen GagneA look at Apple II telecom applications
7422-24DumplinGSIIGS emulation goes Mac OS X nativeKEGS for Mac OS X released, KEGS updates released, KEGS Web site now live, Andrew Roughan releases System Tool 129 (the Crypto tool set), Lost Classics Project gets Nibble diskettes reclassified, longtime Apple II vendore Shreve Systems closes it doors, Call-A.P.P.L.E. announces new CD-ROMs of software and documentation for sale, Call-A.P.P.L.E. Web-based BBS now live, Wired magazine making inquiries for possible Apple II article, Adobe Acrobat gets official Apple II filetype, Micomsoft XRGB-2plus upscan converter connects RGB devices to VGA monitors, CFFA second-run waiting list now open, Syndicomm is moving to Tennessee
7423A Word or IIIt's a livingKen GagneWhat does Ken actually do for a living?
7424AdvertisementJuiced.GSA2-ROMulan CD-ROM Volume 1
812My Home PageEvery road just seems to lead me back to youRyan SuenagaAll roads lead to the Apple II, printing service issues finally resolved, last-minute effort marks the return of Geoff Weiss, KansasFest 2003 plans beginning to firm up
813-4Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Clarification of information in the Google article, readers receiving error-free Juiced.GS issues, Eric Shepherd takes issue with the Simply Softdisk G-S CD-ROM review; author responds
815AdvertisementSyndicommThe Byte Works software, APDA tools and documentation, other Syndicomm software and hardware
816-7Cover storyReview: Adventure AliveKen GagneReview of Adventure Alive
818-10Tech-torialYou've got connections!Tony DiazHistorical overview of networking solutions for the Apple II
8111Cover ][ CoverReview: Apple Confidential by Owen W. LinzmayerKen GagneBook review of Apple Confidential by Owen W. Linzmayer
8112-14Tech-torialLibA2 - a hidden PERL for Apple II usersGeoff WeissA look at the LibA2 utility for working with Apple II disk images
8115Shareware SpotlightOn the hunt for Mike HarveyHoward KatzLost Classics Project gets Nibble software reclassified as freeware
8116-17Tech-torialDear reader: I lied to you!Richard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: Emulating the IIGS MMU cont'd
8118-19DumplinGSJuiced.GS to be at KansasFest 2003KansasFest 2003 is coming, Rich Dreher announces second run of CFFA card, KEGS-OS X updated to 0.64, new Apple IIe emulator OSXII released, Call-A.P.P.L.E to publish Nibble back issues in PDF format, Vince Briel plans to release DIY Apple-1 replica kits, Reuters and CNN post articles on the Apple-1 and Apple II, Apple II programmer Geoff Weiss teases new secret project, Syndicomm Web site gets a facelift following move to Tennessee
8119A Word or IIOne divided by two is zeroKen GagneAn unfortunate visit to an Apple Users Group
8120AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2003 registration
822My Home PageWe interrupt this editorial to bring you this breaking story...Ryan SuenagaSpecial announcement: Woz to attend KansasFest 2003
823Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.LANceGS configuration questions, using Iomega Jaz 1 GB with IIGS
824-6MusinGSPhysician and Apple II historian Steve WeyhrichDoug CuffInterview with Steve Weyhrich
826AdvertisementSyndicommMPW IIGS Collection
827AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.Call-A.P.P.L.E. software and services
828-10Tech-torialSetting up MPW for Apple IIGS programmingEric ShepherdConfiguring MPW
8210AdvertisementJuiced.GSJuiced.GS welcomes Woz to KansasFest 2003
8211Cover ][ CoverReview: AppleDesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design GroupKen GagneBook review of AppleDesign: The Work of the Apple Industrial Design Group by Paul Kunkel
8212-14Tech-torialFinally: the 65c816Richard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: A look at emulating the 65c816 CPU
8215AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2003
8216-17ReviewDo the SAFE-ty danceRyan SuenagaSpectrum Automated File Exchange (SAFE) FTP client
8217AdvertisementJuiced.GSA2-ROMulan CD-ROM Volume 1, KansasFest 2003
8218-20DumplinGSHang on to your hat: KansasFest 2003 will blow you awayWoz to attend KansasFest 2003, Apple II programmer Andy McFadden forms FaddenSoft and releases new software, Java-based AppleCommander disk image utility updated to 1.2.2, Charlie's Fish Wings program updated to 0.85, a2pix for Macintosh updated to 3.0b12, Call-A.P.P.L.E. releasing more software and publications on CD-ROM, Contiki Operating System and Desktop Environment being ported to the 8-bit Apple II, Jeff Fink announces forthcoming Silvern Castle update, now has several Apple II related publications scanned and available for download, DISK2FILE and NIB2FILE utilities updated to final versions, someone has put an Intel Pentium-based system in an Apple IIe Platinum case, one of VisiCalc's authors has posted a history of the app on his Webpage, Syndicomm announces The MPW IIGS Collection CD-ROM for sale, A2-ROMulan CD-ROM collection now available in DVD format
8219A Word or IIA prelude to KFestKen GagneKansasFest 2003 is coming
832My Home PageThe rumors of our deaths have been highly exaggeratedRyan SuenagaApple II community anything but dead, Ryan visists a few Apple II friends on the way to and from KansasFest 2003, KansasFest bad luck, KansasFest 2004 announced
833-4Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.Apple IIGS programmer Ewen Wannop comments on review of his SAFE FTP application, reader looks for Adventure Alive game, troubleshooting LANceGS/Marinetti set up tips, cartoonist offers services to Juiced.GS, Eric Shepherd thanks KansasFest planners and implementers
835AdvertisementKansasFest CommitteeThanks to KansasFest 2003 attendees
836-7,9-10Cover storyBack from the brinkKen Gagne, Howard Katz & Ryan SuenagaKansasFest 2003 coverage: 60 attendees this year (and Woz) help to bring KansasFest back to life
838Cover storyWords from WozExcerpts from Woz's keynote
8310Cover storyBack from the brinkKen Gagne, Howard Katz & Ryan SuenagaKansasFest 2003 coverage, Day Six: attendees pack up and head home
8310SpecialWozFestMax JonesA look at Wozniak's historic visit
8311-13Cover storyKansasFest after hoursAfter hours discussion and late night activity at KFest 2003: "The Eagle's Nest" and wireless internet connectivity, newcomers and veteran attendees, first annual Night In at the Movies, KFest KookOut Coverage, Geoff Weiss roast a technological delight, SIS 1.2 easter eggs, increase in attendees requires three floors of Avila dorm, Juiced.GS pizza reception and welcome banner, Sweet Tomatoes outing, no Bite the Bag this year
8312-13SidebarKansasFest 2003 stats
8314-15Tech-torialInterrupts, vectors, waits, stops, and moreRichard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: More on emulating the 65c816
8316Cover ][ CoverReview: The Second Coming of Steve JobsKen GagneBook review of The Second Coming of Steve Jobs by Alan Deutschman
8317AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.Call-A.P.P.L.E. software and services
8318-19ConnectionsJust add waterHoward KatzParticipating in your own Apple II user group
8320-23DumplinGSMore DumplinGS than you can shake a stick atKEGS-OSX and Virtual ][ emulators updated, CiderPress updated, Silver Castle updated, Microsparc releases several CD-ROM compilations of Nibble magazine content, Eric Shepherd releases new software and updates, Appalm ][ Apple IIe emulator for Palm OS released, Ninjaforce Web site is back online, Mark Percival releases Type Away, No Slot Clock group buy, Woz interview published online, Call-A.P.P.L.E. releases several DVD-ROMs of content, LZW compression algorithm patent to expire, more scanned Apple II-related content posted online at and, cc65 C compiler updated, Ewen Wannop updates SAFE FTP and Spectrum programs, several vendors are still selling Apple II products, VCF 6.0 dates and location announced,
8323A Word or IIApple OneKen GagneMore than just Apple II friends
8324AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
842My Home PageUnbelievableRyan SuenagaPossible Cubs vs Red Sox World Series matchup, Doug Cuff interviews Jeri Ellsworth, hats off to the Juiced.GS staff, time to renew Juiced.GS subscriptions for 2004
843-4Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Looking for the LANceGS Ethernet driver, donating old Nibble and inCider magazines, where to obtain the Micomsoft XRGB-2 and AppleMouse PS/2 adapter, correction about gwFTP information in previous issue, correction on info published in emulation article in previous issue
845AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.The Complete Collection CD-ROM set
846-8ConnectionsLocalTalk to Ethernet - bridging the gapRyan SuenagaConnecting LocalTalk and Ethernet AppleTalk networks
849AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2004
8410-11MusinGSHardware hacker extraordinaire Jeri EllsworthDoug CuffInterview with Jeri Ellsworth
8411AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder
8412Cover ][ CoverReview: Steve Wozniak: Inventor of the Apple ComputerKen GagneBook review of Steve Wozniak: Inventor of the Apple Computer by Martha E. Kendall
8413AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
8414-15Tech-torialPoint to the futureHoward KatzApple II-compatible pointing devices
8416-17Tech-torialThe Video Graphics ControllerRichard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: Emulating the Video Graphics Controller
8418-20DumplinGSHoliday GreetinGS from Kansas CityKansasFest 2004 plans firming up, Syndicomm selling DVD of Woz's KansasFest 2003 keynote, Web site given a facelift, Syndicomm has bundled all three Softdisk products as "Softdisk Overdose" for a special price, Mark Percival releases SyndiChat, Ewen Wannop releases Spectrum Automated Mailer (SAM) update, MacReporter RSS client for Mac OS X updated, Popular Science magazine publishes article on retrocomputing, GEOS for Apple II reclassified as freeware, Call-A.P.P.L.E. continues to make more and more content available on CD-ROM, Apple III driver for CFFA released, several Apple II emulators updated (Appalm, Virtual ][, KEGS, ActiveGS), Vince Briel gets Woz's blessing to proceed with his Apple-1 replica project, Silver Castle updated to 8.0, CiderPress updated to 1.2.3
8419A Word or IIWhat if?Ken GagneApple II's still in daily use in many places
912My Home PageWe went right on with the showRyan SuenagaMacintosh turns 20, Ken Gagne assumes more duties behind the scenes at Juiced.GS, Aussie Apple II programmer Andrew Roughan joins Juiced.GS staff, KansasFest 2004 is coming
913Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.Hats off to Ryan and Ken, looking for Randy Brandt's TO.Analyzer and TO.CelLink
914-6Cover storyReview: Spectrum Internet Suite 1.2Ryan SuenagaReview of Spectrum Internet Suite 1.2
916SidebarThe GNU General Public License and CopyleftRyan SuenagaOverview of the GNU General Public License and Copyleft
917AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2004
918,10-11ConnectionsInside MSOP: the new MarinettiAndrew RoughanA look at Marinetti 3.0b1
919AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
9112-13Tech-torialPutting the ][ in 2004Richard Bennett-ForrestA Outback Emulation: look at the role of Apple II emulators in 2004
9114-15Reel ][ ReelReviewed: Tron, Sneakers and WarGamesKen GagneGeek movie reviews: Tron, Sneakers, WarGames
9116-17ReviewA IIGS configurable broadband routing solutionRyan SuenagaFMI 802.11b 11Mbps Wireless Router
9118-19DumplinGSSweet 16 plus one: KansasFest 2004KansasFest 2004 is coming, new Apple II games released: MazezaM and Sparks, upcoming Super Mario Bros IIGS port gets a Web page, Generic Tile Engine (GTE) Web page now live, Eamon Adventurer's Guild Web page live, Syndicomm releases updates and cuts subscription prices, Aussie IIGS programmer Kim Howe updates several of his programs, more Apple II-related content uploaded to, CiderPress price cut announced, KEGS emulator ported to Microsoft XBox console, more emulator updates (KEGS, ActiveGS, Virtual ][, AppleWin)
9119A Word or IILegacyKen GagneAn Apple II life
9120AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.Call-A.P.P.L.E. software and services
922My Home PageLeading from the rear, no moreRyan SuenagaGary's passing, intro to this issue, and KFest
923Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Stephen Hartz on APPLE, Dain Neater on address on issue
924-5Juiced.GS TributeIn Memoriam: Gary UtterMisc.Remembering Gary Utter
926-7MusinGSSilvern Castle author Jeff FinkDoug CuffJeff Fink interview
928-9Virtual GSISO-lo-mi-oGeoff WeissUsing ISO disc images in Apple II emulators
9210-12ConnectionsKFest by AirTony DiazKFest by Air
9213AdvertisementKansasFestKFest 2004 registration now open
9214-16Outback emulationOutback EmulationRichard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: The Great State of Emulation
9217Cover ][ CoverReview: Dungeons & DreamersKen GagneDungeons & Dreamers
9218-19DumplinGSNon-stop fun in the midsummer sun: KansasFest 2004Ryan SuenagaKFest 2004, Woz at HOPE, VCF East 2.0, Speccie's new home page, Silas Warner's passing, Softdisk, Kelvin's updates, MazezaM game, E3, Virtual II
9219A Word or IIFuneral for a FriendKen GagneFuneral for a Friend (poem)
932My Home PageIntensities in Ten CitiesRyan SuenagaKFest 2004, intro to this issue, Ryan's here for another year
933From the publisher's desktopTo All Our SubscribersEric ShepherdApologies for stupid printing companies
934-5Cover storyNot going away any time soonRyan SuenagaKFest 2004 coverage
936-7Cover storyKansasFest After HoursRyan SuenagaKFest 2004 after hours
938AdvertisementKansasFestThanks for the memories at KFest 2004
939Reel ][ ReelReviewed: Office Space, Hackers and TerminatorKen GagneHackers, Office Space, and The Terminator
9310-11MusinGSReplica I creator Vince BrielDoug CuffVince Briel interview
9312-13Tech-torialMaking messes, saving moneyRyan SuenagaInkjet refilling
9314-15On the 'NetA second look at GoogleHoward KatzAdvanced features of Google
9316-17Shareware SpotlightVNCView GSRyan SuenagaVNCView GS review
9318-19DumplinGSGetting busy with Geoff WeissKen GagneGeoff's new tools, KFest 2004 DVDs & KFest 2005, Silvern Castle, Sweet16, Kelvin's Marlene, LANceGS 8-bit code, Soundsmith freeware, Virtual II, and CFFA
9319A Word or IIBeyond Infinite LoopKen GagneVCF's era of multiple platforms, now gone
942My Home PageWorking for the weekend, to work through itRyan SuenagaHard work, programming, KFest 2005
943Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMRay MerlinThanks for refilling ink cartridges article
944-7ProgrammingSideClick: The Apple IIGS Contextual Menu ManagerEric ShepherdIntroducing SideClick
948-10Tech-torialDo it yourself: make your own serial cablesRyan SuenagaMake your own serial cables
9411AdvertisementKansasFestRegistration for KFest 2005 will open soon
9412-14On the 'NetIndirect to the InternetAndrew RoughanConnecting a IIGS to the Internet via Windows, theory behind
9415Cover ][ CoverReview: Artifacts: An Archaeologist's Year in Silicon ValleyKen GagneArtifacts: An Archaeologist's Year in Silicon Valley
9416-17Outback emulationEmulator DetectorRichard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: Emulator detector
9418-19DumplinGSChanging with the times: KansasFest 2005Ryan SuenagaKFest 2005, Ryan's new products, ImageMaker, CiderPress, CFFA, Juiced.GS subscriptions
