Volume 29, Issue 1 (March 2024)

2My Home PageListen, Learn, AdaptKen GagneAn early error as publisher of Juiced.GS teaches Ken that making a mistake is inevitable, but fixing it is unforgettable; likewise, KansasFest 2024's move to Springfield, Illinois, shows the committee is listening to feedback from the past two years.
3Letters from the Land of ROMDoug Cuff, Chris CharlaPraise for Richard Bennett's Jasmine article and Ivan Drucker's emulator roundup; and more praise for our KansasFest and Karateka coverage.
4-8Apple CoreThe Road to Wheeler DealersStephane RacleAfter years of being lost to history, Danielle Bunten Berry's ame Wheeler Dealers from Speakeasy Software is recovered and archived.
9-11Tech-torialBacking Up Old SCSI Hard DisksJay GrahamAn introduction and tutorial for using the BlueSCSI device to back up dying SCSI hard drives.
12-13Event CoverageClassic Times in Kennett SquareAlexander JacocksCoverage of Kennett Classic, a hackathon event held at Bill Degnan's museum in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania.
14-15MusinGSWhat's Your Love Language?Kay SavetzAn interview with Reverangd Ron Jaenisch, who used an Apple II to officiate wedding ceremonies in the 1980s.
16][ Be or Not to BeThe Tunes of the Oregon TrailKay SavetzA review of the Chapel Theater's stage production of The Trail to Oregon, Jeff Blim's musical based on The Oregon Trail.
17AdvertisementVCF East 2024
18-19DumplinGSKen GagneIan Brumby's Crossrunner IIGS emulator now available for Windows; Andy Caldwell's Bit Eclectic enables streaming of Apple II floppy disks; Oliver Schmidt's A2Pico card now available; registration opens for NarraScope convention in Rochester, NY; Jordan Mechner publishes English-language edition autobiographical graphic novel Replay; Bill Chafield releases MORE command; Castle Dain role-playing game available online an on floppy.
19AdvertisementDigital Dinos
19Random NumbersSeeking Sweet SuccssEric ShepherdGetting an old project updated and ready for distribution or even collaboration can be challenging.
20AdvertisementOld School Gamer magazine

Apple Core

Wheeler Dealers
A stock simulation game for four players, available as a DSK image and a ZIPped WAV file.


An open-source mass-storage SCSI device for vintage computers.

Instructions for using the BlueSCSI.

A list of computers and peripherals known to work (or not work) with the BlueSCSI.

Initiator mode
Adrian Black’s video tutorial of how to use the BlueSCSI’s initiator mode.

A macOS disk image creator and analyzer.

KansasFest 2023
Jay Graham’s presentation about the BlueSCSI.

Event Coverage

Kennett Classic
A brick and mortar computer museum, research library, and gift shop located in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, USA.

][ Be or Not to Be

The Trail to Oregon
A musical production based on The Oregon Trail, performed at the Chapel Theater of Milwaukee, Oregon.


Ian Brumby’s Apple IIGS emulator for Windows.

Bit Eclectic
Andy Caldwell’s browser-based tool for streaming floppy disks directly to the Apple II.

Oliver Schmidt’s open-source Apple II peripheral card, capable of performing multiple functions with various firmwares.

A semi-annual conference for interactive fiction and narrative in games, being hosted in 2024 at the Strong National Museum of Play in Rochester, New York, on June 21–23.

Jordan Mechner’s semi-autobiographical graphic novel.

Bill Chatfield’s ProDOS command, based on the Unix command of the same name.

Castle Dain
An 8-bit mini-role playing game by Frank Rossi, available for free download as a disk image.

Castle Dain floppy
A physical edition of Rossi’s RPG.