Volume 20, Issue 2 (June 2015)

Volume 20, Issue 2 (June 2015)
2My Home PageI'll Be Seeing YouKen GagneIt's harder now to meet everyone at KansasFest, but that's a good thing; this issue features pieces by Bill Loguidice and Michael Mulhern.
3-4ReviewDavid SchmidtReview of GGLABS' RAMGS-A01 memory expansion card.
5-7Event coverageReturn to OzMichael MulhernCoverage of Oz KFest, the third semiannual gathering of Apple II users, this one in Keysborough, Melbourne
8-9ReviewThe Mad BomberBill LoguidiceReview of KABOOM!, a Bomberman adaptation for the Apple IIGS from Ninjaforce, which spent twenty years in development.
9-11Apple MysteriesDeadly ChecksumsMartin HayeHugo Pomme and Charles Hexings make a startling discovery when they delve into the haunted IIGS of Hexings' long-dead brother.
12-13RetrospectiveThrough the YearsJesse Blue, Ewen Wannop, Tim Kellers, Randy Brandt, Seth Sternberger, Steve CavanaughWhat was your favorite year to be an Apple II user? For Jesse, 1992; Ewen, 1982; Tim, 1994; Randy, 1985; Seth, 2005; and Steve, 1993.
14-16Tech-torialProDOS BossIvan DruckerBreaking down how ProDOS formats disks and stores and manages files.
17-19DumplinGSUnearthed ArcanaKen GagneKansasFest 2015; Apple II Festival France; Bard's Tale IV Kickstarter; Ninjaforce released NinjaTracker; Brutal Deluxe releases Tool221; Ewen Wannop releases BrkDown, et al; ReActiveMicro and Ultimate Apple II merge into UltimateMicro; Uthernet II nearing release; MobyGames games database; Apple legacy software directory removed; Wade Clarke releases old text adventures; The Bride of the Wizard King e-book's failed Kickstarter; Codes that Changed the World podcast
19Random NumbersUnder ConstructionEric ShepherdBuilding a new house is like approaching an Apple II project.

Review: RAMGS

4MB memory expansion for the Apple IIgs

Geoff Weiss’s RAM test utility for the Apple IIGS.

Event coverage: Oz KFest

Oz KFest
Semi-annual gathering of Apple II users in Australia

Fairy IC test card.

Alex Lukacz’s blog
Lukazc’s prototype USB video streamer allows Apple IIc video to be displayed on a modern computer.

Aggregated social media posts about Oz KFest 2015

Review: KABOOM!

Four-player explosive fun for the Apple IIGS, courtesy Ninjaforce

A quick look at utilizing Apple IIGS upgrades (photos and video)
Bill Loguidice prepares his computer to review KABOOM!

Cover artwork
Original Bomberman art by Kyle Merriman, aka antonio-panderas

Tech-torial: ProDOS

Block Warden
A disk editor which understands blocks rather than tracks and sectors; included on Disk 1 of ProSEL 8.

Sector Inspector
A block editor for enhanced IIe, IIc, and IIGS computers.

Sample disk
A ProDOS disk image for testing purposes.

Removes resource forks from Macintosh and Apple IIGS files to make them usable with standard Apple II programs.


27th annual Apple II convention held in Kansas City, Missouri; keynoted by Rebecca “Burger Becky” Heineman.

Apple II Festival France
held August 3–9 at Castera-Verduzan in Gers.

The Bard’s Tale IV
Brian Fargo’s Kickstarter — closes on July 10, 2015, at 9 PM EDT.

The music player used in both KABOOM! and Ninjaforce’s MEGADEMO; includes source code and MODConvert II.

Brutal Deluxe’s System Tool based on NinjaTracker.

A desktop disassembler for the Apple IIGS.

ReActive Micro and UltimateApple2.com join forces.

Uthernet II
A new model of Ethernet card, coming soon.

A database of all Apple II games and their metadata.

Apple legacy software
The Internet Archive’s mirror of Apple’s now-defunct directory of legacy software.

Dungeon of Death
Classic text adventures from Wade Clarke, complete with design notes.

The Bride of the Wizard King
Myles Stonecutter’s failed Kickstarter for an e-book novel featuring illustrations composed on an Apple II.

Codes that Changed the World
The BBC’s five-part audio podcast series on historical programming languages.