9419A Word or IIHeavy MetalKen GagneYou can emulate software and firmware, but not hardware
1012My Home PageThey say it's your dayRyan SuenagaHappy day Juiced.GS, IIGS turning 20, and KFest 2005
1013-6Cover storyThe first decade of Juiced.GS: a retrospectiveMax Jones & Ryan SuenagaHow Juiced.GS came to be and has evolved over the last ten years
1017TidinGSEverything I ever really needed to know I learned from the Apple IIKen Gagne & Eric ShepherdOpinons from the staff
1018-9Tech-torialVisiCalc - a generation laterKen GagneVisiCalc taught today
10110-13On the 'NetIndirect to the Internet: Success!Andrew RoughanHow to connect a IIGS to the Internet using a Windows box
10114-15Outback emulationRichard's Bug CollectionRichard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: Richard's bug collection
10116-17On the 'NetSearching so longHoward KatzGoogle alternatives
10118-19DumplinGSServing up the World Wide Web on the IIGSRyan SuenagaSilver Platter, KFest 2005, Jeri in the news, Softdisk sales, Woz Wonderbook, Generic Tile Engine, Eamon Guild
10119A Word or IIBumper CropKen GagneApple II lurkers in everyday life
10120AdvertisementKansasFestRegister for KFest 2005
1022My Home PageHave IIGS, will travelRyan SuenagaKFest, intro to this issue
1023-5Searching for Steve DisbrowThe GS+ Archival ProjectRyan SuenagaGS+ archival project
1026-7Cover storySilver PlatterRyan SuenagaSilver Platter review
1028-10MusinGSApple II programmer Kelvin SherlockAndrew RoughanKelvin Sherlock interview
10211Cover ][ CoverReview: Where Wizards Stay Up LateKen GagneWhere Wizards Stay Up Late
10212-13ReviewA Programmer's DreamRyan SuenagaOpus ][: The Software
10214-15Shareware SpotlightInternet ToolsRyan SuenagaReview of various Internet tools
10216-17On the 'NetFree electronic mail optionsHoward KatzFree electronic mail options
10218-19DumplinGSMerlin, Gagne to headline KansasFestRyan SuenagaKFest 2005 speaker/roastee, Apple 1, PSOne LCD, AtariArchives, Retrogaming Times Monthly, Retro Roundup, and VCF Midwest
10219A Word or IISame Time, Different PlaceKen GagneTransitioning from Avila to Rockhurst
10220AdvertisementKansasFestRegister for KFest 2005
1032My Home PageSeparate Lives: Me and the Apple IIRyan SuenagaGrowing up, welcoming Sean, and KFest 2005
1033-5Cover storyStill Alive in 2005Ryan SuenagaKFest 2005 coverage
1036-7Cover storyKansasFest After HoursRyan SuenagaKFest 2005 after hours
1038-10ConnectionsThe Contiki Operating SystemSean FaheyReview of Contiki and the Uthernet
10310-11Connections?Glenn Jones mini-interview
10312-14Outback emulationIt's Been a Long RoadRichard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: Emulation conclusion
10315Cover ][ CoverReview - Apple T-Shirts: A Yearbook of History at Apple ComputerKen GagneApple T-Shirts
10316Meet the StaffRyan SuenagaRyan Suenaga
10318-20DumplinGSNibble on thisRyan SuenagaNibble, Softdisk, Retrobits, Silvern Castle, a2RetroSystems, FPGApple, PodBrix, Contiki, CiderPress, and Kingdom Hall of Fame
10319A Word or IIOld FaithfulKen GagneRelying on the Apple II, always
1042My Home PageAloha Also Means GoodbyeRyan SuenagaFarewell from Ryan
1043Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMartin SandhageGIF images
1044-5NibbleThe Return of NibbleRyan SuenagaNibble's origins and return to the Web
1046-8Virtual GSJust Add WaterGeoff WeissCompiling KEGS
10410-11ReviewReview - Mockingboard v1Sean FaheyMockingboard v1
10412-13ReviewResurrected and ReviewedDoug CuffThe Definitive GS+: Volume One
10414Cover ][ CoverReview - A Bit of Applesoft Basic & 1001 Things to Do with Your Apple IIGSKen GagneA Bit of Applesoft Basic & 1001 Things to Do with Your Apple IIGS
10416-17ConnectionsTCP/IP for your IIGS the Gator WayKirk MitchellCayman GatorBox and Marinetti MacIP how-to
10418-20DumplinGSWoz, Homebrew back in the spotlightRyan SuenagaVCF, emulators, Silvern Castle, Beautiful Ground, Washington Apple Pi, KFest 2006, and 8BitBaby
10419A Word or IIWhere in the World Are We?Ken GagneHow skipping class to attend KFest made me a teacher
10420AdvertisementKansasFestThanks for KFest 2005; plan for KFest 2006
1112My Home PageAloha Also Means HelloKen GagneWelcome, and changes in store
1113Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Bank Street Writer & Landhage's photos
1114-7MusinGSThe Byte Works' Mike WesterfieldAndrew RoughanMike Westerfield interview
1118RetrospectiveHappy day, AppleEric ShepherdHappy 30th day, Apple
1119AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.Two DVD set, 1978-1990
11110Meet the StaffKen GagneKen Gagne
11111-12Teaching ToolsA brief lesson in computer historyKen GagneTeaching high school students about the Apple II
11113-14Cover ][ CoverReview - Woz: The Prodigal Son of Silicon ValleyAndrew MolloyWoz: The Prodigal Son of Silicon Valley
11115-16Reel ][ ReelReview - BBS: The DocumentaryKen GagneBBS: The Documentary
11117-19DumplinGSEmulators, Updates, Games and MoreKen GagneEmulators, wikis, Silvern Castle, Generic Tile Engine, Internet Starter Kit, Uthernet, GSE-Reactive, CFFA, and GNO
11119Random NumbersGiving BackEric ShepherdHow the Apple II made Sheppy the man he is today, and giving back
1122My Home PageA2 UniversityKen GagneOn putting the first issue together and Ken's role as a student
1123-5FAQKFest CommitteeKFest FAQ
1126PreviewSAFE2Eric ShepherdSAFE2 preview
1127AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.Two DVD set, 1978-1990
1128-9ReviewDiskMaker 8Howard KatzDiskMaker 8
11210Meet the StaffEric ShepherdEric Shepherd
11211CollageVintage Computer FestivalAndrew MolloyVCF East 3.0
11212-13Reel ][ ReelReview - Hackers: Wizards of the Electronic AgeAndrew MolloyHackers: Wizards of the Electronic Age
11214-15ReviewSemi-Virtual DiskSean FaheySemi-Virtual Disk
11216-17II the MaxGame OnKen GagnePuzzle game review
11218-19DumplinGSHardware GaloreKen GagneApple 1, Vernier, Apple Game Server, Virtual ][, and Uthernet
11219Random NumbersTime WarpEric ShepherdHow Eric Shepherd acquired Syndicomm from Gary Utter
1132My Home PageFeels Like Home to MeKen GagneKFest, Apple's 30th, and Juiced.GS Web site
1133-5Cover storyKen GagneKFest 2006 coverage
1136-10MusinGSNibble's Mike HarveyAndrew RoughanMike Harvey interview
11311Meet the StaffHoward KatzHoward Katz
11312AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.Two DVD set, 1978-1990
11313-16RetrospectiveHappy day, Apple IIGSRay Merlin, Peter Watson, Christopher Heck, Andy McFadden, Max JonesReader reflections on their first Apple IIGS
11317Behind the ScenesBringing Sweet16 to Mac OS XEric ShepherdSweet16 development
11318-20DumplinGSOnline DevelopmentsKen GagneKFest 2007,, A2-Web, podcasts, Deja Iix, and Syndicomm Store
11319Random NumbersComing Home AgainEric ShepherdKFest 2006 is like coming home
1142My Home PageSeason of GivingKen GagneSyndicomm Online closes its doors, a nod to longtime Juiced.GS writers and a welcome to new talent: Margaret Anderson and Carrington Vanston, looking forward to KansasFest 2007
1143-4ReviewNibble: The Full 12 1/2 YearsRyan SuenagaReview of Nibble: The Full 12 1/2 Years on DVD from Mike Harvey
1145AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.The Complete Call-A.P.P.L.E. 2-DVD Set
1146-8Tech-torialPodcasting 101Carrington VanstonAn overview of podcasting
1149Meet the StaffAndrew MolloyAndrew Molloy
11410-12MusinGSJason ScottKen GagneInterview with Jason Scott
11413-15On the 'NetInteractive Fiction:Margaret AndersonInternet resources for gamers
11414AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
11416-17Cover ][ CoverReview - iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult IconAndrew MolloyBook review of iWoz: From Computer Geek to Cult Icon by Steve Woznkiak with Gina Smith
11417AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
11418-20DumplinGSWhat's Old is New AgainSyndicomm Online shuts down, relaunches as independent from Syndicomm, GNO Apple II Archive reopens, Syndicomm store offline during migration to new server, Uthernet Card back in production, SAFE 2 FTP client updated to v2.1.1, NadaNet adapters now for sale at Garber Street Electronics, preorders for Replica-1 expansion boards now being taken, CFFA card for Apple-1 now under development, Computist magazine archive completed, Virtual ][ emulator updated to v5.6, CiderPress updated to v2.4.4, Apple II number 1 on PC World's list of 25 greatest computers
11419Random NumbersChristmas TurkeysEric ShepherdHoliday wishes and thanks to those who contribute to the Apple II community
11420AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder
1212My Home PageOf Trackballs and MenKen GagneApologies for layout errors, call for contributors, welcome to new writers (Mark Percival, Mike Maginnis, Kelvin Sherlock), Ken's first anniversary as Editor-in-Chief, Apple II turns 30, looking forward to KansasFest
1213-5Behind the ScenesMark PercivalDiskMaker 8 development
1215AdvertisementVintage Computer FestivalVCF East 4.0
1216-9MusinGSCarrington VanstonCarrington VanstonInterview with Carrington Vanston by Evil Carrington Vanston
1219AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
12110Meet the StaffGeoff WeissGeoff Weiss
12111-12ReviewSamuraiMike MaginnisSamurai IRC client from Ninjaforce
12112-15Tech-torialUsing Window Menu BarsKelvin SherlockUsing window menu bars in a program
12116RetrospectiveLooking Back to 1977Andrew MolloyA look back at the Apple II's debut
12117AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.The Complete Call-A.P.P.L.E. 2-DVD Set
12118-19DumplinGSMaking Connections in 2007KansasFest 2007 registration opens, Ewen Wannop announces SNAP usenet program for IIGS, 5.25" USB floppy drive in development, replacement Integer/Applesoft BASIC ROM board for Apple II+ available from Garberstreet, cassette interface board for Replica-1 in development, Apple IIe parts X-rayed, Virtual ][ emulator updated to v5.7, CiderPress updated, computer case discoloration studied in depth
12119Random NumbersTime FliesEric ShepherdApple II 30 years later
12120AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2007
1222My Home PageOne Big Happy FamilyKen GagneLooking forward to KansasFest 2007, Juiced.GS staff notes (Andrew Molloy promoted to associate editor, Mike Maginnis and Ewen Wannop join the staff), Mark Munz contributes
1223Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.A request for dialogue between Apple II users and programmers
1224-7MusinGSRoland GustafssonAndrew RoughanInterview with Roland Gustafsson
1228-10Tech-torialTCP/IP for DummiesEwen WannopIntroduction to TCP/IP
12211Behind the ScenesDeja IIxMark MunzDeja IIx AppleWorks emulator development
12212-13RetrospectiveMARCHing into the future and pastEvan KoblentzA look at the Mid-Atlantic Retro Computing Hobbyist (MARCH) user group
12213AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
12214-15ReviewSAFE2Mike MaginnisSAFE2 FTP client
12215AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
12216Cover ][ CoverDigital RetroAndrew MolloyBook review of Digital Retro: The Evolution and Design of the Personal Computer by Gordon Laing
12217AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.The Complete Call-A.P.P.L.E. 2-DVD Set
12218AdvertisementSyndicommSilver Platter personal Web server for the IIGS
12218-19DumplinGSMidwest MadnessKansasFest 2007 planning underway, CiderPress updated to v3.0 and reclassified as open source, AppleWin emulator updated to v1.13.2, Call-A.P.P.L.E. to sponsor programming contest, Andrew Roughan uploads text of Applecations (the Apple Users' Group Sydney publication) to the Web
12219Random NumbersSuccess Distress Causes StressEric ShepherdApology for Syndicomm's back-logged orders
12220AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2007
1232My Home PageTurning over a new leafKen GagneJuiced.GS is now published by Ken Gagne's Gamebits, KansasFest 2007 has come and gone, KansasFest 2008 is on the calendar, call for contributions
1233-4Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.A request for more on the basics of using the IIGS, thanks for the KansasFest postcard
1234AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
1235-8Cover storyTurning 30 at KansasFest 2007Ken GagneKansasFest 2007
1239-11ReviewSNAPMike MaginnisSpeccie's News Acquisition Program (SNAP)
12312-13Tips & TricksText Formatting & ConversionKen GagneWorking with text formatting and conversion processes
12314-15ReviewThe Computist ProjectRyan SuenagaThe Computist Project DVD
12316-18Tech-torialTCP/IP for DummiesEwen WannopIntroduction to TCP/IP (cont'd)
12319DumplinGSBack to BASICsMark Percival's DiskMaker 8 and Peter Watson's MUG! Get Web pages, Complete Pascal (formerly TML Pascal) reclassified as freeware, GSoft BASIC downloadable demo now available, ADTPro disk image transfer utility released, Jason Scott announces new project Get Lamp! documentary, complete FORTRAN source code for original Colossal Cave Adventure discovered
12320Random NumbersTransitionsEric ShepherdMany changes in the Apple II world
12320AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder
1242My Home PageAttitude of GratitudeKen GagneJuiced.GS still allive and well after transition from Syndicomm, goings-on in the Apple II community: comp.sys.apple2 evolved, A2Unplugged podcast continues to publish new episodes, Carrington Vanston promises new 1 MHz podcasts in 2008, preview of content in this issue
1243Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.A few reader requests from an offline reader
1244-6MusinGSRocking with the EightiesKen GagneInterview with Seth Sternberger of chiptune music group 8 Bit Weapon
1247Meet the StaffAndrew RoughanAndrew Roughan
1248-11Tech-torialNadaNetMichael J. MahonA look at NadaNet
12412-13Cover ][ CoverLifestyles of the Rich and GeekyAndrew MolloyBook review of Digital Deli by The Lunch Group & Guests; edited by Steve Ditlea
12413AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
12414-16ReviewCiderPressTony Diaz, Mike MaginnisCiderPress
12417-18Behind the ScenesEwen WannopEwen WannopEwen's autobiographical history with the Apple II
12419DumplinGSTo Kansas City - And BeyondLane Roathe of idSoftware to keynote KansasFest 2008, Tony Diaz launches Web resource, programmer Michael Stephens Dora coloring book program for the IIGS, James Littlejohn releases LittlePower power supply replacement and LittleProto II prototyping board
12420Random NumbersA Year of Quiet ChaosEric ShepherdNew product development slows but not dead
12420AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder
1312My Home PageMaking ConnectionsKen GagneJuiced.GS returns for a new year, new hardware products ensure an Apple II future, social networking influences in the Apple II community, Peter Watson a new contributor
1313Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Value of an Apple II "Red Book"?, fixing a damaged GS/OS install without a 3.5-inch drive
1314-6MusinGSUnboxing the Apple IIcKen GagneInterview with Dan Budiac (purchaser of sealed Apple IIc on eBay for $2600)
1316AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
1317-9Tech-torialTCP/IP for DummiesEwen WannopIntroduction to TCP/IP (cont'd)
1319AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
13110-13ReviewMicroDrive TurboMike MaginnisMicroDrive/Turbo
13114-15Behind the ScenesMUG! and the MSDOS UtilitiesPeter WatsonA look at MUG! Development
13116Reel ][ ReelThe Woz SpeaksAndrew MolloyThe Woz Speaks DVD from Call-A.P.P.L.E.
