Volume 18, Issue 4 (December 2013)

Volume 18, Issue 4 (December 2013)
2My Home PageAmazedKen GagneJuiced.GS and retrocomputing are going strong and getting stronger.
3-6PreviewMartin HayeDavid Schmenk's Apple II Pi turns the Apple II into a peripheral for the Raspberry Pi.
7-10ReviewA Replica MilestonePaul HagstromThe Replica 1 Ten is the tenth anniversary edition of Briel Computers' Apple-1 clone.
11-14MusinGSFrom Shrine to IconKen GagneTalking with Jonathan Zufi, photographer and author of the Shrine of Apple Web site and Iconic book.
15-17TidinGSWhat Students Aren't LearningMatthew HellingerTeaching programming to students with modern supercomputers is backward; they need the creative constraints of an Apple II -- or Raspberry Pi.
17AdvertisementOpen Apple
18-19DumplinGSThe Long ViewKen GagneDOS 3.1 source code release and Homebrew Computer Club reunion; Sophistication & Simplicity releases; JSMESS and the Internet Archive; Apple Time Warp podcast debuts; Lamb Chops! released and Sweet16, SNAP, and ChewBagger updated.
19Random NumbersThe Maker RevolutionEric Shepherd3D printing and the Raspberry Pi have made hacking cool, just like it wasn't when we were kids.
20Wild ApplesJim Nichol

Preview: Apple II Pi

What is the Apple II Pi?
David Schmenk’s homepage dedicated to his Raspberry Pi interface card.

Video tutorials
Schmenk’s YouTube videos about the Apple II Pi.

Apple II Pi as it developed
Watch on YouTube as the germ of the idea grows.

Ultimate Apple II
Vendor and distributor of the Apple II Pi.

Source code
Github open source for the Apple II Pi.

Review: Replica 1 Ten

Replica 1 Tenth Anniversary Edition
Vince Briel’s fourth model of Apple-1 clone.

The Apple 1 Project
Wendell Sander’s software and hardware for the Apple-1 and clones.

CFFA for Apple 1
Rich Dreher’s CompactFlash for Apple-1 expansion card.

MusinGS: Jonathan Zufi

Shrine of Apple
A photographic online museum dedicated to all Apple products.

Iconic: A Photographic Tribute to Apple Innovation
The coffee-table book inspired by the Shrine.

TidinGS: Teaching Programming

Teach US Kids To Program
Matt Hellinger’s KansasFest 2013 presentation

Teaching retroprogramming
Ousedale School in England uses BBC Micros to teach programming skills.

Academic Ultima
Students at Wabash College in Indiana play Ultima IV: Quest of the Avatar.

BASIC for Raspberry Pi, with support for modern programming constructs, an assortment of popular audio formats, and sprites.

A Raspberry Pi-powered workstation.


Apple DOS 3.1 source code
Written by Paul Laughton, released by the Computer History Museum, and authorized by Apple.

The Homebrew Computer Club Reunion
A feature and video of the November 11, 2013, event.

Kickstarter project
The original pitch to fund the reunion.

Sophistication & Simplicity: The Life and Times of the Apple II Computer
Buy Dr. Steve Weyhrich’s hardcover book on Amazon.com.

The Historical Software Archive
Jason Scott brings the JSMESS emulator to the Internet Archive.

Apple Time Warp
An Apple II podcast hosted by Craig Johnston and John Romero.

Lamb Chops!
Brian Picchi’s assembly-based action game.

Eric Shepherd’s Apple IIGS emulator for Mac OS X.

SNAP & ChewBagger
Ewen Wannop’s NNTP client and file editor.