Volume 17, Issue 4 (December 2012)

Volume 17, Issue 4 (December 2012)
2My Home PageOpportunitiesKen GagneRandy Brandt returns to Apple II publishing; new opportunities in the life of Juiced.GS's editor
3-4Cover ][ CoverKen GagneReview of Kay Savetz's memoir, Terrible Nerd
5-7Behind the ScenesAppleWorks Timed OutRandy BrandtCreating an AppleWorks suite for Superior Watch Service and replacing it with WatchPower
7-10HardwareHardware Restoration 101Mike MaginnisHow to clean an Apple IIc and apply Retr0bright to deyellow the case
11Meet the StaffPeter NeubauerPeter NeubauerPeter Neubauer
12-14Road TripBeyond the Velvet RopePeter NeubauerA visit to Paul Allen's Living Computer Museum in Seattle, Washington
15,19ReviewFalling Into PlaceKen GagneA review of Martin Haye's 8-bit public domain Tetris variation, Structris
16-17Apple MysteriesThe Deceptive DetectionMartin HayeCan an Apple II program consistently determine if it is running on a real or virtual Apple II?
18-19DumplinGSSuch a Deal!Ken GagneRandy Wigginton to keynote KansasFest 2013; Ewen Wannop releases ByteBagger; I.O. Silver coming to iOS; The Lost Treasures of Infocom comes to iOS; Shadowgate being remade; 8 Bit Weapon releases complete collection; Tony Gonzalez passes away
20Wild ApplesPeter NeubauerPunch, kick, fly, and fight your way through history with the Living Computer Museum's Apple II exhibits.

My Home Page

NAUG AppleWorks Forum
Randy Brandt’s original article about Superior Watch Service.

Cover ][ Cover

Terrible Nerd
Kay Savetz’s memoir about growing up digital.

Behind the Scenes

Superior Watch Service
Jack Freedman’s New York City-based shop.

Apache, MySQL, PHP, and Perl for Mac OS X.

Generate PDF reports using PHP.

A lightweight datepicker jQuery plugin.

Evergeen Computer Services
Randy Brandt’s Web, graphics, and video services.

Pocket watch photo by Ben Grantham


Floppy disk maintenance
KansasFest 2011 session by Tony Diaz on how to perform a speed adjustment and head cleaning.

An open source formula for a deyellowing agent.

Photo gallery
Mike Maginnis documents his experiment.

Meet the Staff

Peter Neubauer’s homepage.

Advanture Trek
Two years, four wheels, unlimited adventure.

A2Central.comRegular news updates from the Apple II world.

SparkFun Electronics
An online retail store that sells the bits and pieces to make your electronics projects possible.

Road Trip

Living Computer Museum
A Seattle institution dedicated to preserving and displaying working examples of early computers.


Martin Haye’s public domain Tetris variant.


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Hexadecimal file editor NDA.

I.O. Silver
iOS port of classic Beagle Bros game, courtesy JEM Software.

The Lost Treasures of Infocom
Activision’s iOS port of classic Zork text adventures.

Kickstarter-funded successor to Zojoi’s classic point-and-click adventure.

The 8 Bit Weapon Collection 1998 – 2012
56-track compilation of chiptune music, featuring the Apple II.

Tony Gonzalez
Obituary for renowned Apple II musician.