Volume 27, Issue 3 (September 2022)

Juiced.GS Volume 27, Issue 3 (September 2022)
3My Home PageMidwest MemoriesKen GagneAfter KansasFest, Ken leaves Kansas City and makes his way to Avila University and the Barbed Wire Museum.
3-6Behind the ScenesInside A2StreamOliver SchmidtReviewing the ring buffer, data transfer, page sets, and memory layout of A2Stream, the audio streaming app for the Apple II.
7-13Event CoverageKansasFest In TransitionKen GagneAfter two years of virtual events, the KansasFest convention returns to Rockhurst University in a hybrid format amidst tension regarding COVID policies and more.
14Event CoverageMissing the Virtual TargetDana RossA third-time attendee feels like she's missing out with KansasFest 2022's focus on in-person activities.
15Behind the ScenesVying for First PlaceMicah Cowan & Melissa RandA behind-the-scenes look at a2vimode, Micah's winning HackFest entry, with Melissa Rand providing a judge's perspective on the winning entry.
16-17HardwarePins & NeedlesDavid SchmidtHow to build an Arduino-based continuity tester to check Apple II cables.
18-21MusinGSAn Animated HistoryKen GagneAn interview with Michael Lutynski, developer of the 1995 Apple IIGS animation program Animasia 3-D.
22-23DumplinGSPorts & Source CodeKen GagneNinjaforce releases SenseiPlay; Jeremy Rand releases Wordle Solver; Brutal Deluxe disassembles Sword of Sodan; Brutal Deluxe updates HyperCard for Y2K; Brutal Deluxe releases Space Ace and Space Ace II: Borf's Revenge; Adventures in Videoland now playable via SINGE; Brian Peek releases GG2IMG and HttpRangeServer; Bobbi Webber-Manners updates Emai//er; Gerard Putter updates Virtual ][ to version 11; Paleotronic releases Applesoft BASIC and Merlin online development environments; Rob Justice disassembles Andy Hertzfeld's running horses animation for the Apple III; Tiago Rodrigues releases Tubers of Fate adaptation of Oliver Darkshire's Potato game.
23From the Assembly LineThe Evaculation ListChris TorrenceA fire in Colorado prompts Chris to evaluate what his most important Apple II possessions worth preserving are.
24Wild ApplesKris Kenneway & Matteo TrevisanEntries in the KansasFest 2022 low-res art contest.

My Home Page

Barbed Wire Museum
A 5,500-square foot museum in La Crosse, Kansas, that hosts 2,400 varieties of barbed wire.

Behind the Scenes: A2Stream

Oliver Schmidt’s 8-bit audio streaming app for the Apple II.

Event Coverage

Robert Woodhead
Homepage of the KansasFest 2022 keynote speaker and co-creator of Wizardry, the classic computer role-playing game.

Generic Tile Engine for the Apple IIGS
GTE, Lucas Scharenbroich’s high-performance library for writing tile-based games.

Jay Craft’s text-based VidHD multiplayer space action game.

A tech demo of an Apple III game by Paul Hagstrom.

A port of MAME for iOS, iPadOS, tvOS and macOS.

Lord of Storms
A 2023 expansion pack for Nox Archaist by 6502 Workshop.

Ninjaforce’s IIGS music player that plays tracked music that can be converted from MOD files.

Kris Kenneway’s high-quality audio player for streaming audio over Ethernet.

Taeber Rapczak’s a programming language targeting the MOS 6502 computer architecture of the Apple II, described as more higher-level than 6502 assembly, but not as high-level as C.

Nathan Hendler’s general-purpose ESP32 Wi-Fi and Bluetooth board.

A multi-peripheral emulator and Wi-Fi network device for vintage computers.

In Remembrance
A gallery of KansasFest alumni who are no longer with us.

Behind the Scenes: HackFest

Micah Cowan’s vi-inspired prompt-line editing facilities.


ADTPro Serial Connections
David Schmidt’s guide to the many ways to connect an Apple and your host computer for use with his ADTPro bootstrapping software.

OSH Park
Charles Mangin’s shared Arduino designs and devices.

Vendor of the Teensy LC Arduino device.

An example of how Arduino drives and monitors pins.

David Schmidt’s Arduino program to test ADTPro serial cables with a Teensy LC.


Animasia 3-D
A PDF scan of Michael Lutynski’s Animasia 3-D quick start & tutorials manuals.

II Alive
Jerry Kindall’s coverage of KansasFest 1994, including Michael Lutynski’s Animasia 3-D demo.


Play NTP music in style with Ninjaforce’s SenseiPlay.

Wordle Solver
Jeremy Rand’s Classic Desk Accessory (CDA) for solving Wordle puzzles.

Sword of Sodan
Brutal Deluxe’s disassembly of an unreleased Apple IIGS game.

HyperCard v1.2
Brutal Deluxe’s Y2K patch for HyperCard.

Space Ace
Brutal Deluxe’s port of the laserdisc game Space Ace & the sequel, Space Ace II: Borf’s Revenge.

Somewhat Interactive Nostalgic Game Engine, which allows the Apple II laserdisc game Adventures in Videoland to be played on a modern computer.

Brian Peek’s tool to inserts a file built with Golden Gate into a PO disk image file, preserving resource information.

Brian Peek’s HTTP server for moving disk image files from a PC to an Apple IIGS using Stephen Heumann’s NetDisk.

Bobbi Webber-Manners’ 8-bit SMTP/POP3/NNTP client.

Virtual ][
Gerard Putter’s 8-bit Apple II emulator for macOS.

cyan][de Applesoft BASIC editor
Paleotronic’s online Applesoft BASIC development environment.

cyan][de Merlin editor
Paleotronic’s online Merlin assembly development environment.

Horses demo
Rob Justice’s disassembly of Andy Hertfeld’s Apple III animation demo.

Tubers of Fate
Tiago Rodrigues’ Apple II port of Potato, Oliver Darkshire’s tabletop game based on The Lord of the Rings.

Wild Apples

KansasFest 2022 low-res art contest
Matteo Trevisan’s entry into this year’s competition.