Volume 24, Issue 3 (September 2019)

Juiced.GS Volume 24, Issue 3 (September 2019)
2My Home PageBreaking BarriersKen GagnePeter Neubauer and Neil and Maria set the precedent that is allowing me to become a digital nomad.
3-8Event coverageApple MarathonStavros KaratsoridisStavros chronicles his experience at KansasFest, the annual Apple II convention, including Mark Pelczarski's keynote speech, Jason Scott's MARAT][ON, the mega podcast, and much more.
9Behind the ScenesNana nana nana nana… Bitman!Sarah W. & Mark LemmertSarah W. shares an inside look at her nephew AJ's HackFest program; judge Mark Lemmert shares what made Bitman a winning entry.
10-11TidinGSLighting the WayEvan WrightHow teacher Evan Wright uses interactive fiction and his own program, Lantern, as educational tools with his high school students.
12-13MusinGSReinventing ThyselfKen GagneKen Gagne interviews Charles Mangin of option8 and RetroConnector fame about how he's made the transition from developing hardware to programming games and other software.
14ReviewA Welcome CacophanyDana RossA review of Noisy Disk, a mechanical stepping sound generator accessory for the Floppy Emu by Steve Chamberlin of Big Mess o' Wires.
15-17ProgrammingEarning Your MUMPSTom Raidna & Michael MulhernTom Raidna shares a behind-the-scenes look at Visual MUMPS, his language interpreter for the IIGS and a winning RetroChallenge entry; Michael Mulhern invites readers to participate in the October 2019 RetroChallenge competition.
18-19DumplinGSRestoring the PrinceKen GagneJordan Mechner announces a new version of his Prince of Persia development journals; MacEffects launches a Kickstarter for a transparent Apple II case; Kelvin Sherlock released Dict NDA; Joshua Bell releases CHTYPE ProDOS command; Andrew Roughan updates Marinett; Geoff Weiss updates Time Tool; Daniel Henderson releases Oubliette game in Applesoft BASIC; Blake Patterson interviews Jarek Achinger of Tunnels of Armageddon; Robert Freedman, formerly of HLS Duplication, passes away.
19Random NumbersElation and FrustrationEric ShepherdSheppy recalls his first encounter with a IIGS for sale at Macy's and the financial wrangling required of him and his mom to bring the IIGS home.
20Wild ApplesKen GagneA group photo of attendees at KansasFest 2019 striking some dubious dance moves.

Event Coverage: KansasFest 2019

An annual Apple II convention held at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri.

Stephen Heumann’s Apple IIGS utility for mounting disk images over an HTTP connection.

4am’s utility for booting floppies meant for an Apple II or II Plus on other models.

Mega Podcast
The annual group podcast recorded at KansasFest.

Total Replay
A frontend for exploring and playing classic arcade games on an 8-bit Apple II.

Behind the Scenes

Screenshots and facts about AJ’s winning entry in HackFest, KansasFest’s annual programming competition.

Programming low-res graphics in Applesoft BASIC
Materials from Sarah W.’s KansasFest 2015 workshop.


Evan Wright’s text-adventure authoring tool and cross-compilier for creating adventure games that run on classic 8-bit computers, Raspberry Pi, or Windows.

A free, intuitive Windows tool for creating adventure-game maps.


GitHub repo for Charles Mangin, author of JUMPY GUY, octopede, minesweeper, and more.


Noisy Disk
A mechanical stepping sound generator accessory for the Floppy Emu by Steve Chamberlin of Big Mess o’ Wires.


Andiar Software
Homepage for Tom Raidna, author of Visual MUMPS for the Apple IIGS.

Tutorials for MUMPS and a free version of the language for Linux, maintained by Kevin C. O’Kane.

A retro hardware and software hacking competition, hosted by Michael Mulhern.


A 30th anniversary note to Prince of Persia fans
Jordan Mechner announces a new edition of his development journals.

Injection-molded clear case
MacEffects’ Kickstarter to create a transparent case for the Apple II and Apple II Plus.

DictA dictionary NDA by Kelvin Sherlock.

A ProDOS command to change filetypes and auxtypes, by Joshua Bell.

The Chronicles of Calormen
Homepage of Joshua Bell.

A TCP/IP stack for the Apple IIGS, updated to 3.0b11.

Time Tool
A tool that allows GS/OS applications to access the international standard time and date information based on the user’s local time zone.

Daniel Henderson’s Applesoft BASIC game about escaping a dungeon.

Tunnels of Armageddon
Blake Patterson’s interview with Jarek Achinger, developer of Tunnels of Armageddon, an Apple IIGS game developed by Logical Design Works and published by California Dreams in 1989.

Support Bob
GoFundMe for Robert Freedman, formerly of HLS Duplication, who passed away on April 23, 2019, at the age of 65.