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Historical content

Some older issues and articles that represent what Juiced.GS has to offer, from the introductory to the technical, and available below — no signup needed.

Making It (from Volume 7, Issue 1), an article in which Tony Diaz discusses the fine art of developing hardware for the Apple II, using some historical examples. Photos of various prototype cards are included.

The first decade of Juiced.GS: a retrospective (from Volume 10, Issue 1), by Max Jones and Ryan Suenaga, commemorated the publication’s first decade in publication. It is now available as part of the historical archives at Steve Weyhrich’s online Apple II History Museum.

The Juiced.GS prototype predates Volume 1, Issue 1! Founding editor Max Jones uploaded this issue to GEnie in December 1995 as a proof of concept for a new Apple IIGS magazine. This draft contains exclusive content not reused in the first hardcopy issue, published two months later, and demonstrates several early design decisions that remain a part of the magazine’s aesthetic to this day. The prototype is available in PDF and AppleWorks GS formats.

Individual volumes, issues, and articles of Juiced.GS are also available at libraries and museums around the world, including via interlibrary loan.


Juiced.GS has also paid tribute to members of our community who have passed away; these remembrances are made freely available online.