Volume 21, Issue 2 (June 2016)

Juiced.GS Volume 21, Issue 2 (June 2016)
2My Home PageII or MoreKen GagneThe work of Alex Lukacz, Jon Co, and Jesse Blue culminated in the release of the 4play & 4soniq cards and an updated KABOOM! at WOzFest ///.
3-4ReviewEric ShepherdA review of Dino Eggs, the classic 8-bit action game from 1983 by David H. Schroeder.
5ReviewReturn to the Land of the LostKen GagneA review of Dino Eggs: Rebirth, the sequel by David H. Schroeder and Eric Ferrot, released in 2016 for Steam.
6-7Event coverageA short history of WOzFestSean McNamaraIn the wake of the third Oz KFest, Sean McNamara created WOzFest. A year later, WOzFest /// was host to some major announcements.
8Behind the ScenesExpanded Blast RadiusJesse BlueHow Jesse Blue added 4soniq and 4play support to KABOOM v1.02 in time for WOzFest ///.
9-11,19ProgrammingPLASMA/Python: Client/ServerDavid SchmenkUsing PLASMA and Python to implement an auto-update feature to an Apple II chat client.
12-15HardwareUntangling the NestCharles ManginDeciphering the many models of Apple mice that all used the same model number.
16-17ReviewVGA: Very Good AdapterAndrew RoughanA review of the VGA Adapter for Apple IIGS ROM 3, by Koichi Nishida of Tulip House.
18DumplinGSThe Games People PlayKen GagneByteBoosters releases new 4MB RAM card; Kerbal Space Program gets ported to the Apple II; Structris hits iOS; 6502 Workshop developing Nox Archaist; audio from Juiced.GS interviews with Microzine alumnae Amy Kefauver & Lori Hopping, and Bob Bishop, now available online; RetroConnector releases M0100 mouse USB adapter.
19Random NumbersThe Smartest Home EverEric ShepherdWouldn't it be cool if the Apple IIGS could power a smart home?

My Home Page

Jon Co’s card to give the Apple IIGS four sound channels.

Alex Lukacz’s four-player expansion card.

Ninjaforce’s four-player, four-channel Bomberman game for the Apple IIGS.

Review: Dino Eggs: Rebirth

Dino Eggs: Rebirth
David H. Schroeder and Eric Ferrot’s sequel to the 1983 classic game.

Schroeder’s developer diaries for Dino Eggs: Rebirth.

Event Coverage: WOzFest ///

WOzFest /// Recap
Sean McNamara’s online summary of the event.

WOzFest /// Galleries
Photos by Sean McNamara.

WozFest /// photos
Jeremy Barr-Hyde’s Flickr photo gallery.


David Schmenk’s code for a PLASMA/Python chat client.


Charles Mangin’s analysis of the many models of M0100 mouse.

Review: VGA Adapter for Apple IIGS ROM 3

Tulip House
Storefront for Koichi Nishida, developer of the VGA Adapter for Apple IIGS ROM 3.

VGA Adapter for Apple IIGS ROM 3
Use VGA monitors with the Apple IIGS ROM 3.

Apple IIGSTechnical Procedures
Instructions for removing the power supply.

Video demos
Watch demo videos of various IIGS graphic modes displayed with the VGA adapter in this YouTube playlist by Andrew Roughan.


eBay storefront for developers of Apple IIGS 4MB RAM card.

Kerbal Space Program
Vince Weaver’s unofficial Apple II port of the popular space program simulator.

Martin Haye’s public-domain Tetris variation, now for iOS.

Nox Archaist
An original 8-bit RPG, coming soon from The 6502 Workshop.

Computing Pioneers
Kay Savetz’s interviews with computer luminaries, in both audio and written transcript formats.

M0100 to USB Conversion
RetroConnector’s USB adapter for the M0100 mouse.