Volume-10-Issue-1 Page: 2
Type: My Home Page
Author: Ryan Suenaga
Headline: They say it's your day
Synopsis: Happy day Juiced.GS, IIGS turning 20, and KFest 2005

Page: 3-6
Type: Cover story
Author: Max Jones & Ryan Suenaga
Headline: The first decade of Juiced.GS: a retrospective
Synopsis: How Juiced.GS came to be and has evolved over the last ten years

Page: 7
Type: TidinGS
Author: Ken Gagne & Eric Shepherd
Headline: Everything I ever really needed to know I learned from the Apple II
Synopsis: Opinons from the staff

Page: 8-9
Type: Tech-torial
Author: Ken Gagne
Headline: VisiCalc – a generation later
Synopsis: VisiCalc taught today

Page: 10-13
Type: On the 'Net
Author: Andrew Roughan
Headline: Indirect to the Internet: Success!
Sub-headline: TCP/IP through a Windows serial connection
Synopsis: How to connect a IIGS to the Internet using a Windows box

Page: 14-15
Type: Outback emulation
Author: Richard Bennett-Forrest
Headline: Richard's Bug Collection
Synopsis: Outback Emulation: Richard's bug collection

Page: 16-17
Type: On the 'Net
Author: Howard Katz
Headline: Searching so long
Sub-headline: Google alternatives
Synopsis: Google alternatives

Page: 18-19
Type: DumplinGS
Author: Ryan Suenaga
Headline: Serving up the World Wide Web on the IIGS
Synopsis: Silver Platter, KFest 2005, Jeri in the news, Softdisk sales, Woz Wonderbook, Generic Tile Engine, Eamon Guild

Page: 19
Type: A Word or II
Author: Ken Gagne
Headline: Bumper Crop
Synopsis: Apple II lurkers in everyday life

Page: 20
Type: Advertisement
Author: KansasFest
Synopsis: KFest 2005