Volume 28, Issue 2 (June 2023)

Volume 28, Issue 2 (June 2023)
2My Home PageA Walk in the WoodsKen GagneA trip to Australia and Tasmania allowed Ken to reconnect with old friend Peter Watson.
3-4ReviewThe Perfect StormIan BaronofskyA review of Lord of Storms, an expansion for the 8-bit role-playing game (RPG) Nox Archaist from 6502 Workshop.
5-6MusinGSStorming the CastleIan BaronofskyAn interview with Mark Lemmert of 6502 Workshop about the Lord of Storms expansion for Nox Archaist.
6-8TidinGSAdventures in AustraliaKen GagneA visit to Australia gives Ken the chance to connect with local Apple II users at WOzFest, the Australian Computer Museum Society (ACMS), and Griff's Place.
9-11ConnectionsRetroBridgeLevi C. MaaiaHow to connect an Apple II to OpenAI's ChatGPT AI chatbot.
12-14RetrospectiveThe Bez DaysStephane RacleAn interview with John Besnard, developer of such games as Bezman, Bezwars, Bezoff, and Bezare
15,19Cover ][ CoverThe Time, It's PersonalKay SavetzA review of The Apple II Age: How the Computer Became Personal, a book by Laine Nooney.
16-17ReviewVirtual Print JobCraig BradleyA review of Plaid Vest Software's NEWPRINT/Multi virtual Wi-Fi printer interface.
18DumplinGSMaking SpacesKen GagneOz KFest to be held October 2023; KansasFest salvages Tony Diaz's collection; Colin Leroy-Mira releases Mastodon client; Chris Vavruska releases AmendGS revision-control system; Javier Rivera launches Kickstarer crowdfunding campaign for transparent floppy disk face plate to complement MacEffects; David Schmenk releases PLASMA version of Rogue; The Strong Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, opens expansion.
19AdvertisementDigital Dinos
19From the Assembly LineBetter Late than NeverChris TorrenceAfter decades of 8-bit Apple II use, the author begins exploring his first Apple IIGS

Review: Nox Archaist

Lord of Storms
A digital expansion to 6502 Workshop’s 8-bit role-playing game (RPG).

A crowdfunding campaign in support of the Nox Archaist development studio.


Sean McNamara’s occasional, informal gathering of Apple II users in Sydney, Australia.

Australian Computer Museum Society
ACMS, a historical computer organization based in Sydney, Australia.

Griff’s Place
Jason Griffiths’ arcade and Apple museum outside Melbourne, Australia.


How to install telnet on your RetroBridge device.

A wireless modem that emulates a Hayes-compatible modem.

Uthernet II
a2RetroSystems’ Ethernet card for the Apple II.

Ewen Wannop’s telecom program for the Apple IIGS.

BBS disk images
A collection of Apple II telecom utilities, including ProTERM.

Levi C. Maaia’s Python script for connecting to ChatGPT.

Can I run OpenAI chatbots on an Apple II?
Levi C. Maaia’s YouTube video tutorial for connecting an Apple II to ChatGPT.

OpenAI API keys
Application Programming Interface credentials for connecting to ChatGPT.

How to Run ChatGPT on Raspberry Pi or PC
A tutorial by Les Pounder of Tom’s Hardware.


A Woz A Day
John Besnard’s Apple II games in the Internet Archive.

Cover ][ Cover

The Apple II Age: How the Computer Became Personal
Laine Nooney’s new book about the rise of the personal microcomputer.

Review: NEWPRINT/Multi

Plaid Vest Software
Manufacturers of the virtual printer interface adapter.


Oz KFest
An Apple II gathering being held in Portland, NSW, Australia, this October 24–29, 2023.

Help KansasFest Rescue Tony’s Apple II LegacyA GoFundMe to salvage the late Tony Diaz’s computer collection.

Colin Leroy-Mira’s open-source Mastodon client.

Chris Vavruska’s revision-control system for the Apple II.

Apple II floppy drive clear face plate
Javier Rivera’s Kickstarter campaign for a transparent front face for the Disk II drive.

Manufacturer of the transparent case for the Disk II 5.25″ floppy drive.

David Schmenk’s adaptation of the classic text-based role-playing game, written in the PLASMA language.

The Strong Museum of Play
A museum in Rochester, New York, that is opening a new expansion on June 30, 2023.