Volume 17, Issue 2 (June 2012)

Volume 17, Issue 2 (June 2012)
2My Home PageAlways StopKen GagneContemplating a database of Apple II users' physical locations; remembering Stan Marks
3,19Letters from the Land of ROMIvan DruckerMichael J. Mahon writes in with corrections to Ivan Drucker's review of DMS Drummer; Ivan responds
4-8MusinGSAn inCider's PerspectiveKen GagneAn inteview with Dan Muse, former editor-in chief of inCider/A+, an Apple II magazine published by IDG
9-12ProgrammingThe Intelligent TurtlePeter NeubauerLogo: Looking at lists, data processing, and SIRI's older sister, IRIS
13-15Behind the ScenesAdventures Old and NewWade ClarkeMaking the transition from writing text adventures for Eamon to writing interactive fiction in Inform 7
16-17Cover ][ CoverUltimate ArtifactsAndy MolloyA review of Stephen Emond's Ultima: The Ultimate Collector's Guide, 2012 Edition
18-19DumplinGSMultimedia MasterpiecesKen GagneDaniel Kruszyna releases Drift; David Finnigan releases The New Apple II Users' Guide; Apple-1s sell at auctions; gaming reboots via Kickstarter; Jordan Mechner releases Prince of Persia source code and Deathbounce; Jack Tramiel passes away
19Random NumbersIn the Heat of the NightEric ShepherdThe Apple II's monotasking environment is great for focused, uncomplicated work

My Home Page

In memory of Stan Marks
A tribute to a KansasFest alumnus.

Letters from the land of Rom

Apple II DMS Drummer Software
Chiptune music utility, from 8 Bit Weapon and Michael J. Mahon.


Cover gallery of Apple II magazine edited by Dan Muse.

IDG publication currently edited by Dan Muse.


Behind the Scenes

Eamon Adventurer’s Guild
Everything you need to play and design text adventures on the Apple II.

Inform 7
A modern interactive fiction programming language.

Wade Clarke
Homepage of author and programmer of Eamon adventure Leadlight.

Cover ][ Cover

Ultima: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide
Homepage for Stephen Emond’s paperback book.

Ultima: TUG‘s social media presence.

Ultima: The Ultimate Collector’s Guide on Amazon
Order your copy today!


Demo disk by Daniel Kruszyna, Wade Clarke, Antoine Vignau, and Melissa Barron.

The New Apple II User’s Guide
Massive paperback book by David Finnigan.

Auction house listing for Apple-1 that sold for $374,500.

Dick and Cliff Huston
Early Apple employees, now selling Apple-1 and other classic computer hardware.

Prince of Persia
Source code to Jordan Mechner’s classic platformer.

Jordan Mechner’s first Apple II game, released for the first time in 2012.

Deathbounce gameplay
Self-playing video sample of Deathbounce.

Deathbounce online
Play Deathbounce in your Web browser!