Volume 28, Issue 1 (March 2023)

Volume 28, Issue 1 (March 2023)
2My Home PageRebooting A2Central.comKen GagneKen makes a trip to Tennessee to visit Eric "Sheppy" Shepherd and recover the long-lived A2Central.com website.
3Letters from the Land of ROMAntoine VignauAntoine Vignau has a question about our December 2022 review of the AppleSqueezer GS; Peter Neubauer respons.
4-6ReviewLead On, AdventurerIan BaronofskyA review of the four Dragon's Lair and two Space Ace games that Brutal Deluxe ported from Cinematraonics' LaserDisc originals and ReadySoft computer versions to the Apple lIIGS.
7-9MusinGSThe Year of GamesIan BaronofskyAn interview with Olivier Zardini of Brutal Deluxe about the group's dozen gam releases in 2022.
10-13Apple CoreTech Time CapsuleKen GagneKen Gagne and Chris Torrence descend on the home of HyperStudio's creator to sort through a collection of decades of Apple history.
14RetrospectiveThe Two-Million-Dollar ChipRoger WagnerHow an F8 ROM chip developed for a print buffer could've been worth millions of dollars in Franklin Computer's licensing case with Apple.
15-17TidinGSLeaving a LegacyKen GagneA guide to preparing your will and identifying beneficiaries who care for and curate your computer collection.
18-20Behind the ScenesThe Secrets of Wizardry RevealedEric LabelleHow the classic role-playing game has been improved, with bugs fixed and hidden features uncovered, through a project to release a new version.
21-23Behind the ScenesA New Life for an Old ProtocolKelvin SherlockKelvin Sherlock takes us behind the scenes of his Apple IIGS Gopher client and the intracacies he encountered when implementing this ancient Internet protocol.
23AdvertisementDigital Dinos
24-25Cover ][ CoverLive-Action Interactive FictionKen GagneA review of Parsely, Jared Sorensen's hardcover compendium of live-action interactive fiction games.
26-27DumplinGSRecovering the PastKen GagneKansasFest Inc. to recover Tony Diaz's estate; radio interview between Bob Bishop and Steve Wozniak recovered; Sean Gugler releases Ultima IV Remastered; Lee Fastenau releases his Game Boy Tetris clone; Stefan Wessels releases Gomoku game; Ewen Wannop updates ChewBagger and Desktop Alarm NDA; Mark Lemmert joins panel of Retro RPG Roundtable podcast; Shadowgate to receive modern sequel.
27From the Assembly LineTwisty Little PassagesChris TorrenceA review of Colossal Cave, Ken and Roberta Williams' new 3D/VR version of the original text adventure game.

My Home Page

The venerable Apple II news site, restored and under new management.

Review: Brutal Deluxe’s Cinematronics games

Dragon’s Lair
Dirk the Daring’s original adventure against Singe the dragon.

Dragon’s Lair: Escape from Singe’s Castle
A sequel exclusive to home computers.

Dragon’s Lair II: Time Warp
The official arcade sequel to the original game.

Dragon’s Lair III: The Curse of Mordread
Featuring scenes from Time Warp not included in the original home port.

Space Ace
Ace and Kimberly fight against Borf and his Infanto Ray.

Space Ace II: Borf’s Revenge
Featuring scenes from the first Space Ace not included in the original home port.


Open Apple
A 2012 interview with Antoine Vignau and Olivier Zardini on the occasion of Brutal Deluxe’s 20th anniversary.

Apple Core

Assembly Lines #148
Chris Torrence’s video tour of Roger Wagner’s collection


Computer History Museum
A non-profit museum in Mountain View, California (EIN 26-4570976).

The Strong Museum of Play
A non-profit museum of the history of entertainment in Rochester, New York (16-0954168).

The Museum of Art and Digital Entertainment
The MADE, an interactive museum of electronic games in Oakland, California (EIN 26-4570976).

American Computer & Robotics Museum
The United States’ oldest computer museum, based in Bozeman, Montana (EIN 81-0460318).

Behind the Scenes: Wizardry

A Woz A Day
The original three versions of Wizardry: Proving Grounds of the Mad Overlord.

Thundarr the Barbarian
Raving Toy Maniac’s retrospective on a classic toy and cartoon.

KansasFest 2022 keynote
Wizardry co-creator Robert Woodhead explains “the Bishop bug”.

WiziSystem & Wizinews
Scanned PDFs of two classic newsletters covering Wizardry.

Character awards
Deciphering the symbols of honor earned in Wizardry.

Game code calculations and formulas
The math underpinning Wizardry.

Pascal code
Everything you need to edit and compile Wizardry’s Pascal code.

Wizardry modding guide
Files and guides for creating your own scenarios.

Fan-made scenarios
A directory of unofficial levels for Wizardry.

Cross-platform utility to examine Wizardry disk images.

The Wizardry Proving Grounds Restoration Project
An unofficial v2.2 of Wizardry that corrects various bugs and features.

Wizardry v3.0
A further release with additional enhancements.

Behind the Scenes: GS Gopher

GS Gopher
Kelvin Sherlock’s 16-bit desktop utility for using the Gopher protocol.

An 8-bit, text-based implementation of the Gopher protocol for the Apple II.

Gopher information and advocacy, as well as the Veronica Gopher search engine and links to most known Gopher servers.

A Gopher front end for Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia that anyone can edit.

A front end for textfiles.com, Jason Scott’s collection of BBS text files from the 1980s and 1990s, many of which are relevant to Apple II users.

A mirror of all the classic Apple II FTP sites, including umich, caltech, uiowa. Many of them had Gopher servers back in the day.

A Google News reader for Gopher.

Updates for the pre-eminent Apple IIGS Gopher client.

Cover ][ Cover

Memento Mori
Publisher of the Parsely compilation of party games such as Action Castle.


Help KansasFest Rescue Tony’s Apple II Legacy
KansasFest Inc.’s GoFundMe to recover Tony Diaz’s Apple II collection.

The Thinking Machine
Bob Bishop (aka Mr. Logic) interviews Steve Wozniak (aka Rocky Clark) and Elana Praskin.

Ultima IV for Apple II, Remastered
Sean Gugler’s update to Richard Garriott’s classic role-playing game.

Game Boy Tetris
Lee Fastenau’s Apple II port of Nintendo’s puzzle game.

Stefan Wessels’ Apple II adaptation of a classic puzzle game.

Ewen Wannop’s standalone file/byte viewer, editor, simple disassembler, and block editor for the IIGS.

Desktop Alarm NDA
Ewen Wannop’s alarm clock New Desk Accessory (NDA), based on a similar tool by Bill Tudor.

Retro RPG Roundtable
A video podcast featuring Mark Lemmert of 6502 Workshop’s Nox Archaist.

Beyond Shadowgate
An upcoming, crowdfunded sequel to the original point-and-click adventure game.