Volume 23, Issue 1 (March 2018)

Juiced.GS Volume 23, Issue 1 (March 2018)
2My Home PageFake It 'til You Make ItKen GagneWorking outside the technology industry left me feeling out of place at KansasFest; but working in the tech industry underscores how much I still have to learn.
3-4ReviewKen GagneA review of the electronic handheld Oregon Trail game, developed by Basic Fun! and available exclusively from Target.
5-7ReviewCarrier DetectedMike WhalenA review of the WiModem232 modem emulator by Jim Drew of CBMStuff.
8-9Event coverageGleaning ApplesKay SavetzA chat with Jason Howe about his alphaSyntauri synthesizer exhibit and with Lath Carlson about the Apple-1 at Vintage Computer Festival Northwest.
9-11ProgrammingGitHub for RetrocomputingQuinn DunkiAn introduction of how to use git and GitHub for version control when programming the Apple II.
12-15MusinGSA Duplication of EffortAntoine VignauAn interview with Robert Freedman, formerly of HLS Duplication.
16-17Apple Mysteries6,502 Things Gone WrongIvan DruckerLila Stafford wants to learn assembly programming; Manning LeConte is having CATAKIG issues; and what's up with Doug Bishop's keyboard?
17AdvertisementEaten by a GrueA podcast of Infocom games, text adventures, and interactive fiction.
18-19DumplinGSOperating UpdatesKen GagneKansasFest 2018 to be keynoted by Roger Wagner; WOzFest DB9 announced; Eamon ported to the Web; Virtual ][ updated to v8.1; ProDOS updated to v2.4.2; DOS 4.4 proof of concept announced; AppleWorks InitPack 2017 released; Clip Copy Plus NDA released; PLASMA updated to v1.1.
19Random NumbersUnforgettable IIEric ShepherdAcronyms have many meanings.
20AdvertisementKansasFestCome celebrate the 30th KansasFest with a keynote speech by Roger Wagner of HyperStudio fame.

My Home Page

Anna Garvey’s “The Oregon Trail Generation: Life Before and After Mainstream Tech”
A 2015 article that defined a synonym for Xennials.

Review: Oregon Trail

Oregon Trail handheld game
A handheld electronic version of the classic edutainment title, available exclusively from Target.

Review: WiModem232 Modem Emulator

An Internet modem that emulates a standard Hayes compatible modem; works with any computer with an RS-232 interface port.

Installation and usage manual for the WiModem232.

User and support forum for the WiModem232.

VCF Pacific Northwest

Vintage Computer Festival Pacific Northwest
Seattle’s inaugural VCF.

Living Computers Museum + Labs
Venue for the VCF Pacific Northwest.

Charlie Kellner
Creator of the Syntauri alphaSyntauri synthesizer.

Programming: GitHub

A web-based hosting service for version control using git.

A commercial git client for Mac and Windows.

An introduction to git!

MusinGS: Robert Freedman

Protection check for 3.5″ disks
A track-length protection scheme for the Apple IIGS.

Prince of Persia source code
Featuring copy protection by Robert Freedman.


Annual Apple II convention held this July 17–22, 2018, in Kansas City, Missouri, USA, with a keynote speech by Roger Wagner.

WOzFest DB9
Informal gathering of Australia’s Apple II users on April 28, 2018.

Eamon Remastered
The classic text adventure game engine Eamon, ported to the Web.

Virtual ][
Gerard Putter’s Windows-based Apple II emulator.

ProDOS 8
John Brooks’ v2.4.2 update to the 8-bit operating system.

DOS 4.4
A proof of concept by Brutal Deluxe.

AppleWorks InitPack 2017
Ten enhancements and extensions to AppleWorks v5.1, courtesy Hugh Hood.

Clip Copy Plus
Chris Vavruska’s Finder extension to enable the cutting, copying, and pasting of files.

David Schmenk’s Proto Language AsSeMbler for Apple, now at v1.1.

Random Numbers

Browser Compatibility Data
Mozilla’s project to collect detailed data about what version (if any) of each browser added every feature and subfeature of every Web technology.

JavaScript Object Notation is a data-interchange format.

Binary-coded decimal
A class of binary encodings of decimal numbers where each decimal digit is represented by a fixed number of bits, usually four or eight.