Volume 28, Issue 3 (September 2023)

Juiced.GS Volume 28, Issue 3 (September 2023)
2My Home PageHistory EclipsedKen GagneJordan Mechner's Karateka seemed like a game only Apple II users would remember—until Chris Kohler of Digital Eclipse came to KansasFest and announced an interactive documentary.
3Letters from the Land of ROMKenneth Canestraro & Jeremy MoskowitzKenneth shares his history working in an Apple dealership, and Jeremy wonders where his issues of Juiced.GS are.
4-6ReviewThe Complete KaratekaChris TorrenceA review of The Making of Karateka, Digital Eclipse's 2023 interactive documentary of Jordan Mechner's first Apple II game.
7-9MusinGSMastering HistoryKen GagneAn interview with Chris Kohler, editorial director of Digital Eclipse and formerly of Kotaku and WIRED, about the Karateka interactive documentary and game preservation.
10-15Event coverageThe Ups and Downs of KansasFestJeremy RandJeremy Rand returns to KansasFest for the first time since 2019, and while seeing old friends, making new ones, and geeking out over the Apple II are as fun as ever, the event, known as KansasFest 202///, is marred by a COVID outbreak.
16-19Event coverageA24eVRHuxley DunsaneyHuxley attends the first-ever entirely virtual KansasFest, dubbed A24eVR.
19AdvertisementDigital Dinos
20Behind the ScenesPixels, Patterns & TerrainsOleg Kobchenko & Jay CraftOleg takes us behind the scenes of his winning HackFest entry, Efficient Terrain Generator for Apple II, written in Kyan Pascal; while Jay Craft offers a judge's perspective on what made Oleg's hack earn first place.
21Cover ][ CoverTimeless Text GamesKay SavetzA review of the Kickstarter-funded book 50 Years of Text Games: From Oregon Trail to AI Dungeon, by Aaron A. Reed.
22-23DumplinGSA Gathering of MindsKen GagneMark Percival releases the source code to DiskMaker 8; Samir Sinha updates Clemens emulator to v0.6; Quinn Dunki releases GSFontEngine; Kelvin Sherlock releases u2snooper CDA; Brutal Deluxe releases the game Tout a disparu; Vince Weaver releases Strongbadzone; Oz KFest to be held October 25-29; WOzFest 31 and QFest were held September 23; Steve Chamberlin to host Mactoberfest; Mike Berlyn of Infocom and author Don Lancaster pass away.
23Random NumbersDisco FeverEric ShepherdAfter a few years of only intermittent activity in the Apple II community, Eric Shepherd feels disconnected, or "discoed"—but wanting to reconnect.
24Wild ApplesKen GagneMartin Doherty absconds from KansasFest 2023's Garage Giveaway with a haul of hardware, software, and accessories.

Letters from the Land of ROM

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The Making of Karateka
Digital Eclipse’s interactive documentary about Jordan Mechner’s 1984 Apple II game.

Joshin Yamada
Photographer of the horns used on the cover.


Chris Kohler
Editorial director of Digital Eclipse.

The Strong National Museum of Play
An archive of computer video game history in Rochester, New York, USA.

Video Game History Foundation
A gaming history non-profit based in California and founded by Frank Cifaldi.

Event Coverage: KansasFest 202///

An annual Apple II convention held at Rockhurst University in Kansas City, Missouri, USA.

Speccie’s IIGS Starter Kit
A bootable disk image containing an installed and working copy of System 6.0.1, Marinetti, and a selection of Ewen Wannop’s software.

Javier Rivera’s YouTube channel.

Cameo Aphid
A Profile hard disk emulator, compatible with the Apple III.

6502 Workshop
The Patreon crowdfunding page for the developers of Nox Archaist II: Dragonsmere.

The source code for Aztec, an Apple II game from Datamost.

Behind the Scenes

Efficient Terrain Generator for Apple II
Oleg Kobchenko’s winning HackFest entry.

Cover ][ Cover

50 Years of Text Games
Aaron A. Reed’s Kickstarter-funded book about text adventures and interactive fiction.


DiskMaker 8
The source code to Mark Percival’s 8-bit disk image utility.

v0.6 of Samir Sinha’s Apple IIGS emulator.

Quinn Dunki’s text-rendering font engine.

Kelvin Sherlock’s Classic Desk Accessory (CDA) for viewing and debugging Uthernet II networking activity.

Tout a disparu
Brutal Deluxe’s port of a 1992 Atari ST game.

Vince “deater” Weaver’s Apple II port of a Homestar Runner game.

Oz KFest
A gathering of Apple II users being held in Portland, NSW, Australia, this October 25–29.

Apple IIoz
A mailing list and other gatherings, including WOzFest and QFest, for Apple II users in Australia.

A gathering of classic Macintosh and Apple II users on October 14, 2023, in the San Francisco Bay Area, sponsored by Steve Chamberlin of Big Mess o’ Wires.

Don Lancaster article archive
Books and articles, including Applewriter Cookbook and Assembly Cookbook, written by the late Don Lancaster.

Jason Scott Talks His Way Out of It
A podcast tribute to the late Mike Berlyn, formerly of Infocom.