Volume-7-Issue-1 Page: 2
Type: My Home Page
Author: Ryan Suenaga
Headline: Deja Vu, Part ][
Synopsis: Ryan's first issue as Editor in Chief, Juiced.GS has a new home and publisher (Syndicomm), this issue is dedicated to James Mansanori Suenaga

Page: 3-6
Type: Letters
Author: Misc.
Headline: Letters from the Land of ROM
Synopsis: Buying an Apple CD150 CD-ROM drive, Ken's Integrated Simpletron Suite (KISS), locating MIDI software for the IIGS, IIGS in a Iie upgrade sighting?, Hammurabi also available at Thomas Compter's Syndicomm page, Hammurabi is a 16-bit program, Soundsmith MIDI program, Juiced.GS delivered to a reader's bushes, reader's mom still using a IIGS, Shareware Solutions II still being published?, interfacing a IIGS with a PC monitor

Page: 6
Type: Advertisement
Author: Juiced.GS
Synopsis: CD-ROMs: Time in a Bottle, Friends for Life, Friends II

Page: 7
Type: Advertisement
Author: Syndicomm
Synopsis: Syndicomm communities & store products

Page: 8-10
Type: Tech-torial
Author: Tony Diaz
Headline: Making It
Sub-headline: A step-by-step guide to hardware manufacturing
Synopsis: A look at Apple II hardware product manufacturing

Page: 11
Type: Advertisement
Author: InTrec Software
Synopsis: KFest 2002 registration

Page: 12-13
Type: II the Max
Author: Ken Gagne
Headline: Games keep IIGS young and fun
Synopsis: Apple II game reviews: Eamon Adventures, Rogue, Silvern Castle, Wolf3D, Bouncin' Ferno, LemminGS, DuelTris, Milestones 2000, GShisen

Page: 14-16
Type: Cover story
Author: Tony Ward
Headline: Flying high with Wings
Sub-headline: Closer look at cool alternative to IIGS Finder
Synopsis: A look at the Finder alternative Wings

Page: 17
Type: Shareware Spotlight
Author: Howard Katz
Headline: Oldies but goodies
Sub-headline: Classic classics, lost and otherwise
Synopsis: Slotscan, PMPUnZip, BitBanger, UNO, Casino Solitaire, Pyramid, AfterWorks TimeOut

Page: 18-20
Type: DumplinGS
Headline: The Siren Call of KansasFest 2002
Synopsis: KansasFest 2002 quick preview, Syndicomm sells out of Beneath Apple ProDOS book, Beneath Apple ProDOS PDF available for free through Lost Classics Project, Dave Lyons releases GS/OS driver for CFFA card, Rich Dreher announces CFFA cards shipping soon, upcoming Vintage Computer Festivals, ComputerEyes GS card now free from Syndicomm to Juiced.GS subscribers, Appleshare CDev bug in System 6.0.1 finally fixed, new IIGS software products from Aaron Pulver, production of Juiced.GS Collection disks suspended indefinitely, Andrew Roughan continues Marinetti development, Call-A.P.P.L.E to resume publication

Page: 19
Type: A Word or II
Author: Ken Gagne
Headline: Apples and Oranges
Synopsis: Apple II: Nothing Better