13117Meet the StaffMike MaginnisMike Maginnis
13118-19DumplinGSA New Lease on LifeKansasFest 2008 registration now open, Return to Dark Castle for Mac finally finished, orders now being taken for 6th run of CFFA cards, offering TransWarp GS upgrades, publically accessible Web site being hosted on an Apple Iie with Contiki and an Uthernet card, Brutal Deluxe returns with all-new Web site
13119Random NumbersSaving PenniesEric ShepherdDebunking excuses for skipping KansasFest
13120AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2008
1322My Home PageGoing the DistanceKen GagneNew features in Juiced.GS, Antoine Vignau joins the staff, Apple II community provides all Ken needs, KansasFest: a look back
1323Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Enjoying the Computist DVD
1324-7MusinGSSoldering OnKen GagneInterview with Henry Courbis of
1327AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
1328-9Behind the ScenesBeta TestingEwen WannopA look at beta testing
13210-11RetrospectiveKFest RemembrancesEric Shepherd, Ewen Wannop, Ryan Suenaga, Ken GagneApple II community members share their favorite and memorable moments from KansasFests past
13211AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
13212-14ReviewApple Disk Transfer ProMike MaginnisADTPro
13215-17Tech-torialOff-Disk ProtectionAntoine VignauA look at advanced copy protection methods
13218-19DumplinGSKansasFest 2008 approaches, RetroChallenge programming contest announced, Golden Orchard CD-ROM released as free download, Twilight II screen saver released as freeware, Infocom hard drive discovered with partially-working version of Hitchhiker's Guide sequel, Silvern Castle reaches v9.3
13219Random NumbersThe Most Wonderful Time of the YearEric ShepherdGetting ready for KansasFest with new Apple II products
13220AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest 2008
1332My Home PageSize MattersKen Gagne24 pages this issue, plenty of new content, even more content at Juiced.GS Web site
1333ReviewADTPro RevisitedMike MaginnisCorrections to ADTPro review
1334-9Cover storyKansasFest 2008Ken GagneKansasFest 2008 coverage
1339AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
13310-11ReviewComputer Gaming WorldMike MaginnisComputer Gaming World on DVD
13312-13ReviewBuilding the Apple-1 at VCFAndrew MolloyVince Briel's Replica-1 workshop at VCF
13314-15Behind the ScenesBeta TestingEric ShepherdA look at beta testing
13316-17ReviewCompactFlash for AppleHoward KatzCFFA Compact Flash/IDE Interface v2.0
13318Advertisement16sector.comFocus Card
13319-21Tech-torialProgramming the Disk II DriveAntoine VignauDisk II drive hardware overview as it relates to copy protection
13322-23DumplinGSHardware Hacker's HeavenApple II+ emulator for Nintendo DS announced, AppleIIGo portable Java-based emulator announced, ADTPro updated to v1.1.1, Sean Fahey and James Littlejohn work well together, Boston Herald mistakenly identifies Apple II as basis for forthcoming OLPCs, Ben Heckendorn builds Apple IIGS laptop
13323AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
13324Random NumbersThe KansasFest EffectEric ShepherdKansasFest queries lead to new ideas and features
13324AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder
1342My Home PageGrowing PainsKen GagneA weak economy affects everyone, Juiced.GS future options considered
1343-4Cover ][ CoverAndrew MolloyBook review of Dungeons and Desktops: The History of Computer Role Playing Games by Matt Barton
1345-8MusinGSStraight Out of HeckKen GagneInterview with Ben Heckendorn
1349Meet the StaffEwen WannopEwen Wannop
13410-11ConnectionsMOD SquadKen Gagne & Geoff WeissWorking with MOD music files
13412-13Tips & TricksGetting Started with HyperCardMargaret AndersonProgramming the HyperCard
13414-16Tech-torialOn-Disk ProtectionAntoine VignauDisk-based copy protection methods
13417Advertisement16sector.comFocus Card
13418-19DumplinGSApple Above and BeyondJason Scott of to keynote KansasFest 2009, ProTERM v3.1 reclassified as freeware, Richard Garriott (aka Lord British) goes to space, Game Informer publishes interview with Jordan Mechner (of Prince of Persia and Karateka fame), Brutal Deluxe releases rDOS FST, previously announced 5.25" USB floppy drive may be vaporware, Mike Willegal to develop a PC-to-Disk II interface
13419AdvertisementSyndicommThe Definitive GS+: Volumes 1-3
13420Random NumbersThrough a Child's EyesEric ShepherdChristmas through the eyes of a three-year old
13420AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder
1412My Home PageUp PeriscopeKen GagnePlenty of content to keep Juiced.GS in print, Juiced.GS expands content focus, warming weather turns minds to Kansas City
1413-5Tech-torialThe IIGS MonitorStavros KaratsoridisA look at the IIGS Monitor program
1415AdvertisementSyndicommSilver Platter personal Web server for the IIGS
1416-7ConnectionsSound Off!Geoff WeissWorking with rSound format files
1418-11MusinGSLife Before AppleKen GagneInterview with Michael J. Mahon, creator of NadaNet and the AppleCrate
14112-15ReviewClassics in Your PocketEric ShepherdApple II games updated for the iPhone: Lemonade Stand, Gold Runner (Lode Runner clone), iShisen
14115AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software
14116-17Behind the ScenesProFUSEKelvin SherlockProFUSE development
14118-19DumplinGSProlific Programmers on ParadeKansasFest 2009 registration to open at end of March, KansasFest plans coming into focus, James Littlejohn's LittlePower Adapter and LittleExpanderPlus now available for purchase, Woz a contestant on Dancing With the Stars, Michael J. Mahon updates NadaNet to v3.0, Apple II emulator for Nintento Wii in development, Golden Orchard updated and re-released as "Golden Grail" CD-ROM, WASP Applesoft BASIC editor for Windows XP released, Ewen Wannop releases Networker utility as freeware
14119Random NumbersConnectionsEric ShepherdA look back our increasingly connected world
14120AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest XX
1422My Home PageCompanyKen GagneJuiced.GS Web site remodel, Juiced.GS's "lost" issues re-released, Juiced.GS and former publisher Syndicomm: who distributes what, 20th annual KansasFest is just around the corner, welcome new writer Martin Haye
1423-4Cover ][ CoverAndrew MolloyBook review of Apple-1 Replica Creation: Back to the Garage by Tom Owad
1425-9MusinGSR&D on the Apple FrontierMike MaginnisInterview with Bob Bishop, early Apple employee and programmer
1429AdvertisementSyndicommKansasFest 2009 teaser
14210Behind the ScenesPassing the Memory Tester TestGeoff WeissA look at Mega Memory Tester
14211ReviewThanks for the MemoryEwen WannopBriel Computers' GS RAM card
14212-14Tips & TricksInteger BASIC's Top TenMartin HayeA closer look at Integer BASIC
14215-17RetrospectiveJobs Worth DoingPeter Watson, Martin Haye, Ewen Wannop, Dave Ciotti, Eric Shepherd, Robert Kenyon, Geoff Weiss, Ken GagneUsers discuss how the Apple II has influenced their careers
14218-19DumplinGSMaking ConnectionsKansasFest 2009 sneak peek, Mt. Keira Fest announced to coincide with KansasFest, Lost Classics Project resurrected by Tony Diaz, Apple II podcasts dormant but not dead, Retrobits podcast on general retrocumputing topics, Zork now available as online game at Jolt Online Gaming, interview with Infocom legend Dave Lebling posted online, Lode Runner franchise history now has a Web page
14219Random NumbersMaking HeadwayEric ShepherdCatching up on Syndicomm back orders, continuing development on Sweet16
14220AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKansasFest XX
1432My Home PageCommunity DevelopmentKen GagnePost-KansasFest buzz continues to grow, KansasFest attendance up, Welcome to Macintosh documentary, Apple-1's popping up everywhere, Apple II back in vogue, Apple II community growing, Juiced.GS will publish a 15th volume, blog added to Juiced.GS Web site
1433Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Looking for an Apple II magazine, trying to track down an Apple II game
1434-9Cover storyKansasFest 2009Ken GagneKansasFest 2009 coverage
1436SidebarKansasFest 2.0Ken GagneA look at how social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter affect KansasFest
1439SidebarKFest Product AnnouncementsKen GagneKFest Product Announcements
14310Behind the ScenesHacking the Game of LifePeter NeubauerA look at Peter's HackFest-winning entry
14310SidebarJudging HackFestEric ShepherdA look at how HackFest entries are judged
14311-14Event CoverageKFest Down UnderAndrew RoughanMt. Keira Fest coverage, Saturday: link established to KansasFest Twitter feed, Mt. Keira Fest Twitter feed set up, Jon Co - Retrobrite de-yellowing demo, David Wilson - tracing signals through an Apple II Europlus with an o-scope, videoconference session with KansasFest, David Morrison - 6502 ATAPI stack allows an Apple II to use IDE CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives, Alex Lukacz - Atari joyport adapter and external CompactFlash box demos, Alex Lukacz - UFIC and CHED product demos, Jon Co - RGB to component video converter, David Wilson - Disk II to PC 3.5" MFM drive adapter, Jonno Downes - PeekBot demo, Andrew Roughan - Dennis Molony's Disk Browser demo, group outing to Wollongong Hellenic Club; Sunday: Matt Jenkins - KansasFest news recap, Mike Stephens - intro to Apple IIGS programming with Complete Pascal, Andrew Roughan - Marinetti Open Source Project, Andrew Roughan - grepping dead trees, Mt. Keira Fest wrap up
14315-16ReviewThe Forgotten IIIvan DruckerApple IIe Card for Macintosh
14317Review8 Bit Weapon's Retro RhythmKen Gagne8 Bit Weapon's newchiptune album Electric High EP
14318-19DumplinGSPreserving the PastRich Dreher announces CFFA3000 project, Brutal Deluxe releases MountIt disk image management app, Brutal Deluxe working on completing playable version of Sword of Sodan, music group 8 Bit Weapon using real Apple II tools in production, Virtual II emulator updated to v6.3.1, AppleWin emulator updated to v1.16.1, Javascript-based Apple II emulator in development, Quality Computers educational Apple II videos being digitized and uploaded to YouTube
14319Random NumbersRecharging the BatteriesEric ShepherdA look back at KansasFest 2009
14320AdvertisementSyndicommAPDA manuals and software on CD-ROM
1442My Home PagePerchance to PrintKen GagneWhy Juiced.GS isn't going digital -- yet
1443-4Cover ][ CoverAndy MolloyReview: Twisty Little Passages, by Nick Montfort
1445-6Reel ][ ReelA Documentary for the Rest of UsKen GagneReview: Welcome to Macintosh (DVD)
1446-7ReviewRyan SuenagaThe APDA Apple II Software Library, APDA Apple II Reference Library, and APDA Apple IIGS System 6.0 Golden Master
1448-11MusinGSHardware HuddleKen GagneTalking hardware with Vince Briel, Tony Diaz, Rich Dreher, Alex Freed, and Glenn Jones
14412-13Behind the ScenesSword of SodanAntoine VignauCreating a new demo of the Sword of Sodan game
14414-17Tech-torialApplesoft Made ModernIvan DruckerHow to code in Structured Applesoft BASIC
14418Meet the StaffIvan DruckerIvan DruckerIvan Drucker
14419DumplinGSStars of Stage and ScreenKen GagneMark Simonsen to keynote KFest 2010; Jason Scott's GET LAMP documentary to be released; laptop IIGS project underway; Transylvania released for iPhone and MULE online
14420Random NumbersTangibilityEric ShepherdThe appeal of keeping Juiced.GS as a hardcopy publication
1512My Home PageLosses and GainsKen GagneJoe Kohn
1513-5ReviewEric ShepherdiPhone games: Chopper, Oregon Trail, Crystal Quest
1516-9Juiced.GS TributeIn Memoriam: Joe KohnRyan Suenaga, Ray MacAnally, Steve Gozdziewski, Richard Bennett, Geoff Weiss, Max JonesRemembering Joe Kohn
15110-13ReviewFinally, USB for the Apple IIMike MaginnisReview of the iDisk USB and Bluetooth card
15114-17ConnectionsExchanging Files with the Apple IIEwen Wannop, Geoff WeissInternet-based file transfers tutorial
15118-21Tech-torialHardcore ApplesoftIvan DruckerStructured Applesoft, part II
15122Meet the StaffMartin HayeMartin HayeMartin Haye
15123-24DumplinGSA Haven for ProgrammersKen GagneKansasFest 2010, NakedOS & Super-Mon, FC5025, cAndy Android emulator, updates to ADTPro & Virtual II & MountIt, Get Lamp premiere & release
15124Random NumbersVirtual RealityEric ShepherdExamining the distinction between real and emulated Apple II's
1522My Home PageIt Takes a VillageKen GagneThe Juiced.GS staff works well together; we're now the longest-running Apple II print publication; readers are getting younger
1523-5Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.Letters from Ivan Drucker, Age Rettvin, Tom Galway, Anthony Castillo, Huxley Dunsaney, Rolf Knecht, and Brian Wiser
1526-8ReviewNew Life for Floppy DrivesMike MaginnisReview of Device Side Data's FC5025 5.25" floppy controller card
1528AdvertisementFloppyRecovery.netcourtesy Kay Savetz
1529-11Tech-torialEnhancing the MonitorMartin HayeThe Super-Mon enhanced monitor utility and NakedOS
15212-15ConnectionsTransfers Without the MiddlemanEwen Wannop, Martin Haye, Ivan DruckerHow to transfer files using X/Y/ZMODEM, FTP, ADTPro, or the IIe Card
15216-17TidinGSWhen Users Were ProgrammersIvan DruckerHow the iPhone and iPad's closed operating system is a far cry from the original Apple II
15218-19DumplinGSUpgrading the PastKen GagneKansasFest, SAM2, CFFA3000, MP3 card, Apple II Laptop Project, GSBarnDoor
15219Random NumbersCreativityEric ShepherdThe Apple II allowed users to become content producers
1532My Home PageReverberationsKen GagneJuiced.GS will be publishing in 2011; digital PDFs are now available as Concentrates; all articles are now listed in an online index
1533-7Cover storyKen Gagne, Mike MaginnisKansasFest (KFest) 2010 coverage
1538-11Reel ][ ReelThe history of interactive fictionMike MaginnisReview of Jason Scott's GET LAMP documentary of text adventures, aka interactive fiction (IF)
15311-13ReviewEmail for the NativesRyan SuenagaReview of Ewen Wannop's Spectrum Automated Mailer 2 (SAM2) email client for the IIGS
15314-17ConnectionsApples to ApplesTony Diaz, Ivan DruckerTransferring files using AppleTalk, AppleShare, LocalTalk, EtherTalk, Netatalk, and the Workstation Card
15317AdvertisementFloppyRecovery.netcourtesy Kay Savetz
15318Behind the ScenesHacking WizardryMartin Haye, Ivan DruckerHow Martin hacked Wizardry to win the HackFest 2010 competition, with deliberation by judge Ivan Drucker
15319DumplinGSRefreshing the ToolboxKen GagneEwen Wannop's HTML Tool Set; Toolbox Programming in GSoft BASIC; Sword of Sodan; and BBS
15320A Word or IICreative AssociationKen GagneLooking outside your hobby and collaborating with others can be excellent sources of inspiration
1542My Home PageScholarly PursuitsKen GagnePursuing a master's of publishing has made it easier to generate story ideas for Juiced.GS
1543Apple MysteriesA Peek ProblemMartin HayeDetective Hugo Pomme and Col. Hexings contemplate how a PEEK could erase a floppy disk
1544-8MusinGSRetailing the PastAndrew MolloyWayne Bibbens, retailer of Wayne's Computer and star of the Welcome to Macintosh documentary
1549-11Behind the ScenesMachine Language Made BASICIvan DruckerThe creation of Slammer and Slaminator, which allows access to assembly commands from within Applesoft
15412-13RetrospectiveApple III Forever?Mike MaginnisTechnologies implemented in the failed Apple III made their way into successful models of the Apple II
15414-18ConnectionsThe Floppy Disk ShuffleTony Diaz, Ivan Drucker, Ken Gagne, Mike MaginnisHow to access Apple II floppy disks, removable media, hard disks, and disk images on modern computers
15419-20DumplinGSDigital ReunionsKen GagneBob Bishop to keynote KFest 2011; Echoes of KFest and Retro Computing Roundtable podcasts debut; FTA reunion; Apple-1 sold at Christie's; Steve Wozniak at the Computer History Museum, on NPR, and on a trading card; and Leadlight Eamon text adventure
15420Random NumbersDeveloping CommunityEric ShepherdVersion control tools are needed to make Apple II software development collaborative
1612My Home PageA colorful turn of eventsKen GagneJuiced.GS now prints its covers in color; the end of Ewen's series and the beginning of Martin's
1613-5II the MaxGetting Started with the Apple IIMartin HayeWhy use an Apple II? Here's where to find the hardware and software to get you started.
1616-10Apple CoreA Leading LightKen Gagne, Ivan DruckerSurvival horror arrives on the Apple II with Leadlight, an award-winning text adventure from Wade Clarke. This work of interactive fiction shows the potential and challenges of an aging medium faced with evolving hardware and player expectations.
16110-13MusinGSThe Magician Behind MacrosoftPeter NeubauerAn interview with Alan Floeter, creator of Macrosoft and The Assembler.
16114-17ConnectionsNative LanguageTony Diaz, Ken Gagne, Ewen Wannop, Geoff WeissHow to create, manipulate, and access Apple II files, archives, and disk images on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.
16118-19DumplinGSEvents on the HorizonKen GagneKansasFest 2011 sessions; Mike Willegal to sell the Brain Board at VCF; Robert Justice's CompactFlash adapter for the Iic Smartport; A2Command; Open Apple podcast debuts; Antoine Vignau's photo gallery; Jason Scott to shoot 6502 documentary.
16119Random NumbersLearning to Think by Learning to ProgramEric ShepherdBASIC and Pascal are great languages to teach programming structures and concepts.
1622My Home PageMahalo Means Thank YouKen GagneRemembering Ryan as he passed the Juiced.GS torch
1623-5II the MaxGetting Started with the Apple IIMartin HayeChoosing an Apple II and equipping it with basic hardware and software; general fixes
1626-10MusinGSThe Lord of Apple ManorMike MaginnisInterview with Don Worth of Beneath Apple Manor, Beneath Apple DOS
16211-15Juiced.GS TributeMax Jones, Geoff Weiss, Tony Diaz, Andrew Roughan, Eric Shepherd, Richard Bennett, Kirk Mitchell, Doug Cuff, Sean FaheyMemories of Ryan Suenaga
16216-17ConnectionsTerminal ApplicationStavros Karatsoridis, Geoff WeissUsing the Apple II as a dumb terminal
16218-20ReviewAppleWorks RecreatedKen Gagne, Mike MaginnisModern-day word processors inspired by AppleWorks
16221Behind the ScenesRewriting HistoryMelissa BarronHow to hack The Oregon Trail into 73H 0r3g0n 7r41L
16222-23DumplinGSShopkeeper ShuffleKen GagneKansasFest session schedule; Syndicomm handover to Tony Diaz; on hiatus; Mike Willegal's Brain Board ships; NiftySpell updated; Don Lancaster's books now free PDFs; Apple II concert in Los Angeles; SmartPort Virtual Hard Drive
16223Random NumbersChangesEric ShepherdHanding over Syndicomm to Tony Diaz of 16Sector
1632My Home PageMass AppealKen GagneJuiced.GS printing in 2012, Peter Neubauer as advertising director, ISSN, and file transfer Concentrate
1633-6II the MaxJeff Blakeney, Ken GagneGetting started with the Apple IIGS
1637-9ReviewMusic to your earsMichael KentVince Briel's A2MP3 card
16310-14Event coverageThe Year After We Make ContactIvan DruckerThe highlights, divisions, and memories of KansasFest 2011.
16315-17ReviewApple on the BrainPeter NeubauerThe Brain Board expansion card is a viable alternative to an actual Apple-1 or Replica I
16318-19DumplinGSRevisiting the PastKen GagneKansasFest 2012 keynote speaker; Eric Shepherd's new software; Antoine Vignau's T40; Ewen Wannop's BASUG scans; Ron Wayne's autobiography; Jason Scott's Kickstarter
16319Random NumbersThe Happy HackerEric ShepherdHacking the GS to create Trasher
16320AdvertisementKansasFestGuess who's coming to KansasFest 2012?
1642My Home PageReflectionsKen GagneLooking back at 2011: CFFA3000, Open Apple, Steve Jobs, Ryan Suenaga, and Colorado
1643Letters from the Land of ROMMisc.Jim Pittman's long affair with the Apple II, and Thomas McLaren's thanks for a Digital Dinos plug
1644-7ReviewHarder, Better, Faster, StrongerMike MaginnisRich Dreher's CFFA3000 CompactFlash and USB storage interface card is the best such peripheral for the Apple II
1648-9ReviewThe Last Apple IIAndy MolloyTiger Electronics' Tiger Learning Computer, a portable edutainment device that licensed the Apple IIe technology
16410-11MusinGSLicense to RoarAndy MolloyInterview with Kristi Petters, former Apple employee in charge of technology licensing
16412-13Cover ][ CoverThinking DifferentlyEric ShepherdReview of Walter Isaacson's Steve Jobs, the first authorized biography of Apple's co-founder, chairman, and former CEO
16414-16Juiced.GS TributeThe Man Behind The MythLane Roathe, John Romero, Mark Munz, Paul Terrell, Bob BishopFormer friends and colleagues share memories of Steve Jobs
16417-20Behind the ScenesEscape! From ExpectationsDavid SchmenkThe secrets behind Escape! From the Homebrew Computer Club
16421,23Apple MysteriesThe Devious DesignMartin HayeThe secret in the KansasFest 2011 logo
16422-23DumplinGSFounding DocumentsKen GagneApple's founding contract; Silver Platter and Gsoft BASIC reclassified as freeware; NuInput updated; David Greelish reissues Historically Brewed; 8 Bit Weapon releases DMS Drummer software
16423Random NumbersMeeting the Apple IIEric ShepherdSheppy's introduction to the Apple II
16424Season's GreetingsSarah WalkowiakHappy holidays from Juiced.GS!
1712My Home PageCommitment to the CanvasKen GagneThe Apple II has been a sandbox environment in which to learn professional life skills.
1713-4Cover ][ CoverAndy MolloyDavid Greelish brings a classic magazine back into print with the paperback collection, The Complete Historically Brewed.
1715-7Apple CoreGetting a KickstartKen GagneOnline crowdfunding platforms like Kickstarter and RocketHub are making Apple II projects more possible than ever.
1718-9ReviewA Drummer in Your Apple IIIvan DruckerA review of 8 Bit Weapon and Michael J Mahon's DMS Drummer software.
17110-13,16MusinGSBeagle Bros BrandtMike MaginnisAn interview with Randy Brandt, alumnus of Beagle Bros, Quality Computers, and JEM Software.
17114-16ProgrammingLearning LogoPeter NeubauerLogo is a valuable tool for learning programming, whatever your skill level.
17118-19DumplinGSReturn to CoreKen GagneKansasFest registration opens; Kelvin Sherlock releases Shrink-Fit X; Brutal Deluxe releases Fishhead; Ivan Drucker releases Slammer 1.1.1; Kim Howe reclassifies shareware as freeware; Steve Weyhrich begins writing an Apple II history book; David Greelish and Blake Patterson release Not Another Apple Podcast; Jordan Mechner revisits Karateka.
17119Random NumbersOMG GadgetsEric ShepherdIt doesn't matter what the latest gadget is, Sheppy wants it.
