Juiced.GS continues in 2024

Juiced.GS will continue to be the longest-running print publication dedicated to the Apple II in 2024, when it publishes its 29th volume.

Existing subscriptions will automatically renew on January 1, 2024, at our same great prices: $20 in the United States, $25 in Canada & Mexico, and $28 everywhere else. Existing subscribers can confirm your status and shipping address by logging into your account in the Juiced.GS online store. New subscribers can sign up today for a subscription starting immediately or in 2024.

Some of our best content from the last five years is also now available for free in an original 20-page PDF, available exclusively to our email newsletter subscribers. Sign up today to get your free digital issue!

The staff of Juiced.GS looks forward to providing the Apple II community with another year of news, features, and tutorials. Apple II Forever!