Opus ][: The Software


Opus ][: The Software is The Byte Works’ collection of every Apple II program ever released under the Byte Works label.


Opus ][: The Software is The Byte Works’ collection of every Apple II program ever released under the Byte Works label — that’s 35 commercial applications and 16 unreleased applications! (Source code available separately.)

This must-have collection includes all of the famous ORCA languages, including the ORCA/M macro assembler, and compilers for C, Pascal, Integer BASIC and Modula-2. All of the support programs and courses are there to round out your development collection. You get the Quick Click spreadsheet, morph program, and movie player, too!

Every program is included in three formats: disk images you can move to 800K floppy disks, a ProDOS disk image for use with emulators, and an HFS folder that’s directly accessible from any computer that reads HFS disks, including the Apple IIGS with System 6.0.1 and the HFS driver, as well as the Macintosh (Mac System 2.1 — macOS 10.14.6).

The documentation is there, too. Each of the 35 book-length manuals is included in four different formats: Microsoft Word 98, PDF, RTF, and ASCII. You can load, search, print or even annotate all 35 manuals! The complete table of contents is available here.

The USB version of this product ships on an Juiced.GS-branded 8 GB USB 2.0 thumb drive formatted for FAT32; the CD is a hybrid HFS/Joliet volume readable on Apple IIGS, Macintosh, and Windows machines; the digital edition includes both an HFS-formatted disk image and a ZIP file of its contents. Both the USB and CD editions include immediate download access as well. We are not currently shipping CDs outside the USA.

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This collection contains both ORCA/2 v2.1.0, which is the last official version of ORCA/C developed by Byte Works, Inc.; as well as the latest v2.2.0 developed by Stephen Heumann, included here with his permission.

The following items are also freely available on GitHub:

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