1722My Home PageAlways StopKen GagneContemplating a database of Apple II users' physical locations; remembering Stan Marks
1723,19Letters from the Land of ROMIvan DruckerMichael J. Mahon writes in with corrections to Ivan Drucker's review of DMS Drummer; Ivan responds
1724-8MusinGSAn inCider's PerspectiveKen GagneAn inteview with Dan Muse, former editor-in chief of inCider/A+, an Apple II magazine published by IDG
1729-12ProgrammingThe Intelligent TurtlePeter NeubauerLogo: Looking at lists, data processing, and SIRI's older sister, IRIS
17213-15Behind the ScenesAdventures Old and NewWade ClarkeMaking the transition from writing text adventures for Eamon to writing interactive fiction in Inform 7
17216-17Cover ][ CoverUltimate ArtifactsAndy MolloyA review of Stephen Emond's Ultima: The Ultimate Collector's Guide, 2012 Edition
17218-19DumplinGSMultimedia MasterpiecesKen GagneDaniel Kruszyna releases Drift; David Finnigan releases The New Apple II Users' Guide; Apple-1s sell at auctions; gaming reboots via Kickstarter; Jordan Mechner releases Prince of Persia source code and Deathbounce; Jack Tramiel passes away
17219Random NumbersIn the Heat of the NightEric ShepherdThe Apple II's monotasking environment is great for focused, uncomplicated work
1732My Home PageBusiness As UsualKen GagneJuiced.GS returns in 2013; volumes 1-6 back in print; enjoy articles by Steve Weyhrich and Martin Haye; read Craig Grannell's profile of Juiced.GS in Retro Gamer
1733Letters from the Land of ROMKen Gagne, Tony DiazMichael Mulhern appreciates the Drift demo floppy disk; Tony Diaz helps Stephen Ashton replace a Vulcan hard drive fan
1734-7Event coverageConnecting at KansasFestMartin HayeCoverage of KansasFest 2012, John Romero's keynote speech, HackFest, and more
1738Behind the ScenesA Calculated WinJeremy Rand, Geoff WeissHow and why Jeremy Rand won HackFest 2012 with CurtaSim, a Curta calculator simulator
1739-11,19ProgrammingFun With LogoPeter NeubauerProgramming in Logo with recursion, music, sound, The Byte Works' 3D Logo, and more
17312-13Cover ][ CoverIn the BeginningSteven WeyhrichA review of The New Apple II Users' Guide, by David Finnigan
17314-17,19TidinGSThe Future of GS/OSEric ShepherdWhat would System 7.0 look like on the Apple IIGS? Hypothetical upgrades to networking, FSTs, toolkits, utilities, and more
17318DumplinGSGoing Regional and MobileKen GagneEwen Wannop reclassifies Spectrum; Mike Willegal sells SUPERPROTO cards; VCF Southeast to debut; new versions of Lode Runner, Spy vs. Spy, Bard's Tale, Karateka
17319Random NumbersI Hate To Tease, But.Eric ShepherdSoftware development is occurring in the Apple II community -- just slowly, and behind the scenes
17320Wild ApplesPeter NeubauerBeware the wild Apple II!
1742My Home PageOpportunitiesKen GagneRandy Brandt returns to Apple II publishing; new opportunities in the life of Juiced.GS's editor
1743-4Cover ][ CoverKen GagneReview of Kay Savetz's memoir, Terrible Nerd
1745-7Behind the ScenesAppleWorks Timed OutRandy BrandtCreating an AppleWorks suite for Superior Watch Service and replacing it with WatchPower
1747-10HardwareHardware Restoration 101Mike MaginnisHow to clean an Apple IIc and apply Retr0bright to deyellow the case
17411Meet the StaffPeter NeubauerPeter NeubauerPeter Neubauer
17412-14Road TripBeyond the Velvet RopePeter NeubauerA visit to Paul Allen's Living Computer Museum in Seattle, Washington
17415,19ReviewFalling Into PlaceKen GagneA review of Martin Haye's 8-bit public domain Tetris variation, Structris
17416-17Apple MysteriesThe Deceptive DetectionMartin HayeCan an Apple II program consistently determine if it is running on a real or virtual Apple II?
17418-19DumplinGSSuch a Deal!Ken GagneRandy Wigginton to keynote KansasFest 2013; Ewen Wannop releases ByteBagger; I.O. Silver coming to iOS; The Lost Treasures of Infocom comes to iOS; Shadowgate being remade; 8 Bit Weapon releases complete collection; Tony Gonzalez passes away
17420Wild ApplesPeter NeubauerPunch, kick, fly, and fight your way through history with the Living Computer Museum's Apple II exhibits.
1812My Home PagePlanning for SuccessKen GagneJuiced.GS is a successful publication. What changes are necessary to keep it that way?
1813-6ReviewDavid SchmidtEwen Wannop's Phoenix utility and ByteBagger NDA are handy tools for recovering and manipulating files.
1817-9,13ConnectionsServe a Slice of PiIvan DruckerThe Raspberry Pi computer can interface with the Apple II to attach a network attached storage drive. Ivan Drucker shows us how.
18110-13MusinGSA New HistoryKen GagneDr. Steve Weyhrich's history of the Apple II will soon be available as a published book. We interview the author on how his 20-year-old online chronology has transitioned to print.
18114-16,19TidinGSBuilding a Better AppleMartin HayeWhat if Apple Inc. were to develop a new model of Apple II today? Martin Haye postulates what this hardware would consist and be capable of.
18117-19Cover ][ CoverThe Making of a PrinceAndy MolloyJordan Mechner releases the original design documents and diaries from the development of the hit game, Prince of Persia.
18118DumplinGSThe Convention CircuitKen GagneKansasFest, Oz KFest, and VCF events are occurring this spring and summer; Bill Budge releases Pinball Construction Set source code; Richard Garriott crowdfunds a new Ultima game.
18119Random NumbersKansasFest FeverEric ShepherdSheppy can't wait to unveil new code at KansasFest!
1822My Home PageIn the Driver's SeatKen GagneBicycling and retrocomputing have more in common than you think.
1823TidinGSGet off my lawn!Ivan DruckerApple's new MacPro continues the move away from expandable Apple products.
1824-5,19ReviewPortable Punches & PuzzlesPaul HagstromKarateka Classic and Lode Runner Classic bring Apple II games to iOS with the original graphics and updated interfaces.
1826-7Behind the ScenesDelayed LiftoffAntoine VignauNearly 30 years after it was developed, Zephyr finally sees publication. Here's how it went down.
1828-12MusinGSAn Academic ViewKen GagneAn interview with Megan Gonzalez and Emily Kempf, conference services coordinators for Rockhurst University, host of KansasFest.
18212-14ReviewClassic Keyboards: Back In StyleDavid SchmidtA review of Option8's RetroConnector keyboard shield, by Charles Mangin.
18215Meet the StaffDavid SchmidtDavid SchmidtDavid Schmidt
18216-17II's CompanyIt's in the GameSteven WeyhrichA look at the founding and popular early releases of Electronic Arts (EA). (Part 1/2)
18218-19DumplinGSSecond ChancesKen GagneKansasFest, Oz KFest, and VCF Southwest this summer; CFFA3000's third run; Apple-1 sales & books; Dave Finnigan's e-book; Jobs movie trailer.
18219Random NumbersWhy?Eric ShepherdWhen people ask Sheppy why he still uses an Apple II, this is the answer he gives.
1832My Home PageA New InvestmentKen GagneKansasFest looks different after 11 years on the planning committee.
1833-4II's CompanySteven WeyhrichA look at the founding and popular early releases of Electronic Arts (EA). (Part 2/2)
1835-9Event coverageRead/Write MemoriesKen GagneRandy Wigginton, Steve Wozniak, an Apple-1, and games galore made KansasFest 2013 the best yet.
18310Behind the ScenesMapping the UnknownMargaret AndersonA look at Margaret's HackFest 2013-winning entry, an Eamon mapper.
18310SidebarHackFest runner-upsKen GagneDescriptions of this year's seven HackFest entries.
18311Cover ][ CoverTracing the SourceSteven WeyhrichReview of Robert J. Luther's Kickstarter-backed book, The First Apple.
18312-15Event coverageKFest in the Land of WozAlex LukaczThe second Oz KFest, following Mt. Keira Fest in 2009.
18316-17Reel ][ ReelThe iMyth of JobsMartin HayeThe Jobs film, starring Ashton Kutcher, makes Steve Jobs out to be the genius he wasn't.
18318-19DumplinGSFall BountyKen GagneKansasFest 2014, The WOZPAK, Sweet16 3.0.1, AppleIIWorks Envoy, A2CLOUD, CFFA3000, BenchmarkeD, apple2pi, Lewis Kornfeld, and Wayne Green.
18319TidinGSChanging Time ZonesIvan DruckerHacking Time Zone got Ivan into the Apple II, but he didn't have to finish the hack to stay.
18320AdvertisementJuiced.GSAnnual subscription renewal reminder
1842My Home PageAmazedKen GagneJuiced.GS and retrocomputing are going strong and getting stronger.
1843-6PreviewMartin HayeDavid Schmenk's Apple II Pi turns the Apple II into a peripheral for the Raspberry Pi.
1847-10ReviewA Replica MilestonePaul HagstromThe Replica 1 Ten is the tenth anniversary edition of Briel Computers' Apple-1 clone.
18411-14MusinGSFrom Shrine to IconKen GagneTalking with Jonathan Zufi, photographer and author of the Shrine of Apple Web site and Iconic book.
18415-17TidinGSWhat Students Aren't LearningMatthew HellingerTeaching programming to students with modern supercomputers is backward; they need the creative constraints of an Apple II -- or Raspberry Pi.
18417AdvertisementOpen Apple
18418-19DumplinGSThe Long ViewKen GagneDOS 3.1 source code release and Homebrew Computer Club reunion; Sophistication & Simplicity releases; JSMESS and the Internet Archive; Apple Time Warp podcast debuts; Lamb Chops! released and Sweet16, SNAP, and ChewBagger updated.
18419Random NumbersThe Maker RevolutionEric Shepherd3D printing and the Raspberry Pi have made hacking cool, just like it wasn't when we were kids.
18420Wild ApplesJim Nichol
1912My Home PageStories Worth TellingKen GagneWhen The Moth storyslam came to Boston, Ken began drawing connections to the Apple II throughout his life, making for some surprising stories.
1913-5Behind the ScenesBrian PicchiThe development of a programmer, from Applesoft Action to the assembly-powered Lamb Chops to Retro Fever.
1916-10MusinGSProgrammed for LaughsKen GagneAl Lowe, formerly of Sierra On-Line, reflects on developing the Leisure Suit Larry point-and-click adventure franchise and its return in 2013 via Replay Games and Kickstarter.
19110AdvertisementOpen Apple
19111-13ReviewThe Joy of Sticks Brian WiserA review of the RetroConnector Joystick Shield and RetroConnector Joystick Interface adapters from Charles Mangin of Option8.
19114-15Cover ][ CoverReviewing the Past Peter NeubauerA review of Sophistication & Simplicity, Steve Weyhrich's hardcover book detailing the history of the Apple II.
19116,19TidinGSThe More Things Change... Ivan DruckerThe Macintosh, introduced in 1984, is not as different from the philosophy of the Apple II as pundits like to think.
19117-18DumplinGSExpanded Opportunities Ken GagneMargot Comstock of Softalk to keynote KansasFest 2014; VCF 9.1; Swyft, Drew ][ TDX, Nishida Radio VGA, Apple II Pi, and Uthernet II cards; Silvern Castle and Dangerous Dave; stitch; Electric Duet and Penguin Software; CiderPress; Patrick McGovern; Steve Jobs stamp
19119Random NumbersYou Learn Something New Eric ShepherdVisiting Antoine Vignau in France revealed previously unknown Apple II software.
1922My Home PageHandshake ProtocolKen GagneWhen it comes to meeting Apple II users, social networking and sales receipts are only part of the equation.
1923-6MusinGSFlying SoloAntoine VignauAn interview with Ron Graff, creator of Supermath and founder of Magnemedia, Innerglo, and Innovative Computer.
1927-9ConnectionsGiving your Apple the bootDavid SchmidtBehind the scenes on how ADTPro implements bootstrapping.
19210-13,16Apple CoreThe Golden Age of BASICSteven WeyhrichOn the occasion of BASIC's fiftieth anniversary, Steven Weyhrich looks at what prompted the language's development, the role the Apple II played in its acceptance, and its evolution in the last half-century.
19214-16Reel ][ ReelThis Is ChiptuneKen GagneReviews of two chiptune music documentaries: Reformat the Planet, about New York City's Blip Festival (or Blipfest) 2008; and Europe in 8 Bits.
19217-20Tech-torialPrint on DemandCharles Mangin3D printing has become affordable enough that you can now model and create actual Apple II parts. Charles Mangin shows you how.
19221,23Cover ][ CoverHigh ScoreAndy MolloyA review of the book Vintage Game Consoles: An Inside Look at Apple, Atari, Commodore, Nintendo, and the Greatest Gaming Platforms of All Time, by Bill Loguidice and Matt Barton.
19222DumplinGSSerial AddictionKen GagneKansasFest 2014 sessions are go; Vince Briel's Replica 1 Ten back in stock; ADTPro updated to v2.0.0; Antoine Vignau of Brutal Deluxe is recording Apple IIGS serial numbers; Dagen Brock releases Flappy Bird clone Flapple Bird; Brian Picchi ports Surf Shooter to Android.
19223Random NumbersCode GenerationEric ShepherdHyperCard IIGS is the perfect program for introducing a new generation to the concepts of programming.
19224AdvertisementKansasFestKansasFest 2014
1932My Home PageModerate SuccessKen GagneSuccess can be found in moderation of your commitments to the Apple II community.
1933Letters from the Land of ROMMike Finger, David CiottiA reader shares his history with the Apple II and Retr0bright; where can we purchase 3.5" and 5.25" floppy disks these days?
1934-8Event coverageExec KansasFestPaul HagstromMargot Comstock keynotes KansasFest 2014.
1939Behind the ScenesSliding into First PlaceJeremy Rand, Michael J. MahonA port of the sliding tile puzzle game 2048 wins this year's HackFest entry, courtesy cc65 and GitHub.
19310-12Behind the ScenesElements of AdventureMartin HayeCreating the world of 8-bit role-playing game (RPG) Lawless Legends using map editor Outlaw.
19313-16MusinGSThe Book of InfocomRoby ShermanA text adventure-styled interview with Robin Bailey, author of novels based on classic Infocom games such as Enchanter.
19316-17,19Tech-torialProDOS 8! Fork Yeah!Ivan DruckerIdentifying and handlng 16-bit resource forks in an 8-bit environment
19318-19DumplinGSSong and DanceKen GagneOz KFest 2015 announced; updates to A2CLOUD, A2SERVER, Raspple II, and GSPort; Stavros Karatsoridis releases Nibble programs; Dagen Brock launches Apple IIGS programming website; Wade Clarke and Joe Ely release Apple II music albums; Maniac Mansion and Shadowgate get revisited by the original developers
19319Random NumbersWhen Worlds CollideEric ShepherdA chance encounter with Jason Scott at KansasFest 2013 leads to a speed boost for JSMESS, courtesy JavaScript & Emscripten.
19320Wild ApplesTHANKS DOUGPaul HagstromA tribute to Doug E. Smith (1960-2014), creator of Lode Runner
1942My Home PageGateway to GamingKen GagneGames resonate with this Juiced.GS editor, as reflected in this issue's content.
1943Letters from the Land of ROMTom GalwayA reader with a dead RGB monitor asks if he can connect his Apple IIGS to a television.
1944-8MusinGSReturn to ShadowgateKen GagneKarl Roelofs of Zojoi reflects on how his team took the classic point-and-click adventure game Shadowgate and updated it for a modern audience.
1949,12Cover ][ CoverGrowing Up DigitalKen GagneA review of Breathing Machine: A Memoir of Computers, an e-book by Leigh Alexander.
19410-12ProgrammingWho Needs Line Numbers?Ivan DruckerMake Applesoft BASIC line numbers obsolete with Magic Goto.
19413-15ReviewA Geek's Gift GuideRetro Computing RoundtableThe cast of the RCR podcast offer their suggestions for the retrocomputing enthusiast in this holiday gift guide.
19416-17Behind the ScenesA Solution for a SongJ. Eric SchonblomA visit to church inspires Song Board, a HyperCard IIGS numerical problem solver.
19418-19DumplinGSFounding MemoriesKen GagneBob Bishop passes away; Iconic releases a second edition; Randy Brandt releases IO Silver for iOS; CFFA3000's fifth run delayed; Ben Heckendorn builds an Apple-1; another Apple-1 hits the auction block; Daniele Liverani releases Genius game; Andrew Kay passes away.
19419Random NumbersBob's Apple VisionEric ShepherdBob Bishop's APPLE-VISION demo inspired a generation of coders, including the author.
2012My Home PageIt's a Wonderful LifeKen GagneJuiced.GS hits 20; what would life be without it and the Apple II?
2013-4Cover ][ CoverIvan DruckerReview of Assembly Lines: The Complete Book, based on Roger Wagner's Softalk column and compiled by Chris Torrence.
2015-7ProgrammingXcoding on the IIJeremy RandUsing Xcode to cross-compile cc65 code.
2018-10The Virtual GSThe Sincerest Form of FlatteryDavid SchmidtApple3rtr is an Apple III emulator far superior to Sara and MESS; here's how to get up and running with it.
20111-13ConnectionsDon't Mind the GapPeter NeubauerGSport is an Apple IIGS emulator that Peter Neubauer has connected to an AppleTalk network.
20114-15,19Apple MysteriesGhost in the MachineMartin HayeWhen Detective Hexings inherits his late brother's Apple II, he is haunted by mysterious and foreboding messages. What ghost lurks within this machine?
20116RetrospectiveIt Only Takes a MomentQuinn Dunki, Stavros Karatsoridis, Michael SternbergWhat was your favorite year to be an Apple II user? For Quinn, it was 2014; Stavros, 1987; and Michael, 2013.
20117-18DumplinGSHappy Pi Day!Ken GagneBecky Heineman to keynote KansasFest 2015; Oz KFest and VCF events to be held; Apple II Oz website launches; CiderPress updated; Electric Dreams podcast launches; Carte Blanche II in development; DiscoRunner allows BASIC editing from Mac/PC/Linux; Brutal Deluxe releases Merlin 32; Raspberry Pi and Ivan Drucker's A2SERVER, A2CLOUD & Raspple II updated; Brian Picchi releases Lamb Chops! source code; Bob Bishop's legacy preserved.
