Volume-2-Issue-1 Page: 2
Type: My Home Page
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Prepare to be caught in the web
Synopsis: Spectrum, SIS and web browsing on the IIGS; Syndicomm joins the Delphi

Page: 3
Type: Letters
Author: Misc.
Headline: Letters from the Land of ROM
Synopsis: CD-ROMs available for the IIGS

Page: 4-9
Type: Cover story
Author: Max Jones
Headline: A 'suite' arrival
Sub-headline: Seven-month project produces browser
Synopsis: Spectrum Internet Suite v1.0

Page: 10-11
Type: Interview
Author: Max Jones
Headline: An interview with Bret Victor
Sub-headline: "I'll keep programming for the IIGS until there's nobody left to program for."
Synopsis: Interview with IIGS Programmer Bret Victor

Page: 12-14
Type: Desktop Publishing
Author: Max Jones
Headline: Making a good first impression
Sub-headline: With the printed word, there's no substitution for…
Synopsis: Basics of Desktop Publishing and the IIGS

Page: 15
Type: Desktop Publishing
Author: Dave Bennett
Headline: Which typeface is best? Well, it depends…
Synopsis: Typefaces and Desktop Publishing

Page: 16-17
Type: Shareware Spotlight
Headline: Prepare to defend the world
Synopsis: Defender of the World, Calendar Crafter GS, Skip 'Em v1.2

Page: 18-20
Type: DumplinGS
Headline: Still crazy after all these years…
Synopsis: Apple II companies on the World Wide Web, the end of Softdisk G-S, Ninjaforce game Kaboom! announced, The ByteWorks to reprint IIGS reference manuals, The Bit Factory's Space Shuttle Math available, Brutal Deluxe's LemminGS available, Shareware Solutions II to distribute Resource Central's A2-Central on disk

Page: 19
Type: II Be Named Later
Author: Ryan Suenaga
Headline: A personal ad for personal computers
Synopsis: Computers and relationships