Interactive fiction at the Computer History Museum

Way back in March 2011, Juiced.GS‘s cover story about Leadlight and interactive fiction featured a photograph by Brian Wiser. Taken at the Computer History Museum on January 26, 2011, the photo showcased the museum’s prominent display of classic text adventures, demonstrating the genre’s lasting appeal and importance in the history of computing.

While you can buy that article and many more in our PDF of text adventure stories, we decided that wasn’t enough. We recently got back in touch with Wiser, and he generously shared additional photos of Infocom’s display from that trip. The following images are copyrighted by Wiser and are presented here with his permission.

[foogallery id=”72078″]

These are just ten of the 346 photos Wiser took at the museum that day! Have you been to the Computer History Museum? What was your experience? Share your story in the comments below!

1 thought on “Interactive fiction at the Computer History Museum

  1. I have been to the Computer History Museum a number of times. I lived in the SF Bay Area from 2008 to 2010 and went there a couple of times. Since then, I end up in the area on business trips one or two times a year. If I have time, it try to get back to visit again. I was there just a month or so ago and spent a few hours going through the exhibits.

    From my perspective, there is much more space dedicated to “big iron” than the micros from the 70s and 80s. Even still, I find it all fascinating. I did try to play the version of Colossal Cave (perhaps you played it as Apple Adventure) but they had a rubber membrane keyboard which was really worn out making it hard to play. I did get a couple of “xyzzy” commands in though.

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