20119Random NumbersAll Backed UpEric ShepherdDecades ago, a lack of backups lost Sheppy one of the first Apple II games he ever wrote.
2022My Home PageI'll Be Seeing YouKen GagneIt's harder now to meet everyone at KansasFest, but that's a good thing; this issue features pieces by Bill Loguidice and Michael Mulhern.
2023-4ReviewDavid SchmidtReview of GGLABS' RAMGS-A01 memory expansion card.
2025-7Event coverageReturn to OzMichael MulhernCoverage of Oz KFest, the third semiannual gathering of Apple II users, this one in Keysborough, Melbourne
2028-9ReviewThe Mad BomberBill LoguidiceReview of KABOOM!, a Bomberman adaptation for the Apple IIGS from Ninjaforce, which spent twenty years in development.
2029-11Apple MysteriesDeadly ChecksumsMartin HayeHugo Pomme and Charles Hexings make a startling discovery when they delve into the haunted IIGS of Hexings' long-dead brother.
20212-13RetrospectiveThrough the YearsJesse Blue, Ewen Wannop, Tim Kellers, Randy Brandt, Seth Sternberger, Steve CavanaughWhat was your favorite year to be an Apple II user? For Jesse, 1992; Ewen, 1982; Tim, 1994; Randy, 1985; Seth, 2005; and Steve, 1993.
20214-16Tech-torialProDOS BossIvan DruckerBreaking down how ProDOS formats disks and stores and manages files.
20217-19DumplinGSUnearthed ArcanaKen GagneKansasFest 2015; Apple II Festival France; Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter; Ninjaforce released NinjaTracker; Brutal Deluxe releases Tool221; Ewen Wannop releases BrkDown, et al; ReActiveMicro and Ultimate Apple II merge into UltimateMicro; Uthernet II nearing release; MobyGames games database; Apple legacy software directory removed; Wade Clarke releases old text adventures; The Bride of the Wizard King e-book's failed Kickstarter; Codes that Changed the World podcast
20219Random NumbersUnder ConstructionEric ShepherdBuilding a new house is like approaching an Apple II project.
2032My Home PageAn Old Familiar SongKen GagneIt was a blast from the past when Giselle Marks brought her and late husband Stan's son Ian to his first KansasFest.
2033-4RetrospectiveMartin Haye, Jeremy Rand, Kelvin Sherlock, Dennis Doms, Steve WeyhrichWhat was your favorite year to be an Apple II user? For Martin, 2010; Jeremy, 1995; Kelvin, 1991; Dennis, 1987; and Steve, 1981.
2035-8Event coverageReturn to AppleQuinn DunkiWith Rebecca "Burger Becky" Heineman as keynote speaker, multiple platforms present, and the most attendees since 1996, this year's KansasFest was one for the record books.
2039-11Behind the ScenesNoughts and CrisisCarrington Vanston, Quinn DunkiA live journal of how Carrington entered and won his first HackFest with Tic-Tac-Pro, a variation on tic-tac-toe.
20312-15MusinGSScholastic SuccessKay SavetzAn interview with Amy Kefauver and Lorri Hopping, editors of Scholastic Microzine, the educational disk available by subscription only to grade schools and elementary schools from 1983 to 1991.
20316-18Event coverageApple II fort et vertAntoine VignauComplete coverage of all seven days of the first Apple II Festival France.
20319-21Tech-torialFields of DreamsIvan DruckerAn analysis of the fields and headers used in ProDOS file systems and structures.
20322-23,27Apple MysteriesConnecting the PlotsMartin HayeA visit to old relatives and the library—and a surprise delivery—produce more clues and dangers for Colonel Hexings and Detective Pomme.
20324-26DumplinGSThe Riches of KansasFestKen GagneThe KansasFest releases of MegaMemoryTester, Mindshadow GS, Structris for iOS, What's Where in the Apple PDF, WOZPAK hardcover, UltimateMicro hardware, UnForkIt, a mouse driver, WeeGUI, and A2Sudoku; Opus now available from Juiced.GS; Uthernet II preorders begin; System 6.0.2 and 6.0.3 now available; Dino Eggs and Raster Blaster see remakes and ports; Leadlight Gamma ported from Eamon to Inform; Brent Hunter's floppy drive maintenance guide; Ewen Wannop updates BrkDown; Andy McFadden updates CiderPress; Steve Jobs documentary, movie, and opera; Apple-1 auction.
20327Random NumbersA Room with a IIEric ShepherdMoving into a new house, Eric Shepherd has set aside one room specifically for his Apple II and III collection.
20328Wild ApplesLoren DamewoodGreetings from KansasFest 2015
2042My Home PageA Fine LineKen GagneCopyright is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to the archiving efforts of 4am, interviewed in this issue; thanks to Martin Haye, Michael Sternberg, Brian Picchi, French Touch, Dagen Brock, and David Schmidt for the included floppy disk.
2043-5RetrospectiveEric Shepherd, Chris Torrence, Russell Nielson, Kate Szkotnicki, John Romero, Ivan DruckerWhat was your favorite year to be an Apple II user? For Sheppy, 1991; Chris, 2015; Russell, 1986; Kate, 1986; John, 1983; and Ivan, 2009.
2046-8Behind the ScenesThe Apple II as an Art ToolLucia Grossberger MoralesHow Lucia met Bob Bishop and collaborated to produce not only the AppleVisions book, but also countless works of art with the Apple II.
2049-12,23MusinGSAnonymous Archivist ActivistKen Gagne, Charles Mangin, Peter Neubauer, Andrew Roughan, Kay Savetz, David SchmidtAn interview with 4am, the anonymous cracker who's deprotecting floppies as cleanly as possible and posting them to the Internet Archive for preservation.
20413-15ReviewUthernet II: The Next GenerationPeter NeubauerA review of the Uthernet II, the next-generation Ethernet networking interface card from a2RetroSystems.
20415-17Tech-torialMake your own ProDOS utility!Ivan DruckerHow undelete tools and other utilities interact with the ProDOS file structure.
20418-21,23Apple MysteriesFinal SectorMartin HayeColonel Hexings and Detective Pomme put the pieces together to bring Frank Hexings' murderer to justice.
20422DumplinGSSilent BootKen GagneDavid Schmenk released Web server HTTPD; UltimateMicro stocks the Slot Extender; Ivan Drucker updates A2SERVER; Jimmy Maher releases e-books of his Digital Antiquarian blog; Michelle Sternberger releases Software chiptune album; John Romero releases Dangerous Dave for iOS.
20423Random NumbersJust Like Magic (Kingdom)Eric ShepherdBeing an aficionado of Disney parks and being an Apple II enthusiast aren't all that different.
20424Wild ApplesLucia Grossberger Morales
2112My Home PageHolding OnKen GagneMy father introduced me to the Apple II; after his passing, our original IIe serves as a reminder of him.
2113Letters from the Land of ROMTom GalwayA reader receives Error $27 when trying to read a disk with an AppleWorks GS database. Tony Diaz recommends some ways to repair the volume.
2114-6Behind the ScenesMastering a New LocaleIan JohnsonHow the author added support for Japanese to GS/OS and the Finder, and improved text selection tools for Roman characters.
2117-11MusinGSEntertaining HistoryKen GagneJimmy Maher of The Digital Antiquarian discusses his ongoing chronicle of computer game histor;, his visit to the Strong Museum and ICHEG of Rochester, New York; and his Patreon crowdfunding campaign.
21112AdvertisementAuctionSieveeBay monitoring and bidding tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
21113-17,23ProgrammingDavid SchmenkUsing PLASMA to develop an Apple II chat client.
21118-19Reel ][ ReelThe Fact and Fiction of Steve JobsEric ShepherdA review of the movie "Steve Jobs", written by Aaron Sorkin, directed by Danny Boyle, and starring Michael Fassbender.
21119-20TidinGSRevisiting Old LessonsKate SzkotnickiA high-school teacher uses real and virtual Apple II computers give her students a lesson in Oregon Trail, Number Munchers, Odell Lake, and The Factory.
21121-22DumplinGSStarting the Year StrongKen GagneMike Harvey to keynote KansasFest 2016; Vintage Computer Festival (VCF) 2016 dates; Charles Mangin of RetroConnector releases the Uthernet II Light Pipe; UltimateMicro now shipping a Mockingboard clone and A2DiskController; Lucasarts' Macross 6502 assembler now open source; Steve Wozniak hosts a reddit AMA and stars in Formative video; Kelvin Sherlock releases Apple IIGS Image Viewer for Mac OS X; GDC 2013 hosts talk from Bill Budge and appears on Open Apple; Brutal Deluxe releases You, Dusthead! and update to i'm fEDD up; Robert Palladino, Wesley A. Clark, and Ray Tomlinson pass away.
21123Random NumbersDecisions, DecisionsEric ShepherdHaving moved into a new house, Sheppy must now decide which computers in his classic Apple collection to set up, and which to leave in storage.
2122My Home PageII or MoreKen GagneThe work of Alex Lukacz, Jon Co, and Jesse Blue culminated in the release of the 4play & 4soniq cards and an updated KABOOM! at WOzFest ///.
2123-4ReviewEric ShepherdA review of Dino Eggs, the classic 8-bit action game from 1983 by David H. Schroeder.
2125ReviewReturn to the Land of the LostKen GagneA review of Dino Eggs: Rebirth, the sequel by David H. Schroeder and Eric Ferrot, released in 2016 for Steam.
2126-7Event coverageA short history of WOzFestSean McNamaraIn the wake of the third Oz KFest, Sean McNamara created WOzFest. A year later, WOzFest /// was host to some major announcements.
2128Behind the ScenesExpanded Blast RadiusJesse BlueHow Jesse Blue added 4soniq and 4play support to KABOOM v1.02 in time for WOzFest ///.
2129-11,19ProgrammingPLASMA/Python: Client/ServerDavid SchmenkUsing PLASMA and Python to implement an auto-update feature to an Apple II chat client.
21212-15HardwareUntangling the NestCharles ManginDeciphering the many models of Apple mice that all used the same model number.
21216-17ReviewVGA: Very Good AdapterAndrew RoughanA review of the VGA Adapter for Apple IIGS ROM 3, by Koichi Nishida of Tulip House.
21218DumplinGSThe Games People PlayKen GagneByteBoosters releases new 4MB RAM card; Kerbal Space Program gets ported to the Apple II; Structris hits iOS; 6502 Workshop developing Nox Archaist; audio from Juiced.GS interviews with Microzine alumnae Amy Kefauver & Lori Hopping, and Bob Bishop, now available online; RetroConnector releases M0100 mouse USB adapter.
21219Random NumbersThe Smartest Home EverEric ShepherdWouldn't it be cool if the Apple IIGS could power a smart home?
2132My Home PageA PEEK InsideKen GagneA look inside this month's issue.
2133Letters from the Land of ROMKen GagneDavid Ciotti asks: how do humans print from Apple IIGS computers these days?
2134-9Event coverageThat's Just How We RollCarrington VanstonIn his inimitable gonzo style, Carrington captures the highlights and essence of KansasFest 2016—from Sean Fahey's Garage Giveaway to Martin Haye's Ancient Legends to Quinn Dunki's MegaBeep and more.
21310Behind the ScenesKreating Kaverns of KFestKay Savetz, Quinn DunkiKay Savetz documents how he created this year's winning HackFest entry: a scrolling game called Kaverns of KFest, his first Apple II assembly program.
21311ReviewFast Draw on the Oregon TrailKate SzkotnickiA review of the Oregon Trail card game, published by Pressman Games and distributed by Target.
21312-14ReviewFour can play with 4playMichael SternbergA review of Alex Lukacz's 4play joystick card, which enables multiplayer input and also serves as an adapter for digital controllers.
21315-17Behind the ScenesNPC Pathfinding in Nox ArchaistMark LemmertA look at how non-playable characters (NPCs) traverse the world using the A* algorithm in Nox Archaist, an 8-bit tile-based RPG in development for the Apple II.
21318-21,23MusinGSProDOS v2.4, at long lastKen GagneAn interview with John Brooks, CTO of Blue Shift Software and developer of ProDOS v2.4, an unofficial update to Apple's 8-bit operating system and its first update since 1993.
21322DumplinGSGlobal InnovationKen GagneManila Gear releases Apple IIGS CGA Adapter and 4soniq-compatible NinjaTracker update; hardware developer a2heaven releases multiple products from Bulgaria; Call-A.P.P.L.E. releases Nibble Viewpoints book of Mike Harvey editorials; Jeremy Rand releases Bejeweled game for HackFest 2016; WozFest $04 is held, with WozFest 5 1/4" happening soon.
21323A Word or IIBird is the WordKen GagneBeing present at KansasFest 2016 was great fun--but live-tweeting it made it even more fun.
21324Wild ApplesKen GagneA contingent of KansasFest 2016 attendees made the journey to see Star Trek Beyond.
2142My Home PageMes amis sont ma richesseKen GagneA trip to France introduces Juiced.GS editor Ken Gagne to Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini of Brutal Deluxe.
2143-5ReviewEric ShepherdA review of Manila Gear's 4soniq sound card, which enables four-channel and even eight-channel sound for the Apple IIGS.
2146-7Event coverageRetour de l'AppleAntoine VignauA day-by-day journal of the second annual Apple II Festival France.
2148-10MusinGSProgramming GeniusAntoine VignauAn interview with Daniele Liverani, creator of the Apple II game Genius.
21411-12Tech-torialInterviewing Computer HistoryKay SavetzA guide to finding and interviewing historical figures in computer history, by the co-host of the ANTIC podcast.
21413][ Be or Not to BeA Fork in the Oregon TrailKay SavetzA review of The Oregon Trail, a live stage production performed at the Portland Center Stage theatre and coming soon to New York City's Fault Line Theatre.
21414-16ReviewReturn to WolfensteinNew Game PlusA review of MUSE Software's Castle Wolfenstein, Silas Warner's classic stealth game, as played by the hosts of the New Game Plus podcast.
21417Apple MysteriesThe Big AppleIvan DruckerA New York City consultant solves what ails a trio of Apple II clients in this noir mystery.
21418-20Tech-torialA Buyer's & Seller's Guide to eBayDavid SchmidtHow to find authentic, functioning retrocomputing gear on eBay, and how to advertise, price, and ship your own collection.
21421AdvertisementAuctionSieveeBay monitoring and bidding tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
21422DumplinGSA Second LookKen GagneMichael J. Mahon releases Burroughs 220 emulator for the Apple II; Glenn Aveni completes Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for documentary about Steve Wozniak's 1982 Us Festival; Kay Savetz and Carrington Vanston launch Eaten by a Grue, a podcast about Infocom text adventures; WozFest 5 1⁄4" re-releases Hans Coster's Caverns of Mordia; David Schmidt updates ADTPro to v2.0.2.
21423Behind the ScenesMark LemmertThe solution to the Nox Archaist A* wayfinding puzzle from the previous issue.
21423Random NumbersEric ShepherdAs his daughter watches Mythbusters, Sheppy reflects on lessons learned from experiments tried and failed.
21424Blow the CartridgeCameron DavisSanta delivers a retrocomputing enthusiast's Christmas wish.
2212My Home PageThe Host of KansasFestKen GagneIn memory of Steve Gozdziewski, former Grand Gouda committee chair of KansasFest, who passed away Dec 31, 2016, at 69.
2213Letters from the Land of ROMJohn Valdezco & Jon CoThe developers of Manila Gear's 4soniq card respond to Eric Shepherd's review in the December 2016 issue.
2214-7ConnectionsNO CARRIER? No Problem!Mike WhalenHow to use ProTERM or Z-Link to telnet to a classic BBS being run on an Apple II.
2217-10ReviewLong in the BluetoothChris TorrenceA review of the AP40, an Apple II-themed wireless game controller, and the Retro Receiver, a Bluetoom receiver for the Apple II, both from 8bitdo.
22111-13ReviewThe Floppy Emu Fits a NicheEvan BrewerThe Floppy Emu by Steve Chamberlin is a mass-storage device for the Apple II that doesn't require an expansion slot.
22114-17MusinGSAnd the Game Played OnKen GagneAn interview with Joe Santulli, co-founder of the National Videogame Museum in Frisco, Texas, which includes an Apple IIe.
22118-21Behind the ScenesImproving the ArcaneMark Lemmert & Mike ReimerThe upcoming 8-bit RPG Nox Archaist uses ProRWTS, Peter Ferrie's file-system driver.
22122-23DumplinGSForty Years of HappeningsKen GagneWOzFest #6 and Oz KFest are scheduled in Australia, as are VCF East, Southeast West, and Midwest in the USA; Vince Weaver ports Portal to the Apple II; System 6.0.4 now available; ReActiveMicro begins selling a DB15-to-DB9 joystick adapter; Dagen Brock releases GSplus emulator and KSYNTHED music editor and player; Jack MacDonald's internal Apple memos about SSAFE DRM found at a Seattle Goodwill and scanned.
22123Random NumbersRe-imaging Our PastEric ShepherdWhat if Apple Inc. were to develop a new model of Apple II today? Eric Shepherd postulates what this hardware would consist and be capable of.
22123AdvertisementThree BBSes to telnet to.
22124AdvertisementKansasFestCome celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Apple II with a keynote speech by Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini of Brutal Deluxe.
2222My Home PageA Division of RolesKen GagneWorking at Computerworld taught me my editors and publishers are separate roles--and how publishing Kelvin Sherlock's Golden Gate can be a conflict of interests.
2223-4ReviewEvan BrewerA review of the Apple IIGS 8MBRAM/ROM Card from a2heaven.
2225-7Event coverageA IIGS on the Big ScreenJesse BlueAfter 20 years, Ninjaforce returns to the demoscene by presenting Kernkompetenz at the Revision demoparty in Germany.
2228-9Behind the ScenesMD-BASIC As A ServiceKelvin SherlockHow Morgan Davis's MD-BASIC became a cloud-based service, leading to the cross-platform compatibility layer Golden Gate.
22210-14ConnectionsWarp Speed AheadMike WhalenMike Whalen details how to run Warp 6 BBS software on an Apple II and set it up to be accessed via telnet.
22215-19Behind the ScenesLaunching Cows with PrejudiceMark LemmertHow 6502 Workshop developed animations for projectiles in their tile-based RPG, Nox Archaist.
