Volume 20, Issue 4 (December 2015)

Volume 20, Issue 4 (December 2015)
2My Home PageA Fine LineKen GagneCopyright is a tricky thing, especially when it comes to the archiving efforts of 4am, interviewed in this issue; thanks to Martin Haye, Michael Sternberg, Brian Picchi, French Touch, Dagen Brock, and David Schmidt for the included floppy disk.
3-5RetrospectiveEric Shepherd, Chris Torrence, Russell Nielson, Kate Szkotnicki, John Romero, Ivan DruckerWhat was your favorite year to be an Apple II user? For Sheppy, 1991; Chris, 2015; Russell, 1986; Kate, 1986; John, 1983; and Ivan, 2009.
6-8Behind the ScenesThe Apple II as an Art ToolLucia Grossberger MoralesHow Lucia met Bob Bishop and collaborated to produce not only the AppleVisions book, but also countless works of art with the Apple II.
9-12,23MusinGSAnonymous Archivist ActivistKen Gagne, Charles Mangin, Peter Neubauer, Andrew Roughan, Kay Savetz, David SchmidtAn interview with 4am, the anonymous cracker who's deprotecting floppies as cleanly as possible and posting them to the Internet Archive for preservation.
13-15ReviewUthernet II: The Next GenerationPeter NeubauerA review of the Uthernet II, the next-generation Ethernet networking interface card from a2RetroSystems.
15-17Tech-torialMake your own ProDOS utility!Ivan DruckerHow undelete tools and other utilities interact with the ProDOS file structure.
18-21,23Apple MysteriesFinal SectorMartin HayeColonel Hexings and Detective Pomme put the pieces together to bring Frank Hexings' murderer to justice.
22DumplinGSSilent BootKen GagneDavid Schmenk released Web server HTTPD; UltimateMicro stocks the Slot Extender; Ivan Drucker updates A2SERVER; Jimmy Maher releases e-books of his Digital Antiquarian blog; Michelle Sternberger releases Software chiptune album; John Romero releases Dangerous Dave for iOS.
23Random NumbersJust Like Magic (Kingdom)Eric ShepherdBeing an aficionado of Disney parks and being an Apple II enthusiast aren't all that different.
24Wild ApplesLucia Grossberger Morales

Behind the Scenes

Huge Pixels
Homepage of Lucia Grossberger Morales of SpaceLace.


The anonymous cracker and archivist on Twitter.


Uthernet II
The next generation of Ethernet networking card, from a2RetroSystems.


Ewen Wannop’s utility to copy or exhume ProDOS files.

ProDOS Exerciser
Execute MLI calls from a menu; review and edit buffer contents using a hexadecimal memory editor.


David Schmenk’s Web server for the Uthernet II.

Slot Extender
Test and protect cards from outside the Apple II case with this peripheral from UltimateMicro.

Ivan Drucker’s file server and network boot host for Apple II computers.

The Digital Antiquarian
Free e-books of Jimmy Maher’s historical blog posts.

ComputeHer (aka Michelle Sternberger)’s album of remixes, including an Apple II-exclusive track.

Dangerous Dave in the Deserted Pirate’s Hideout
John Romero’s iOS port of his classic platformer, now with an enhanced HD edition.

Ken Gagne’s podcast interview with Dren McDonald, composer of Dangerous Dave’s soundtrack.