Volume 18, Issue 1 (March 2013)

Volume 18, Issue 1 (March 2013)
2My Home PagePlanning for SuccessKen GagneJuiced.GS is a successful publication. What changes are necessary to keep it that way?
3-6ReviewDavid SchmidtEwen Wannop's Phoenix utility and ByteBagger NDA are handy tools for recovering and manipulating files.
7-9,13ConnectionsServe a Slice of PiIvan DruckerThe Raspberry Pi computer can interface with the Apple II to attach a network attached storage drive. Ivan Drucker shows us how.
10-13MusinGSA New HistoryKen GagneDr. Steve Weyhrich's history of the Apple II will soon be available as a published book. We interview the author on how his 20-year-old online chronology has transitioned to print.
14-16,19TidinGSBuilding a Better AppleMartin HayeWhat if Apple Inc. were to develop a new model of Apple II today? Martin Haye postulates what this hardware would consist and be capable of.
17-19Cover ][ CoverThe Making of a PrinceAndy MolloyJordan Mechner releases the original design documents and diaries from the development of the hit game, Prince of Persia.
18DumplinGSThe Convention CircuitKen GagneKansasFest, Oz KFest, and VCF events are occurring this spring and summer; Bill Budge releases Pinball Construction Set source code; Richard Garriott crowdfunds a new Ultima game.
19Random NumbersKansasFest FeverEric ShepherdSheppy can't wait to unveil new code at KansasFest!

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ByteBagger & Phoenix
File recovery and manipulation tools by Ewen Wannop.


Raspberry Pi
A single-board computer capable of adding network-attached storage (NAS) to the Apple II.

Ivan Drucker’s networking utility for Apple II computers.

RPi Easy SD Card Setup
Use a PC torepare an SD card for use with the Raspberry Pi.

Apple II System Software
GS/OS 6.0.1 and System Disk 4.0.2 as disk images.

A telnet/SSH client for Windows.

Advanced IP Scanner
An IP address scanner for Windows.

Serial cabling
For connecting to a USB-to-DB9 cable.


Sophistication & Simplicity
The story of the Apple II computer, by Steven Weyhrich, M.D.

Cover ][ Cover

Jordan Mechner’s old game development journals
Includes the making of Prince of Persia and Karateka.


Annual Apple II convention in Kansas City, Missouri.

Oz KFest
A July 2013 convention held in Brisbane, Australia.

Vintage Computer Festival
VCF Southwest 1.0 and VCF East 9.1.

Pinball Construction Set
The Apple II source code for Bill Budge’s Atari 800 game.

Game Developers Conference
Bill Budge’s post-mortem at GDC 2013.

Shroud of the Avatar
Richard Garriott’s Kickstarter-funded spiritual successor to Ultima.