22220AdvertisementReActiveMicroThe Universal PSU Kit
22221Cover ][ CoverFrom Ultima to Deep Under WaterKay SavetzA review of Richard Garriott's memoir, Explore/Create
22222-23DumplinGSRevisiting the ClassicsKen GagneWOzFest #7 to be held this July; John Brooks releases View.Sector; Manila Gear releases the 2soniq audio card; Ninjaforce updates NinjaTracker; Stephen Heumann releases AFPBridge; Prince of Perisa level editor leapop released; Michael Packard releases Alien Downpour game; Behind the Scenes fixes Airwolf's BASIC code; Apple-1 sells at Breker auction house for only $130,000.
22223A Word or IIMilestonesKen GagneThis issue marks Juiced.GS's one thousandth piece of editorial content.
22224AdvertisementKansasFestKansasFest 2017 is full--see you next month!
2232My Home PageGiving BackKen GagneDonations to Sean Fahey and James Littlejohn's Garage Giveaway and the Ryan Suenaga Scholarship demonstrated the generosity of KansasFest 2017 attendees.
2233,23Apple MysteriesIvan DruckerThe mysterious case of the serial cable that wouldn't communicate.
2234-9Event coverageCountdown to KansasFestCharles ManginCharles Mangin shares his highlights of KansasFest 2017, including the weeks of preparation and anticipation beforehand and acclimating back to the real world afterward.
22310-13MusinGSChristmas in JulyKen GagneAn interview with Sean Fahey, founder of the Garage Giveaway, an annual tradition that delivers literal tons of Apple II hardware, software, and documentation to KansasFest attendees for free.
22314Behind the ScenesComparing Apples and AmidarRob McMullen, Paul HagstromRob McMullen details how he won HackFest 2017 with Fujirun, an Apple II port of the Atari game Amidar, while Paul Hagstrom provides a judge's perspective.
22315-16ReviewA Downpour of DelightMartin HayeA review of Alien Downpour, a new action arcade game from Michael Packard.
22316AdvertisementEaten by a GrueA podcast of Infocom games, text adventures, and interactive fiction.
22317-20ProgrammingExpanding ApplesoftStavros KaratsoridisAn overview of popular ampersand packages with which to extend Applesoft BASIC programming.
22320-21Cover ][ CoverA Synergistic HistoryWade ClarkeA review of the book Cyber Jack: The Adventures of Robert Clardy and Synergistic Software, written by Robert Clardy and published by Call-A.P.P.L.E.
22322DumplinGSOnce More Unto the BreachKen GagneKansasFest 2018 dates announced; Kickstarter crowdfunding campaign for Nox Archaist launched; Froggy Software's La Crapule game published by Brutal Deluxe; GBBS Pro made open source and manual published; Michael Sternberg's Infocom/Inform presentation from KansasFest 2017 published; Ian Kim's CP/M Turbo7 + VDP-1000 card for SG-1000 and ColecoVision games released.
22323Simplicity NotesEmulation MagicSteven WeyhrichMarveling at Tom Phelps' Apple II emulator, Aiiee.
22324Wild ApplesA photo by Jason Scott of KansasFest 2017 attendees celebrating the Apple II's 40th birthday.
2242My Home PageExpanding the FamilyKen GagneRetro Roundup and were created to solve behind-the-scenes publishing problems at Juiced.GS--but now, anyone can make use of these retrocomputing resources.
2243-4Cover ][ CoverAndy MolloyA review of Break Out: How the Apple II Launched the PC Gaming Revolution, a book by David Craddock.
2245-7ReviewControl Your WorldChris TorrenceA review of the Game Port Interface Micro-Relay Isolation Board, by Andrew and Ivan Hogan.
2248-11ReviewA Speed Demon from a2heavenDavid SchmidtA review of the FASTChip //e, an Apple IIe accelerator card by Plamen Vaysilov of a2heaven.
22412-14Tech-torialThe Apple II in Your Apple IIIMartin HayeHow to activate "Satan Mode" aka "Funny Mode", a way to access the Apple III's unique features while running Apple II software.
22415-18ConnectionsPreserving ProLineKelvin SherlockHow Morgan Davis's ProLine BBS software got ported to the cloud and became a telnet service.
22418-21ProgrammingWriting Ampersand CommandsStavros KaratsoridisHow to write ampersand commands to extend Applesoft BASIC.
22422-23DumplinGSA Plethora of PodcastsKen GagneInaugural Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest to be held Feb 2018; 6502 Workshop's Nox Archaist launches forum, with second Kickstarter coming in 2018; Benj Edwards launches The Culture of Tech podcast; Jason Scott launches Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It podcast; Paleotronic Magazine launches; Mike Westerfield of The Byte Works adds ORCA code to GitHub; CiderPress updated to v4.0.3; Daniele Liverani releases Genius 2: Into the Toy Caves; Chris Torrence of Assembly Lines podcast fixes 36-year-old Wizardry bug.
22423Simplicity NotesBlinkenlightsSteven WeyhrichBig iron computers with lots of blinking lights on old science-fiction television shows are what got Steve Weyhrich into computers.
22424Wild ApplesPeter NeubauerHappy holidays from Juiced.GS!
2312My Home PageFake It 'til You Make ItKen GagneWorking outside the technology industry left me feeling out of place at KansasFest; but working in the tech industry underscores how much I still have to learn.
2313-4ReviewKen GagneA review of the electronic handheld Oregon Trail game, developed by Basic Fun! and available exclusively from Target.
2315-7ReviewCarrier DetectedMike WhalenA review of the WiModem232 modem emulator by Jim Drew of CBMStuff.
2318-9Event coverageGleaning ApplesKay SavetzA chat with Jason Howe about his alphaSyntauri synthesizer exhibit and with Lath Carlson about the Apple-1 at Vintage Computer Festival Northwest.
2319-11ProgrammingGitHub for RetrocomputingQuinn DunkiAn introduction of how to use git and GitHub for version control when programming the Apple II.
23112-15MusinGSA Duplication of EffortAntoine VignauAn interview with Robert Freedman, formerly of HLS Duplication.
23116-17Apple Mysteries6,502 Things Gone WrongIvan DruckerLila Stafford wants to learn assembly programming; Manning LeConte is having CATAKIG issues; and what's up with Doug Bishop's keyboard?
23117AdvertisementEaten by a GrueA podcast of Infocom games, text adventures, and interactive fiction.
23118-19DumplinGSOperating UpdatesKen GagneKansasFest 2018 to be keynoted by Roger Wagner; WOzFest DB9 announced; Eamon ported to the Web; Virtual ][ updated to v8.1; ProDOS updated to v2.4.2; DOS 4.4 proof of concept announced; AppleWorks InitPack 2017 released; Clip Copy Plus NDA released; PLASMA updated to v1.1.
23119Random NumbersUnforgettable IIEric ShepherdAcronyms have many meanings.
23120AdvertisementKansasFestCome celebrate the 30th KansasFest with a keynote speech by Roger Wagner of HyperStudio fame.
2322My Home PageCon EvolutionKen GagneKansasFest will be bigger and better than ever in 2018--and a large part of that is due to the organizing committee's efforts to evolve the event.
2323-4TidinGSPeter Ferrie, Joseph Carter, David Schmenk, Andy McFadden, Kelvin SherlockOn Monday, June 4, 2018, Microsoft purchased online code repository GitHub for $7.5 billion. We asked several Apple II software developers for their take on Microsoft's acquisition and what it means for retrocomputing enthusiasts.
2325AdvertisementAuctionSieveeBay monitoring and bidding tool for Mac, Windows, and Linux.
2326-9Apple CoreVintage VerificationDr. Moritz Kütt, Dr. Alexander GlaserResearchers at Princeton University present the Information Barrier eXperimental II, or IBX II, used to obtain trusted gamma radiation measurements of nuclear weapons.
23210][ Be or Not to BeYou Have Died of HilarityMark LemmertThe Over Our Head Players Theater of Racine, Wisconsin, presents 'Oregon Trail: The Play!' by A.J. Allegra.
23211-13MusinGSKen GagneAn interview with A.J. Allegra, playwright of 'Oregon Trail: The Play!', about his comedic adaptation, inspiration, and creative license.
23216-17Cover ][ CoverKate SzkotnickiA review of two graphic novels about Steve Jobs: 'Insanely Great' by Jessie Hartland, and 'Genius by Design' by Jason Quinn and Amit Tayal.
23218-19DumplinGSKen GagneJohn Keoni Morris opens preorders for Applesauce; Remy Gibert develops multitasking environment A2osX; Ewen Wannop releases Undo Manager; David Schmenk adds TFTP to PLASMA; La Crapule releases for iOS and Android; Vince "deater" Weaver releases Mode7 demo; Melissa Barron sells giclée reproductions of Apple II acryllic paintings; Paleotronic Magazine website debuts with interviews with Jason Scott and 4am; KansasFest alumnus Charles Lott passes away.
23219Simplicity NotesSteven WeyhrichAM radio and a Heathkit GR-64 laid the groundwork for a lifelong love of electronics.
23220AdvertisementKansasFestCome celebrate the 30th KansasFest with a keynote speech by Roger Wagner of HyperStudio fame.
2332My Home PageContingency PlansKen GagnePlan a fate for your Apple II collection, digital presence, and online accounts, whether by using Dr. Stephen Buggie's Apple II Will or tools like the Google Inactive Account Manager. Also, welcome to new staff writer Mike Whalen!
2333-5ProgrammingEric RangellHow to make music with the Applied Engineering Phasor sound card, backward compatible with the Mockingboard and available from
2336-10Event coverageIn Line for KansasFestChris TorrenceChris Torrence shares his account of KansasFest 2018, from keynote speaker Roger Wagner to the last Garage Giveaway.
23311Behind the ScenesA Rush JobIvan Hogan, April Ayres-GriffithsHow Ivan Hogan became the youngest HackFest first-place winner with his game Rush, and one judge's perspective.
23312Meet the StaffMike WhalenMike WhalenMike Whalen
23313-14Event coverageRunning the Oregon TrailMarcus AdamsRunning the fourth annual Oregon Trail Game 5K in Oregon City, Oregon.
23314AdvertisementRetro Roundup
23315-16Cover ][ CoverThe Deprotection DictionaryAntoine VignauA review of the Tome of Copy Protection, by Bruce Jones and Lane Roathe and published by Call-APPLE.
23316-17,19Cover ][ CoverA Slice of HistorySteven WeyhrichA review of A Histry of Video Games in 64 Objects, by the World Video Game Hall of Fame at the International Center for the History of Electronic Gaming (ICHEG) at the Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York.
23318-19DumplinGSKen GagneCharles Mangin patches Karateka to support two players; IRATA.ONLINE launches on PLATO emulator; NinjaForce released NinjaTrackerPlus; Jeremy Rand releases a2buildpipeline; Brutal Deluxe updates Snake Byte and releases Graffidisk; 8 Bit Weapon releases a USB-based MIDI adapter; Marinetti updated to v3.0b9.
23319Random Numbers16-bit solutions for 64-bit problemsEric ShepherdWill the HTTP/2 protocol close the Internet to the Apple II?
23320AdvertisementRetro Computing Roundtable
2342My Home PageLiving MemoriesKen GagneA visit to the Boston Museum of Science with Ryan Suenaga led to this month's coverage of the late Paul Allen's Living Computer: Museums & Labs.
2343TidinGSPeter NeubauerThe source code for MIT Logo has been unearthed and published.
2344-8ReviewAn Applesauce in FluxDavid SchmidtA review of John Keoni-Morris's Applesauce Floppy Disk Controller.
2348AdvertisementRetro Roundup
2349-11ReviewRemastering The Bard's TaleChris Freeman & Matt HerrickA review of The Bard's Tale Trilogy, a remastering by inXile Entertainment and Krome Studios' remastering of Interplay's classic RPG series.
23412Road TripReturn to the Velvet RopePeter NeubauerA visit to Paul Allen's Living Computer: Museums + Labs of Seattle, Washington.
23413Road TripA Big Iron Bucket ListMike WhalenA visit to Paul Allen's Living Computer: Museums + Labs of Seattle, Washington.
23414Road TripRetro RashomonRob McMullen, Kay Savetz, Michael SternbergA visit to Paul Allen's Living Computer: Museums + Labs of Seattle, Washington.
23415-17Tech-torialA Bridge Not Too FarCharles ManginHow to use Arduino to connect peripherals and computers of different eras.
23417-19RetrospectiveMiracle on the MidwayKay SavetzThe history of David Lubar's Adventures in Videoland, a laserdisc game based on the movie Rollercoaster, and how Kay Savetz made it playable again.
23420-21Cover ][ CoverTriple-A ApplesoftIvan DruckerA review of "All About Applesoft", an Applesoft BASIC programming anthology published by Call-A.P.P.L.E.
23422-23DumplinGSWorking the NetKen GagneSophistication & Simplicity now sold by Juiced.GS: SCSI-2 audio CD drivers available from Brutal Deluxe; Charles Mangin releases DROPBLOCKS and BLOCKCHAIN games; a2heaven develops MEGA Audio sound card; Ewen Wannop releases NetWorker2; Jay Moore releases Drugwar//e game; Steve Chamberlin updates ADB-USB Wombat firmware; Retro Game Living Room interviews Trip Hawkins; Steve Wozniak interviewed by Michael Harrison.
23423Simplicity NotesRock OnSteven WeyhrichKansasFest is the Woodstock of our generation.
23424Wild ApplesKay SavetzA visit to the Living Computers: Museum + Lab's "Totally 80s Rewind" exhibit.
2412My Home PageCave of WondersKen GagneA trip to Mammoth Cave National Park in Kentucky brings to mind Colossal Cave Adventure and the Apple II community.
2413Letters from the Land of ROMMark DeckerWhen teachers and parents didn't have Mark's back, the Apple II provided a way out.
2414-6ReviewRedefining VideoAndrew RoughanA review of the VidHD HDMI card by Blue Shift Inc.
2417-9Tech-torialLaser TransmutationGeoff WeissHow to export Apple IIGS files as PostScript and open/convert them using Ghostscript.
2419AdvertisementGamebitsSophistication & Simplicity by Steve Weyhrich.
24110-11RetrospectiveBetter With AgeVince BrielA breakdown of the many ways the Apple-1 evolved into the Apple II—and some surprising features that were better in the original.
24112-14MusinGSEmulation's First CutAndy MolloyAn interview with Randy Ubillos, developer of II in a Mac as well as later programs such as Final Cut Pro and iMovie.
24115-16Behind the ScenesFantastical InvestmentChris TorrenceWhat 6502 Workshop learned in their failed Kickstarter for Nox Archaist, and how the second crowdfunding campaign coming in May 2019 will be even better.
24117-19DumplinGSA Cold Day in Kansas CityKen GagneMark Pelczarski of Polarware & Penguin Software to keynote KansasFest 2019; VCF announces 2019 event dates; GORF, WOzFest, and QFest come to Australia; 8bit-Dude releases Slicks 'n' Slide; Vince "deater" Weaver releases Out of This World 8-bit demake; Steve Chamberlin updates Floppy Emu to Model C; ReActiveMicro partners with Fabien Bénattou to sell Disk ][+ kit; Michael Packard announces Darkstar Unhinged game; Roby Sherman releases The Sparkstone: Tales of Florb, an Interchoice game; 4am releases Anti-M; Antoine Vignau patches WordPerfect GS to v2.1b; Ewen Wannop announces end of Spectrum Internet Suite (SIS) support; Chris Torrence releases Motter Tektura font.
24119Random NumbersSeptember 1986Eric ShepherdSheppy recalls the day he met Greg Templeman and John Dukehart and was introduced to the Apple IIGS.
2422My Home PageBalancing ActKen GagneKansasFest can be exhausting if you don't know how to say no to things you want to do.
2423Letters from the Land of ROMBrian MilesAn editorial about Mammoth Cave brings back memories of a childhood school assignment.
2424-7Apple CoreBuilding with PLATOPeter NeubauerThom Cherryhomes has build IRATA.ONLINE, an online, cross-platform community based on PLATO, a mainframe computer system that was ahead of its time.
2428-9Event CoverageA Real-Life Infocom AdventureKay SavetzKay Savetz reflects on Game On: The Great Quest for Imagination, a GitHub-sponsored event at which he interviewed Steve Meretzky of Infocom fame.
2429AdvertisementEaten by a GrueA podcast of Infocom games, text adventures, and interactive fiction.
24210-14ProgrammingA Flight of BASICsMichael SternbergA comparison and contrast of three Applesoft BASIC alternatives: Integer BASIC; Blankenship BASIC, and Micol Advanced BASIC.
24215-17ConnectionsIt Sounds So GoodGeoff WeissHow to convert MP3 and WAV files to the Apple IIGS rSound format.
24218-19DumplinGSRummaging for ReleasesKen GagneKansasFest 2019 sessions are go; Chris Vavruska releases GSummer; Ewen Wannop releases Versions; Andy McFadden releases 6502bench; Nox Archaist meets its Kickstarter crowdfunding goal; Jesse LaFleur releases Raccoon City; John Romero interviews Jordan Mechner on the Apple Time Warp podcast; Kay Savetz opens the Vintage Tech Stickers store; Mark Munz updates the Deja IIx website.
24219Pop the StackThe Library RulesKay SavetzThe library was a haven of novels for Kay as a kid and a source of retrocomputing theses as an adult.
2432My Home PageBreaking BarriersKen GagnePeter Neubauer and Neil and Maria set the precedent that is allowing me to become a digital nomad.
2433-8Event coverageApple MarathonStavros KaratsoridisStavros chronicles his experience at KansasFest, the annual Apple II convention, including Mark Pelczarski's keynote speech, Jason Scott's MARAT][ON, the mega podcast, and much more.
2439Behind the ScenesNana nana nana nana… Bitman!Sarah W. & Mark LemmertSarah W. shares an inside look at her nephew AJ's HackFest program; judge Mark Lemmert shares what made Bitman a winning entry.
24310-11TidinGSLighting the WayEvan WrightHow teacher Evan Wright uses interactive fiction and his own program, Lantern, as educational tools with his high school students.
24312-13MusinGSReinventing ThyselfKen GagneKen Gagne interviews Charles Mangin of option8 and RetroConnector fame about how he's made the transition from developing hardware to programming games and other software.
24314ReviewA Welcome CacophanyDana RossA review of Noisy Disk, a mechanical stepping sound generator accessory for the Floppy Emu by Steve Chamberlin of Big Mess o' Wires.
