Juiced.GS Volume 8, Issue 3 (August 2003)
2My Home PageThe rumors of our deaths have been highly exaggeratedRyan SuenagaApple II community anything but dead, Ryan visists a few Apple II friends on the way to and from KansasFest 2003, KansasFest bad luck, KansasFest 2004 announced
3-4LettersMisc.Apple IIGS programmer Ewen Wannop comments on review of his SAFE FTP application, reader looks for Adventure Alive game, troubleshooting LANceGS/Marinetti set up tips, cartoonist offers services to Juiced.GS, Eric Shepherd thanks KansasFest planners and implementers
5AdvertisementKansasFest CommitteeThanks to KansasFest 2003 attendees
6-7,9-10Cover storyBack from the brinkKen Gagne, Howard Katz & Ryan SuenagaKansasFest 2003 coverage: 60 attendees this year (and Woz) help to bring KansasFest back to life
8Cover storyWords from WozExcerpts from Woz's keynote
10Cover storyBack from the brinkKen Gagne, Howard Katz & Ryan SuenagaKansasFest 2003 coverage, Day Six: attendees pack up and head home
10SpecialWozFestMax JonesA look at Wozniak's historic visit
11-13Cover storyKansasFest after hoursAfter hours discussion and late night activity at KFest 2003: "The Eagle's Nest" and wireless internet connectivity, newcomers and veteran attendees, first annual Night In at the Movies, KFest KookOut Coverage, Geoff Weiss roast a technological delight, SIS 1.2 easter eggs, increase in attendees requires three floors of Avila dorm, Juiced.GS pizza reception and welcome banner, Sweet Tomatoes outing, no Bite the Bag this year
12-13SidebarKansasFest 2003 stats
14-15Tech-torialInterrupts, vectors, waits, stops, and moreRichard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: More on emulating the 65c816
16Cover ][ CoverReview: The Second Coming of Steve JobsKen GagneBook review of The Second Coming of Steve Jobs by Alan Deutschman
17AdvertisementCall-A.P.P.L.E.Call-A.P.P.L.E. software and services
18-19ConnectionsJust add waterHoward KatzParticipating in your own Apple II user group
20-23DumplinGSMore DumplinGS than you can shake a stick atKEGS-OSX and Virtual ][ emulators updated, CiderPress updated, Silver Castle updated, Microsparc releases several CD-ROM compilations of Nibble magazine content, Eric Shepherd releases new software and updates, Appalm ][ Apple IIe emulator for Palm OS released, Ninjaforce Web site is back online, Mark Percival releases Type Away, No Slot Clock group buy, Woz interview published online, Call-A.P.P.L.E. releases several DVD-ROMs of content, LZW compression algorithm patent to expire, more scanned Apple II-related content posted online at AtariArchives.org and Atarimagazines.com, cc65 C compiler updated, Ewen Wannop updates SAFE FTP and Spectrum programs, several vendors are still selling Apple II products, VCF 6.0 dates and location announced,
23A Word or IIApple OneKen GagneMore than just Apple II friends
24AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm software