Volume 6, Issue 2 (July 2001)

Volume 6, Issue 2 (July 2001)
2My Home PageKansas City, here we come!Max JonesPreview of KFest 2001, Juiced.GS planning to release "Friends II" CD-ROM follow up to "Friends for Life" disc
3-5Letters from the Land of ROMLetters from the Land of ROMMisc.Accessing Friends for Life CD-ROM content, looking for development software, current value of a IIGS?, still using a IIGS, tips for publishing with GraphicWriter III, Texas computer store still selling a few Apple II items for cheap
5AdvertisementJuiced.GSFriends for Life CD-ROM
6AdvertisementSyndicommSyndicomm.com (formerly A2Central.com)
7-8The Virtual GSTen Questions with Henrik GudatRyan SuenagaInterview with Henrik Gudat, co-creator of Bernie II The Rescue
8AdvertisementSyndicomm"Ready for KFest"
9AdvertisementInTrec SoftwareKFest 2001
10-13Cover storyUpgrading your TransWarpTony DiazUpgrading the TransWarp GS cache
14AdvertisementJuiced.GSCD-ROMs: Time in a Bottle, The Compleat Lamp, A2 ROMulan
15-16Shareware SpotlightA desktop Telnet NDA for the IIGSTelnet NDA 1.0.2, Spectrum Automated File Exchange (SAFE) FTP, The Chameleon, Easy OS NDA, AutoDialer, Samurai IRC client, X10
16AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection / Shareware 2001 / Spring
17AdvertisementJuiced.GSThe Juiced.GS Collection Catalog
18-20DumplinGSGS+ Magazine archives back in circulationSyndicomm to distribute EGO Systems GS+ magazine and software, Bret Victor's Opening Line & Operation Lambda reclassified as freeware, KFest 2001 nearly here, new Web site for Geoff Weiss's Spectrum Internet Suite, new home for Ryan Suenaga's publications (The Lamp!, A2 News and Notes, GEnieLamp A2 and GEnieLamp A2Pro) at A2Central.com, Delphi's Apple II Forum to cease operations, Delphi.com user email addresses to cease functioning, Stephen Weyhrich's Apple II History Web page, Ninjaforce's Samurai IRC client now available
19II Be Named LaterHelp WantedRyan SuenagaThe Apple II community needs your help