24315-17ProgrammingEarning Your MUMPSTom Raidna & Michael MulhernTom Raidna shares a behind-the-scenes look at Visual MUMPS, his language interpreter for the IIGS and a winning RetroChallenge entry; Michael Mulhern invites readers to participate in the October 2019 RetroChallenge competition.
24318-19DumplinGSRestoring the PrinceKen GagneJordan Mechner announces a new version of his Prince of Persia development journals; MacEffects launches a Kickstarter for a transparent Apple II case; Kelvin Sherlock released Dict NDA; Joshua Bell releases CHTYPE ProDOS command; Andrew Roughan updates Marinett; Geoff Weiss updates Time Tool; Daniel Henderson releases Oubliette game in Applesoft BASIC; Blake Patterson interviews Jarek Achinger of Tunnels of Armageddon; Robert Freedman, formerly of HLS Duplication, passes away.
24319Random NumbersElation and FrustrationEric ShepherdSheppy recalls his first encounter with a IIGS for sale at Macy's and the financial wrangling required of him and his mom to bring the IIGS home.
24320Wild ApplesKen GagneA group photo of attendees at KansasFest 2019 striking some dubious dance moves.
2442My Home PageApple II For AllKen GagneThe Polygamer podcast led me to Shannon Symonds of The Strong Museum of Play, who wrote this month's cover story.
2443-5RetrospectivePew! Pew!Peter NeubauerA look at the AppleDAC laser programs and work being done by Ash McFadden, Alden Gaw, and Neil Pobuda, including at SELEM.
2446-9Apple CoreA Strong ShowingShannon SymondsProfiles of women in gaming Danielle Bunten Berry, Lorraine Hopping, Leslie Grimm, and Amy Briggs.
24410-13MusinGSVernier SoftwareKay SavetzAn interview with Dave Vernier of Vernier Software & Technology in Beaverton, Oregon.
24414-17,19ProgrammingNot So BASICMichael SternbergA smackdown of 16-bit BASICs for the Apple IIGS, including Apple IIGS BASIC, TML BASIC, Micol Advanced BASIC/GS, and GSoft BASIC.
24418DumplinGSCreatures of the NightKen GagneManila Gear releases Vampire Power; Vince Weaver wins Demosplash demo party contest; Mike Goodell releases Applesoft Keyboard Test; Jennifer Schmidt develops online magazine article database; Chuck Peddle and Randy Suess die.
24419Pop the StackMonitor CalibrationKay SavetzUnderstanding the monitor might've been a gateway to learning assembly language for a young Kay Savetz.
24420Wild ApplesAlden GawThe Apple II Infinitum logo, drawn with lasers.
2512My Home PageA Community on the RoadKen GagneWhile traveling the country as a digital nomad, Ken visits with Apple II users and friends.
2513-4Cover ][ CoverSteven WeyhrichA review of "The Cult of Mac, 2nd Edition" coffee table book by Leander Kahney and David Pierini.
2515-8Behind the ScenesDoing More with LessVince WeaverVince Weaver, aka deater, shows us his demakes of modern games Myst, Portal, Out of This World, and Kerbal Space Program for the 8-bit Apple II.
2519-10HardwareEnter the ZilogJay GrahamA roundup of Z80 cards and software.
25111-14,19ProgrammingAssembly on the MoveIvan DruckerA tutorial for using relocatable machine language routines.
25115-16TidinGSIsn't It ScantastixKay SavetzAnnouncing the Scantastix project, an initiative to scan Apple II software manuals into the Internet Archive.
25116AdvertisementEaten by a Grue
25117-18DumplinGSIn a World…Ken GagneRobert Woodhead to keynote KansasFest 2020; Mike Harvey of Nibble passes away; Chris Vavruska releases HTML+ and HTMLView; Apple-1 clone SmartyKit announced; A2osX updated to 0.93; Nox Archaist delayed until August 2020; Stefan Wessels releases Penetrator port; MacEffects launches Kickstarter for transparent Apple II case; Colin Fulton demos Ruby programming language for the Apple II; Ewen Wannop releases Check File; Jon Lasser announces microdrive program.
25119Random NumbersTwenty FiveEric ShepherdEric Shepherd reflects on how much the world has changed since Juiced.GS debuted 25 years ago.
2522My Home PageOpening Up OnlineKen GagneGetting excited for KansasFest 2020 to be held virtually.
2523-4Cover ][ CoverSteven WeyhrichA review of "Home Computers: 100 Icons that Defined a Digital Generation", a book by Alex Wiltshire & John Short from MIT Press.
2525-9Apple CoreConstructing The ComplexMike WhalenA retrospective on The Complex II, an online fantasy role-playing game (RPG) for the Apple IIGS by Sean Craig.
25210-13Tech-torialFrom DOS to ProDOSPeter FerrieHow Peter Ferrie has adapted multiple DOS 3.3 games to fit into the smaller space of the ProDOS collection Total Replay.
25214-16ReviewVoices from the PastKay SavetzA review of The Powersharing Series, a USB audio/video collection from Charles Mann.
25217-19DumplinGSAdapting to the TimesKen GagneKansasFest 2020 to be held online; Sean McNamara to host WOzFest 16; Jordan Mechner appears on Ars Technica video "War Stories" & releases updated edition of Prince of Persia development journals; Nox Archaist adds features, on track for August 2020 release; scene from James Bond movie "A View to a Kill" recreated by Max Piantoni; Roby Sherman releases Blitterang; ReActiveMicro releases clone of Apple II Plus motherboard; Steve Chamberlin releases firmware updates to Floppy Emu and ADB-USB Wombat; Andy McFadden launches 6502 Disassembly Projects website; Hugh Hood releases TimeOut Edit BASIC for AppleWorks 5.1; Roby Sherman announces winners of two-line game programming competition; 8 Bit Weapon releases "Lost Bytes" album; Rocky Bergen releases Apple II papercraft model PDF.
25219Simplicity NotesDelightedSteven WeyhrichSteve reflects on the delight that the Apple II brings, similar to the Apollo space mission and Heathkit radio.
2532My Home PageEscape from RealityKen GagneThe Apple II provides much-needed relief and escape from a world gripped by a pandemic.
2533-4MusinGSKay SavetzAn interview with Michael Carasik, programmer of Apple II software for Davka Corporation, a company specializing in Jewish educational software.
2535-9Event CoverageDemaking KansasFestMike WhalenKansasFest 2020 was held virtually via Zoom and Discord, making for a fun, unique, non-traditional take on the annual convention.
2539AdvertisementSophistication & Simplicity
25310-13MusinGSThe Show Must Go OnKen Gagne & Mike WhalenAn interview with the members of the KansasFest planning committee (Andy Molloy, Peter Neubauer, Steve Weyhrich, Chris Torrence, Paul Hagstrom & Kate Szkotnicki) about how they transitioned the annual conference to an online format for 2020.
25313AdvertisementRetro Roundup
25314Behind the ScenesIt's a Bot Time!Melissa Rand & Quinn DunkiHow Melissa Rand won HackFest 2020 by creating a bot that allows Discord users to interact with an Apple II.
25315-17Tech-torialFilling the GapAlexander JacocksA look at FFF & SLA 3D printers and how they can be used to create Apple II parts, such as for Nshidia Radio's IIc VGA adapter.
25318-19DumplinGSExpanding the LibraryKen GagneTamas Rudnai releases Steve ][ emulator; John Snape updates Don Worth's Beneath Apple DOS books; Sellam Abraham releases GReasy Graphics; Dr. Marc A. Golombeck releases DOLORES; The Crow Cousins releases Murder Manor and Hunt the Gulon; Oliver Schmidt ports Stefan Wessels' chess game via cc65; Jim Maricondo's Twilight II screensaver updated to v2.0; Benj Edwards interviews Steve Wozniak; Total Replay updated to v4.0-alpha.3; Netflix releases High Score documentary.
25319Random NumbersNO CARRIEREric ShepherdSheppy likens the isolation of the pandemic to being disconnected mid-modem connection.
25320Wild ApplesMelody Ayres-GriffithsA 3D Karateka poster, winner of the KansasFest 2020 background contest.
2542My Home PageFive by FiveKen GagneA look back at Ken's life with Juiced.GS over the last twenty-five years, in five-year intervals.
2543-4MusinGSJames PeytonAn interview with Lee Fastenau, who's porting the Nintendo Game Boy version of Tetris to the Apple II.
2545-11ReviewEmulation EvaluationIvan DruckerA smackdown of 14 different Apple II emulators, including Virtual II, AppleWin, GSPort, GSPlus, MAME, Agat, microM8, and more.
25412-14ConnectionsCapturing the GameKen GagneA tutorial for capturing audio and video from an Apple II for streaming to YouTube or Twitch.
25415MusinGSHeavy Retro MetalKen GagneAn interview with Kate Szkotnicki, aka LadyAurilos, about her Twitch channel Retro Metal, where she livestreams Apple II games.
25416-19TidinGSOnce More, With FeeliesCarrington Vanston & Kay SavetzThe script for an unaired, unrecorded episode of the Eaten By A Grue podcast, in celebration of hosts Carrington and Kay having played every Infocom text adventure.
25419AdvertisementEaten by a Grue
25420RetrospectiveThe Next QuarterKate Szkotnicki, Sean McNamara, Sarah W., Carrington VanstonWhat four Apple II users hope for the Apple II and its community 25 years from now.
25421Behind the ScenesBringing Applesoft to TwitterKay SavetzA look at how Kay Savetz created a Twitter bot that accepts Applesoft BASIC code as input and returns the result as a recorded video.
25422-25Tech-torialConnect the BricksEvan KoblentzHow to connect LEGO bricks to your Apple II.
25425AdvertisementRetro Roundup
25426-27DumplinGSInto the UnknownKen GagneEwen Wannop releases Webber; ][ Connect is released; Antoine Vignau updates Genesys; new books about Sierra On-Line by Ken Williams & Shawn Mills; Nox Archaist RPG is released; Hugo Calgariesque releases Tristam Island; MinnMax releases Oregon Trail documentary; Daniele Liverani releases "Into the Toy Planets" chapter of Genius game; Eric Donadieu releases 2048.
25427Pop the StackPi in the SkyKay SavetzThe Raspberry Pi 400 is the most Apple II-like model of the Pi yet.
25428AdvertisementNox Archaist
2612My Home PageAnother Gap YearKen GagneKansasFest 2021 will be held online, which means another year we won't see our friends -- making Dean Nichols' passing all the more profound.
2612-3Behind the ScenesHugh HoodBehind the scenes of Hugh Hood's Direct Connect PostScript Printer Driver (DCPPD).
2615-9ReviewNox ArchaistIan BaronofskyA review of 6502 Workshop's Kickstarter-funded 8-bit fantasy role-playing game (RPG), Nox Archaist.
26110-12ReviewWeaving the WebPeter NeubauerA review of Ewen Wannop's 16-bit standalone Web browser, Webber.
26113-15ReviewAt the Edge of the WorldWade ClarkeA review of Tristam Island, a text-adventure/interactive fiction game by Hugo Labrande, available for dozens of computer and console platforms.
26116-17,19MusinGSThe Shadow ConspiratorAntoine VignauAn interview with Pascal Anquetin, developer of Les Conspirateurs de l'Ombre ("The Shadow Conspirators") from No Man's Land.
26118DumplinGSVenturing ForthKen GagneKansasFest 2021 to be held online; Jeremy Rand releases BuGS action-arcade game; Josh Weier creates virtual Apple II hardware and software in Unreal Engine; Lawless Legends demo available, with full game to come this summer; Oubliette game gets updated 2021 edition; Max Piantoni connects an Apple II to a 3D printer.
26119AdvertisementDigital Dinos
26119Pop the StackPower BrokerKay SavetzA recent power outage reminds Kay of the days when moving data was difficult and often non-essential.
2622My Home PageKnock Knock!Ken GagneBeing a digital nomad meant subscribers in the San Francisco Bay Area of California could get their March 2021 issues hand-delivered.
2623-4Apple MysteriesMartin HayeColonel Hexings, with help from Detective Pomme, solves the mystery of an unexpected audio frequency generated by the Apple II.
2625-7ConnectionsHam and ApplesPeter NeubauerHow to use the Apple II and amateur radio together, including with radioteletype modems.
2628-9Behind the ScenesApple InceptionJoshua WeierVeteran game developer Joshua Weier takes us behind the scenes of zero_page, a game built in the Unreal engine and which features an emulated Apple II.
26210-11ReviewA Clearer View of the AppleAlexander JacocksA review of MacEffects' transparent case for the Apple IIe and IIGS, one of many clear cases they've funded on Kickstarter.
26212-14ReviewROM to SpareAndrew RoughanA review of ROMX from Dean Claxton and Jeff Mazur, developed by The ROM Exchange and sold by ReActiveMicro.
26215-17RetrospectivePodcasts of YoreSean McNamaraA roundup of Apple II and retrocomputing podcasts.
26217AdvertisementDigital Dinos
26218-19DumplinGSAdding to the BacklogKen GagneBrutal Deluxe releases English-language edition of Full Metal Planet; Ninjaforce releases No Hard Feelings demo; Daniel Henderson and Roby Sherman release Orion Trail; 6502 Workshop releases Andrew Schultz's official Nox Archaist hint book; Stefan Vogt releases Hibernated 1—This Place is Death: Director's Cut; Wade Clarke releases Alien Exodus; Alex Lukacz is developing SNES Max adapter for Super Nintendo controllers.
26219AdvertisementAttack of the PETSCII Robots
26219Pop the StackLocked AchievementsKay SavetzInterviewing aging retrocomputing celebrities is like playing an endless game.
2632My Home PageAssembling the PartyKen GagneNox Archaist demonstrates what's possible in the Apple II community when developers work transparently and collaboratively.
2633-8MusinGSPost NoxKen GagneA post mortem of Nox Archaist with Mark Lemmert, Chris Torrence, and Beth Daggert of 6502 Workshop.
2639-14Event coverageVirtual KansasFestJoe StrosniderCoverage of KansasFest 2021.
26315Behind the ScenesTextBootPeter FerrieBehind the scenes of TextBoot, Peter Ferrie's winning HackFest 2021 entry.
26316-18RetrospectiveSpace HackStephane RacleA profile of Robert Grumbles, who used his Apple II to hack into NASA as a teenager, and who later developed the game Doom Valley.
26318AdvertisementDigital Dinos
26319-21Behind the ScenesTeaching MarkdownJeremy RandBehind the scenes of md2teach, Jeremy Rand's tool to convert markdown documents to Teach word processor files.
26321Behind the ScenesJust a little BabelingChris VavruskaBehind the scenes of Chris Vavruska's MarkdownGS, a Babelfish translator that converts markdown files to other Apple II text formats.
26322-23DumplinGSCrossing StreamsKen GagneApplecorn brings BBC Micro software to the Apple II; Dan Gordon releases Realm: Rays of Nightmare RPG; Brutal Deluxe brings Arcan's Bill Palmer point-and-click adventure game to the Apple IIGS; Peter Hirschberg releases GS.Asteroids and GS.Adventure; Charles Mangin releases A2QR; Jeremy Rand releases BuGS v2.0 and A2GSBuildPipeline v3.0; Taeber Rapczak releases a2asm; Chris Vavruska releases PDF Writer; Joshua Coleman develops Arduino Nano into temperature-sensitive fan for the Apple II; Ewen Wannop releases HexCalc.
26323Simplicity NotesAlive and OnlineSteve WeyhrichKansasFest 2021 revitalizes Steve's enthusiasm for the Apple II.
26324AdvertisementAttack of the PETSCII Robots
2642My Home PageRemembering TonyKen Gagne
2643-6ReviewIan BaronofskyA review of Attack of the PETSCII Robots, a game by David Murray that was ported to the Apple II by Ian Brumby and Stefan Wessels, with support for Alex Lukacz's SNES MAX controller adapter.
2647-9,20Juiced.GS TributeMemories of Tony DiazSean McNamara, Sean Fahey, Eric Shepherd, Em Maginnis, Richard Bennett, Peter Neubauer, Max JonesMembers of the Apple II community share their memories of and feelings about Juiced.GS staff writer Anthony Mario Diaz, who passed away on Oct 27, 2021.
26410-12RetrospectiveLes Passagers du VentAntoine Vignau & Olivier ZardiniA look back at Passengers on the Wind, an unpublished Apple IIGS game from Infogrames, which Brutal Deluxe has now updated and released.
26412-14ReviewEmulate UpdateIvan DruckerUpdates on KEGS, Ample, Virtual II, AppleWin, MAME, cyanIIde, ApplePi, Aiiee!, and XGS.
26415-17ReviewDiving into the StreamSean McNamaraA compilation of YouTube and Twitch video channels that feature Apple II content.
26418DumplinGSGaming the SystemKen GagneSteve Chamberlin to release the Yellowstone floppy controller card; AppleWin updated to support 4play and SNES MAX cards; Peter Hirschberg releases GS.Pacman; Eric Podietz releases source code for Painter Power; Identify ][ hardware scanner released; Warp Six BBS software creator Jim Ferr passes away.
26419AdvertisementAttack of the PETSCII Robots
26419AdvertisementDigital Dinos
26419Pop the StackAdvanced Course CatalogKay SavetzA look back at U.K. computing magazine The Home Advanced Computer Course.
2712My Home PagePaper CutsKen GagneWe should make modern technology adapt to us, just like how we've customized the Apple II to suit our desires.
2713-5,17HardwareSpeed SourceDavid SchmidtThe challenges, technology, methods, and potential of Apple II accelerators.
2716-8MusinGSA Lesson in ModularityPeter NeubauerAn interview with Peter Easdown, developer of ORCA/Modula-2.
2719ProgrammingLearning by ExamplePeter NeubauerA sample of Modula-2 code, complete with written explanation.
27110-11,14]['s CompanyActivision's PitfallsKen GagneWhat does the purchase of Activision by Microsoft — two gaming companies with roots in the Apple II — mean for us?
27112-14ProgrammingSWEET16's Hidden PotentialPaul HagstromA look at SWEET16, Steve Wozniak's 6502 dream machine.
27115RetrospectiveOperation Froggy Went A-Courtin'Kay SavetzRemembering the 1987 court case between Jenifer Graham and a California school, instigated by the Apple II edutainment title Operation: Frog.
27116-17Cover ][ CoverMaking the Fantasy RealKate SzkotnickiA review of the book "The Making of Nox Archaist", by Mark Lemmert of 6502 Workshop.
