Volume 10, Issue 1 (February 2005)

Volume 10, Issue 1 (February 2005)
2My Home PageThey say it's your dayRyan SuenagaHappy day Juiced.GS, IIGS turning 20, and KFest 2005
3-6Cover storyThe first decade of Juiced.GS: a retrospectiveMax Jones & Ryan SuenagaHow Juiced.GS came to be and has evolved over the last ten years
7TidinGSEverything I ever really needed to know I learned from the Apple IIKen Gagne & Eric ShepherdOpinons from the staff
8-9Tech-torialVisiCalc - a generation laterKen GagneVisiCalc taught today
10-13On the 'NetIndirect to the Internet: Success!Andrew RoughanHow to connect a IIGS to the Internet using a Windows box
14-15Outback emulationRichard's Bug CollectionRichard Bennett-ForrestOutback Emulation: Richard's bug collection
16-17On the 'NetSearching so longHoward KatzGoogle alternatives
18-19DumplinGSServing up the World Wide Web on the IIGSRyan SuenagaSilver Platter, KFest 2005, Jeri in the news, Softdisk sales, Woz Wonderbook, Generic Tile Engine, Eamon Guild
19A Word or IIBumper CropKen GagneApple II lurkers in everyday life
20AdvertisementKansasFestRegister for KFest 2005