Volume 14, Issue 3 (September 2009)

Volume 14, Issue 3 (September 2009)
2My Home PageCommunity DevelopmentKen GagnePost-KansasFest buzz continues to grow, KansasFest attendance up, Welcome to Macintosh documentary, Apple-1's popping up everywhere, Apple II back in vogue, Apple II community growing, Juiced.GS will publish a 15th volume, blog added to Juiced.GS Web site
3Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Looking for an Apple II magazine, trying to track down an Apple II game
4-9Cover storyKansasFest 2009Ken GagneKansasFest 2009 coverage
6SidebarKansasFest 2.0Ken GagneA look at how social networking tools like Facebook and Twitter affect KansasFest
9SidebarKFest Product AnnouncementsKen GagneKFest Product Announcements
10Behind the ScenesHacking the Game of LifePeter NeubauerA look at Peter's HackFest-winning entry
10SidebarJudging HackFestEric ShepherdA look at how HackFest entries are judged
11-14Event CoverageKFest Down UnderAndrew RoughanMt. Keira Fest coverage, Saturday: link established to KansasFest Twitter feed, Mt. Keira Fest Twitter feed set up, Jon Co - Retrobrite de-yellowing demo, David Wilson - tracing signals through an Apple II Europlus with an o-scope, videoconference session with KansasFest, David Morrison - 6502 ATAPI stack allows an Apple II to use IDE CD-ROM and DVD-ROM drives, Alex Lukacz - Atari joyport adapter and external CompactFlash box demos, Alex Lukacz - UFIC and CHED product demos, Jon Co - RGB to component video converter, David Wilson - Disk II to PC 3.5" MFM drive adapter, Jonno Downes - PeekBot demo, Andrew Roughan - Dennis Molony's Disk Browser demo, group outing to Wollongong Hellenic Club; Sunday: Matt Jenkins - KansasFest news recap, Mike Stephens - intro to Apple IIGS programming with Complete Pascal, Andrew Roughan - Marinetti Open Source Project, Andrew Roughan - grepping dead trees, Mt. Keira Fest wrap up
15-16ReviewThe Forgotten IIIvan DruckerApple IIe Card for Macintosh
17Review8 Bit Weapon's Retro RhythmKen Gagne8 Bit Weapon's newchiptune album Electric High EP
18-19DumplinGSPreserving the PastRich Dreher announces CFFA3000 project, Brutal Deluxe releases MountIt disk image management app, Brutal Deluxe working on completing playable version of Sword of Sodan, music group 8 Bit Weapon using real Apple II tools in production, Virtual II emulator updated to v6.3.1, AppleWin emulator updated to v1.16.1, Javascript-based Apple II emulator in development, Quality Computers educational Apple II videos being digitized and uploaded to YouTube
19Random NumbersRecharging the BatteriesEric ShepherdA look back at KansasFest 2009
20AdvertisementSyndicommAPDA manuals and software on CD-ROM


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Conway’s Game of Life
Peter Neubauer’s winning HackFest entry.

IItter, Stock Quote CDA, IPDataReporter
A Twitter client and other Internet-enabled Desk Accessories.

Weather NDA, Stock Quote NDA
Two New Desk Accessories that retrieve requested weather and stock information from the Internet.

Juiced.GS 2010, 2010 wall calendar
A fifteenth volume of the only Apple II publication still in print, and a calendar commemorating past and future events in the Apple community.

Sweet16 2.1.3
An Apple IIGS emulator for Mac OS X. Now with improved video display options, input device and networking support, and more.

APDA Apple II Reference Library, APDA Apple II Software Library, Apple IIGS
CDs of various technical references, developer manuals, and utilities in disk image and PDF formats.

MP3 card
An expansion card that enables the Apple II to play MP3 music files from a USB storage device (not included).

VGA video adapter
Two separate devices?a card add-on for Auxiliary Slot AE RamWorks Memory cards for the IIe, and a RGB VGA converter box for the IIc?that enable video output to a VGA display.

Mt. Keira Fest

Mt. Keira Fest
A gathering of Australian Apple II users, coinciding with KansasFest.

Jon Co’s Flickr album
Pictures from the event.

Andrew Roughan’s Flickr album
More pictures from the event.

Alex Lukacz’s Flickr album
Still more pictures from the event.

David Morrison’s presentation about his disc drive interface.

MFM floppy drive interface adapter
Details about Vladimir Ivanov’s Disk II-to-PC hardware.

Disk image access via a Web browser, demonstrated by Jonno Downes.

Disk Browser
Denis Molony’s cross-platform disk image utility, written in Java.

An Introduction to Apple IIGS Programming in a High Level Language
Mike Stephen’s presentation.

Marinetti Open Source Project Walkthrough 2009
Andrew Roughan’s presentation.

Other products mentioned in this issue

Nibble magazine
A classic Apple II publication, now available on DVD.

Electric High EP
A CD of original music produced on 8-bit computers.


The next iteration of Rich Dreher’s CompactFlash for Apple.

Brutal Deluxe’s GS/OS extension to mount disk images as actual volumes.

Sword of Sodan
Brutal Deluxe’s director’s cut of this classic IIGS game demo.

Michael J. Mahon’s real-time single-voice music synthesizer.

Virtual ][
An 8-bit Apple II emulator for Mac OS X, by Gerard Putter.

An 8-but Apple II emulator for Windows, by Tom Charlesworth.

Scripple ][
A JavaScript-based Apple II emulator, accessible via the Web.