27118-19DumplinGSMillion Perfect ReleasesKen GagneKansasFest returns to Rockhurst in 2022; 4am releases Million Perfect Letters game; Iván Izaguirre releases izapple2 emulator; The CRPG Book available for preorder and download; Jeremy Rand releases ListenerGS in open beta; Vince Weaver demakes Lemmings; Sharon Knoblock and Matthew Dornquast (Mini Appler) pass away.
27119Simplicity NotesWhat We Leave BehindSteve WeyhrichAfter inheriting his father's estate, Steve reflects on the computer collection he'll leave his own children.
2722My Home PageMuseum MomentsKen GagneKen visits the American Computer and Robotics Museum of Bozeman, Montana; the Mariupol Computer Museum of Ukraine is destroyed; Apple Museum of Poland opens.
2723-6Behind the ScenesOpening A2StreamOliver SchmidtA look at the theories and technology behind A2Stream, an 8-bit audio streaming application.
2727-11Virtual GSCollaborative ConstructChris TorrenceChris Torrence offers his development log of Apple2TS, his Apple II emulator written entirely in TypeScript and documented on YouTube and Patreon.
27212-13ReviewDisk Drive RevolutionCraig BradleyA review of Yellowstone, a universal disk controller card by Steve Chamberlin of Big Mess o' Wires.
27214-17MusinGSHands-On EducationAntoine VignauAn interview wth Fred Ventura, founder of Ventura Educational Systems, developer and publisher of many Apple II educational titles in the 1980s.
27218-19DumplinGSReturn to the DungeonKen GagneBrutal Deluxe releases four Dragon's Lair games for the Apple IIGS; Ken and Roberta Williams developing Colossal Cave 3D Adventure; Deathlord Relorded RPG is released; 4am releases Untitled Word Game, and Dan Malec releases WORDLE GS; Montezuma's Revenge coming to NES and iiRcade; Pi Pico emulator available.
27219Pop the StackNot Gone, Not ForgottenKay SavetzProjects abound to resurrect the software and/or content of defunct online services, from AOL to Prodigy to CompuServe.
2733My Home PageMidwest MemoriesKen GagneAfter KansasFest, Ken leaves Kansas City and makes his way to Avila University and the Barbed Wire Museum.
2733-6Behind the ScenesInside A2StreamOliver SchmidtReviewing the ring buffer, data transfer, page sets, and memory layout of A2Stream, the audio streaming app for the Apple II.
2737-13Event CoverageKansasFest In TransitionKen GagneAfter two years of virtual events, the KansasFest convention returns to Rockhurst University in a hybrid format amidst tension regarding COVID policies and more.
27314Event CoverageMissing the Virtual TargetDana RossA third-time attendee feels like she's missing out with KansasFest 2022's focus on in-person activities.
27315Behind the ScenesVying for First PlaceMicah Cowan & Melissa RandA behind-the-scenes look at a2vimode, Micah's winning HackFest entry, with Melissa Rand providing a judge's perspective on the winning entry.
27316-17HardwarePins & NeedlesDavid SchmidtHow to build an Arduino-based continuity tester to check Apple II cables.
27318-21MusinGSAn Animated HistoryKen GagneAn interview with Michael Lutynski, developer of the 1995 Apple IIGS animation program Animasia 3-D.
27322-23DumplinGSPorts & Source CodeKen GagneNinjaforce releases SenseiPlay; Jeremy Rand releases Wordle Solver; Brutal Deluxe disassembles Sword of Sodan; Brutal Deluxe updates HyperCard for Y2K; Brutal Deluxe releases Space Ace and Space Ace II: Borf's Revenge; Adventures in Videoland now playable via SINGE; Brian Peek releases GG2IMG and HttpRangeServer; Bobbi Webber-Manners updates Emai//er; Gerard Putter updates Virtual ][ to version 11; Paleotronic releases Applesoft BASIC and Merlin online development environments; Rob Justice disassembles Andy Hertzfeld's running horses animation for the Apple III; Tiago Rodrigues releases Tubers of Fate adaptation of Oliver Darkshire's Potato game.
27323From the Assembly LineThe Evaculation ListChris TorrenceA fire in Colorado prompts Chris to evaluate what his most important Apple II possessions worth preserving are.
27324Wild ApplesKris Kenneway & Matteo TrevisanEntries in the KansasFest 2022 low-res art contest.
2742My Home PageTrading PlacesKen GagneSeeing Mike Westerfield of The Byte Works twice, 24 years apart, prompts Ken to reflect on the milestones in each other's lives.
2743Letters from the Land of ROMMark LemmertMark asks why the KansasFest elevators at Avila had phone jacks; Ken responds, with an anecdote from Mike Westerfield.
2744-7ReviewEmulation Evaluation 2022Ivan DruckerIvan offers his annual review of the latest Apple II emulators, including Virtual II, AppleWin, KEGS, OpenEmulator, AIPC, Ample, MAME, ApplePi, cyanIIde, and Clock Signal.
2748-11TidinGSThe Perils of XenobiaStephane RacleHow to tell an authentic Apple II floppy and manual from a forged reproduction or duplicate.
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27412-14,19ReviewSqueezing More PerformancePeter NeubauerA review of AppleSqueezer GS, an accelerator and memory card by Niek van Suchtelen.
27415-17,19ConnectionsKen GagneA directory of online Apple II communities and alternatives to Twitter, including Mastodon, reddit, Usenet, message boards, and more.
27418DumplinGSComings & GoingsKen GagneJosh Renaud recovers Yaakov Kirschen's Jewish educational software from Geshen; Brutal Deluxe releases Canal Neurte and AppleIIgs Karate; Oregon Trail movie in the works; Warp 6 BBS v4.0 released; Margot Comstock and Lyle Syverson pass away.
27419Pop the Stack762 ApplesKay SavetzHow Russ Walter's Secret Guide to Computers & Tricky Living hacked the Internet Archive.
27420AdvertisementNox Archaist
2812My Home PageRebooting A2Central.comKen GagneKen makes a trip to Tennessee to visit Eric "Sheppy" Shepherd and recover the long-lived website.
2813Letters from the Land of ROMAntoine VignauAntoine Vignau has a question about our December 2022 review of the AppleSqueezer GS; Peter Neubauer respons.
2814-6ReviewLead On, AdventurerIan BaronofskyA review of the four Dragon's Lair and two Space Ace games that Brutal Deluxe ported from Cinematraonics' LaserDisc originals and ReadySoft computer versions to the Apple lIIGS.
2817-9MusinGSThe Year of GamesIan BaronofskyAn interview with Olivier Zardini of Brutal Deluxe about the group's dozen gam releases in 2022.
28110-13Apple CoreTech Time CapsuleKen GagneKen Gagne and Chris Torrence descend on the home of HyperStudio's creator to sort through a collection of decades of Apple history.
28114RetrospectiveThe Two-Million-Dollar ChipRoger WagnerHow an F8 ROM chip developed for a print buffer could've been worth millions of dollars in Franklin Computer's licensing case with Apple.
28115-17TidinGSLeaving a LegacyKen GagneA guide to preparing your will and identifying beneficiaries who care for and curate your computer collection.
28118-20Behind the ScenesThe Secrets of Wizardry RevealedEric LabelleHow the classic role-playing game has been improved, with bugs fixed and hidden features uncovered, through a project to release a new version.
28121-23Behind the ScenesA New Life for an Old ProtocolKelvin SherlockKelvin Sherlock takes us behind the scenes of his Apple IIGS Gopher client and the intracacies he encountered when implementing this ancient Internet protocol.
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28124-25Cover ][ CoverLive-Action Interactive FictionKen GagneA review of Parsely, Jared Sorensen's hardcover compendium of live-action interactive fiction games.
28126-27DumplinGSRecovering the PastKen GagneKansasFest Inc. to recover Tony Diaz's estate; radio interview between Bob Bishop and Steve Wozniak recovered; Sean Gugler releases Ultima IV Remastered; Lee Fastenau releases his Game Boy Tetris clone; Stefan Wessels releases Gomoku game; Ewen Wannop updates ChewBagger and Desktop Alarm NDA; Mark Lemmert joins panel of Retro RPG Roundtable podcast; Shadowgate to receive modern sequel.
28127From the Assembly LineTwisty Little PassagesChris TorrenceA review of Colossal Cave, Ken and Roberta Williams' new 3D/VR version of the original text adventure game.
2822My Home PageA Walk in the WoodsKen GagneA trip to Australia and Tasmania allowed Ken to reconnect with old friend Peter Watson.
2823-4ReviewThe Perfect StormIan BaronofskyA review of Lord of Storms, an expansion for the 8-bit role-playing game (RPG) Nox Archaist from 6502 Workshop.
2825-6MusinGSStorming the CastleIan BaronofskyAn interview with Mark Lemmert of 6502 Workshop about the Lord of Storms expansion for Nox Archaist.
2826-8TidinGSAdventures in AustraliaKen GagneA visit to Australia gives Ken the chance to connect with local Apple II users at WOzFest, the Australian Computer Museum Society (ACMS), and Griff's Place.
2829-11ConnectionsRetroBridgeLevi C. MaaiaHow to connect an Apple II to OpenAI's ChatGPT AI chatbot.
28212-14RetrospectiveThe Bez DaysStephane RacleAn interview with John Besnard, developer of such games as Bezman, Bezwars, Bezoff, and Bezare
28215,19Cover ][ CoverThe Time, It's PersonalKay SavetzA review of The Apple II Age: How the Computer Became Personal, a book by Laine Nooney.
28216-17ReviewVirtual Print JobCraig BradleyA review of Plaid Vest Software's NEWPRINT/Multi virtual Wi-Fi printer interface.
28218DumplinGSMaking SpacesKen GagneOz KFest to be held October 2023; KansasFest salvages Tony Diaz's collection; Colin Leroy-Mira releases Mastodon client; Chris Vavruska releases AmendGS revision-control system; Javier Rivera launches Kickstarer crowdfunding campaign for transparent floppy disk face plate to complement MacEffects; David Schmenk releases PLASMA version of Rogue; The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, opens expansion.
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28219From the Assembly LineBetter Late than NeverChris TorrenceAfter decades of 8-bit Apple II use, the author begins exploring his first Apple IIGS
2832My Home PageHistory EclipsedKen GagneJordan Mechner's Karateka seemed like a game only Apple II users would remember—until Chris Kohler of Digital Eclipse came to KansasFest and announced an interactive documentary.
2833Letters from the Land of ROMKenneth Canestraro & Jeremy MoskowitzKenneth shares his history working in an Apple dealership, and Jeremy wonders where his issues of Juiced.GS are.
2834-6ReviewThe Complete KaratekaChris TorrenceA review of The Making of Karateka, Digital Eclipse's 2023 interactive documentary of Jordan Mechner's first Apple II game.
2837-9MusinGSMastering HistoryKen GagneAn interview with Chris Kohler, editorial director of Digital Eclipse and formerly of Kotaku and WIRED, about the Karateka interactive documentary and game preservation.
28310-15Event coverageThe Ups and Downs of KansasFestJeremy RandJeremy Rand returns to KansasFest for the first time since 2019, and while seeing old friends, making new ones, and geeking out over the Apple II are as fun as ever, the event, known as KansasFest 202///, is marred by a COVID outbreak.
28316-19Event coverageA24eVRHuxley DunsaneyHuxley attends the first-ever entirely virtual KansasFest, dubbed A24eVR.
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28320Behind the ScenesPixels, Patterns & TerrainsOleg Kobchenko & Jay CraftOleg takes us behind the scenes of his winning HackFest entry, Efficient Terrain Generator for Apple II, written in Kyan Pascal; while Jay Craft offers a judge's perspective on what made Oleg's hack earn first place.
28321Cover ][ CoverTimeless Text GamesKay SavetzA review of the Kickstarter-funded book 50 Years of Text Games: From Oregon Trail to AI Dungeon, by Aaron A. Reed.
28322-23DumplinGSA Gathering of MindsKen GagneMark Percival releases the source code to DiskMaker 8; Samir Sinha updates Clemens emulator to v0.6; Quinn Dunki releases GSFontEngine; Kelvin Sherlock releases u2snooper CDA; Brutal Deluxe releases the game Tout a disparu; Vince Weaver releases Strongbadzone; Oz KFest to be held October 25-29; WOzFest 31 and QFest were held September 23; Steve Chamberlin to host Mactoberfest; Mike Berlyn of Infocom and author Don Lancaster pass away.
28323Random NumbersDisco FeverEric ShepherdAfter a few years of only intermittent activity in the Apple II community, Eric Shepherd feels disconnected, or "discoed"—but wanting to reconnect.
28324Wild ApplesKen GagneMartin Doherty absconds from KansasFest 2023's Garage Giveaway with a haul of hardware, software, and accessories.
2842My Home PageRemembering BruceKen GagneA tribute to the late Bruce Rosenblum, developer of the Apple II desktop publishing program PublishIt!
2843-5Event CoverageOz KFest 2023Sean McNamaraCoverage of Oz KFest, the fifth semiannual gathering of Apple II users, this one in Portland, NSW.
2846-10RetrospectiveA Jasmine for GEnieRichard BennettA look back at Jasmine, the Apple IIGS graphical frontend (GUI FE) that Richard developed for General Electric's commercial online service, GEnie.
28411Cover ][ CoverDungeoneer's Survival GuideIan BaronofskyA review of Nox Archaist Book of Hints, Andrew Schultz's guide to 6502 Workshop's 8-bit role-playing game (RPG).
28412-15ReviewEmulation Evaluation 2023Ivan DruckerIvan offers his annual review of the latest Apple II emulators, including Clemens, Apple 2TS, Virtual II, AppleWin, KEGS, Ample, Agat, MicroM8, MAME, Apple ][js, and Clock Signal.
28416Behind the ScenesFrom Basement to GitHubMark PercivalThe developer of DiskMaker 8 details how how unearthed the source code for his 2006 disk-image utility and what answers it might reveal.
28417Behind the ScenesFrom ORCA to ca65David SchmidtWhy DiskMaker 8 is an invaluable utility nearly two decades later, and what was involved in converting it into a modern mode.
28418-19DumplinGSKen GagneVince Weaver ports Second Reality demo and MS-DOS fake BIOS; Aaron Reed re-releases 50 Years of Text Games book as print-on-demand; Colin Leroy-Mira details how to use Apple's QuickTake 100 digital camera on an Apple II; Andrew Plotkin releases source code for Infocom interpreters; Fred Gruenberger's Popular Computing magazine re-released under Creative Commons; Andy McFadden releases alpha of CiderPress II.
28419From the Assembly LineChris Torrence
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2912My Home PageListen, Learn, AdaptKen GagneAn early error as publisher of Juiced.GS teaches Ken that making a mistake is inevitable, but fixing it is unforgettable; likewise, KansasFest 2024's move to Springfield, Illinois, shows the committee is listening to feedback from the past two years.
2913Letters from the Land of ROMDoug Cuff, Chris CharlaPraise for Richard Bennett's Jasmine article and Ivan Drucker's emulator roundup; and more praise for our KansasFest and Karateka coverage.
2914-8Apple CoreThe Road to Wheeler DealersStephane RacleAfter years of being lost to history, Danielle Bunten Berry's ame Wheeler Dealers from Speakeasy Software is recovered and archived.
2919-11Tech-torialBacking Up Old SCSI Hard DisksJay GrahamAn introduction and tutorial for using the BlueSCSI device to back up dying SCSI hard drives.
29112-13Event CoverageClassic Times in Kennett SquareAlexander JacocksCoverage of Kennett Classic, a hackathon event held at Bill Degnan's museum in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.
29114-15MusinGSWhat's Your Love Language?Kay SavetzAn interview with Reverangd Ron Jaenisch, who used an Apple II to officiate wedding ceremonies in the 1980s.
29116][ Be or Not to BeThe Tunes of the Oregon TrailKay SavetzA review of the Chapel Theater's stage production of The Trail to Oregon, Jeff Blim's musical based on The Oregon Trail.
29117AdvertisementVCF East 2024
29118-19DumplinGSKen GagneIan Brumby's Crossrunner IIGS emulator now available for Windows; Andy Caldwell's Bit Eclectic enables streaming of Apple II floppy disks; Oliver Schmidt's A2Pico card now available; registration opens for NarraScope convention in Rochester, NY; Jordan Mechner publishes English-language edition autobiographical graphic novel Replay; Bill Chafield releases MORE command; Castle Dain role-playing game available online an on floppy.
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29119Random NumbersSeeking Sweet SuccssEric ShepherdGetting an old project updated and ready for distribution or even collaboration can be challenging.
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2922My Home PageCollection PerfectionKen GagneA trip to Pittsburgh's arcades with Martin Doherty is a reminder of the distinction between preserving everything and curating a collection.
2923-8Reel ][ ReelEm MaginnisA review of the 1999 film Pirates of Silicon Valley, starring Noah Wylie and Anthony Michael Hall, on the occasion of the movie's 25th anniversary.
2929-12ReviewA New Level of WizardryEric LabelleA review of Wizardry, the classic Apple II 8-bit RPG, remade with modern graphics, sound, and user interface by Atari's Digital Eclipse, the Unreal Engine, and the Eclipse Engine.
29213ReviewIt's Full of StarsJames PeytonA review of 8-bit game Shuriken (aka Xshuriken), a Cross-Lib game for the Apple II from Fabrizio Caruso.
29214-15Event CoverageAn Equation for GraduationChris TorrenceCoverage of Steve Wozniak's commencement speech to the graduating class of the University of Colorado, Boulder, on May 9, 2024.
29216-17Cover ][ CoverFrom Softdisk to DeathmatchKay SavetzA review of the book DOOM Guy, a memoir by John Romero, Softdisk alumnus and co-creator of Wolfenstein 3-D and DOOM.
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29218-19DumplinGSLost Voices RecoveredKen GagneKay Savetz hosts successful GoFundMe to digitize The Famous Computer Café radio reels; French Touch gives demoscene presentation at Revision demoparty; FTA re-releases ActiveGS emulator for iOS; Bobby Nijssen of 8bitflux releases The Poor Man's Keyboard; The Strong National Museum of Play inducts Ultima into its Video Game Hall of Fame; 4am releases Million Perfect Tile; Doug Sharp to release reboot of ChipWits; and artist Cameron Davis passes away.
29219From the Assembly LineA Gray-Scale WorldChris TorrenceWords of wisdom from Steve Wozniak in his memoir iWoz remind Chris that the Apple II community should not divide itself over minor differences.